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En we have an extensive range of mower. In addition, we have in stock the best brands on the market as well as: Hyundai, Snapper, Anova, Honda, Husqvarna, Weibang and more.

We also have spare parts for all our mower. Therefore if you are thinking about acquiring a new mower you can do it with total confidence on our website.

Remember that we have a customer service department and if you have any questions, our operators will resolve it without any commitment.


What types of lawn mowers are there?

Among the wide variety of lawnmowers we can find manual, electric, battery and gasoline lawnmowers, although we can add to them that they have efficient engines as a mower Honda motor, Cmulching lawn mower and even mower with seat for greater comfort during the execution of the task.

Manual mowers

This type of lawnmower is ideal for that type of user who has a small plot or garden which has no slopes.

It was one of the first lawnmowers on the market and is still an essential option for many users. It should be noted that they are very efficient in their work.

Electric mowers

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. electric mowers They are a more than reliable option. Since they are powered by electricity, we will enjoy a quiet and clean lawn with the environment.

To this we add the power and effectiveness with which it is capable of cutting the grass at an ideal height. The only disadvantage of electric lawnmowers is that they have to be constantly connected, but it does not matter if we have a small or medium plot.

With these mowers we will carry out the perfect cut in each pass.

Battery-powered mowers

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. battery mowers They are an effective option for those users who do not have a very large plot, since this type of mower provides a maximum autonomy between 50 to 90 minutes.

This does not detract from their being efficient, because they are. They are mowers that are aimed at an audience that mows the lawn from time to time.

Gasoline mowers

Gasoline mowers are of the type most chosen among consumers to cut the grass of your garden or plot, for its great power and high autonomy.

They do not fail, created to provide comfort and high effectiveness to users. The gasoline lawn mowers they must follow a rigorous maintenance therefore, the requirements of each manufacturer included in the mower manual must be taken into account.

How to choose a lawnmower?

For the choice of a lawn mower, it is necessary to know in advance what type of plot is going to be used. mower, if it has irregularities, slopes, etc…

We must also take into account if we are going to use it daily for professional use or personally on weekends for example.

Which mower is better?

Under the experience of many users what we can say from Intermaquinas Online is, depends. It depends if we have a big garden or a small plot to do maintenance, how often will this be done and the size of the grass.

But if you are a demanding user who needs a machine that does not fail and is very efficient in its work from intermaquinas we recommend a petrol or electric mower of great power.

Professional lawnmowers for professional users

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. professional mowers They have some advanced features and made with the best materials.

They have larger pickup capacities for mowing in large areas. We have spare parts for mower. You can consult it without any commitment.

Are you looking to buy a cheap mower?

We also have categories in which you will find petrol, electric or battery operated lawnmowers at low prices. You can check the following categories. As a result you will get the best results in your work cutting the grass.

First we have the Greenworks Battery Lawn Mowers, then the Cheap TPG Mowers and finally the Cheap QTF Mowers

Where to buy a lawn mower?

You can buy a cheap lawnmower on our online website or approaching our physical facilities which we have a extensive catalog in stock of cheap mowers and professional mowers.

What are mulching mowers?

In the process of grass cut in our garden we must get rid of the grass that accumulates mainly in a bag included in the vast majority of lawnmowers.

Normally every few passes we will have to get rid of these remains since the mower bags have a limited capacity.

An alternative to this is the so-called system mulching. This system what it does is crush the cut grass and consequently create a mulch or a thin layer with the remains on the lawn.

Mulching mowers advantages and disadvantages

-With the mulching You will contribute a large part of fertilizer to your lawn since with the organic decomposition of the shredded grass it already provides a large part of nutrients.

-The remains generated by the mulching They will provide a large amount of water to your lawn so it will stay hydrated for longer.

-The mulching It will offer you less effort during the cut, and collection since it will not be necessary to collect the remains of the grass cut with a bag.

Electric lawnmower or gasoline

We will have to take into account the use that we will give the lawnmower since electric lawnmowers need much less maintenance than petrol lawn mowers. But petrol lawnmowers have much more power

Another factor to take into account when we are going to buy a lawnmower is the work area since the type of lawnmower we need depends on this.

If we have a small space, we will undoubtedly choose an electric lawnmower and not only because of its low price but also because it is easier to handle, has a lower weight and is less noisy.

Advantages of electric mowers (cable)

  • Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. electric lawn mower They are quite light.
  • Thought for medium-small surfaces.
  • Are low sonority so the acoustic impact will be quite reduced compared to gasoline mowers.
  • Regarding the price, they are more economic since they are for small spaces and consequently we will have a smaller motor.
  • El environmental impact is much lower since it does not burn any type of fuel and toxic gases are not generated.

Disadvantages of electric mowers (cable)

The main disadvantage will be the power since having a much smaller engine we can not demand too much power.
The capabilities load are lower than conventional mowers.

Advantages of battery-powered electric mowers

  • They do not depend on any cable, they are more manageable and lighter.
  • Recommended for medium-small surfaces.
  • The Batteries have received great changes and advances in recent years, so they are more efficient, durable and with shorter duration of loading.
  • A lower sonority, less acoustic impact and greater peace of mind when working.
  • Much less environmental impact.
  • Quite more economical de buy y keep.

Disadvantages of electric battery mowers

An autonomy dependent on a battery, so we will have to be proactive when purchasing one that supports our needs and we can finish the job without any problem
Usually, if you look for higher powers will have to spend more.

Advantages of gasoline mowers

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. gasoline lawn mowers They are the most used by consumers since it is a durable product that will work perfectly in medium and large areas.

Its main advantages are:

  • La power, gasoline mowers have an engine with much more power than electric mowers.
  • Recommended for medium-large surfaces.
  • La speed. By having more powerful engines than their brothers the electric ones will be able to cut the grass more quickly.
  • La coverage in the work area is greater so it will be an excellent work tool for large surfaces.

Disadvantages of gasoline mowers

  • The main disadvantages of gasoline lawn mowers
  • El weight of these mowers can be quite superior for the engine and the chassis that it has.
  • El maintenance It must be constant to keep our mower up to date.
  • El environmental treatment What this garden tool entails is to be taken into account since the environmental impact in some cases may be high.

Manual lawn mower, is it recommended?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. lawn mowers manuals are recommended for small areas like 50 square meters.

If you have a larger garden, it is recommended to buy another type of lawnmower.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. manual mowers they are propelled by oneself and the main characteristics to take into account are the cutting width, the cutting height if it is adjustable or not, the collection bag or if they are helical.

These manual lawnmowers generally have quite low prices, and in terms of price-quality they are the best.

New lawn mowers

All our mower as our machinery is totally new. When making the purchase on our website you will obtain a guarantee of up to 2 years.

Do I need a lawn mower for uneven terrain and slopes?

This is one of the questions you should consider if you are buying a lawn mower.

For irregular terrain a recommended petrol lawnmower with traction since if we will have to climb slopes constantly this type of mower will help you as it can advance without being pushed.

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