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Saw benches for wood

Saw benches or saw trestles are used as support for cutting firewood. They are robust, comfortable and compact. They will also provide you with high security in each cut.

There are standard and professional models. Professional benches will offer you more features and more quality since they are built with the best materials. They do not rust, do not scratch and have a high resistance.

They are mostly used in carpentry workshops for cutting wood since the saw benches allow you to make precise and long cuts.

Recommendations for the use of the saw bench

  1. Always use the separator since without it you can get better cuts but you run a much greater risk of being cut.
  2. If you have never used a table saw, ask a professional to show you.
  3. Do not cut any wood with internal tension
  4. Perform regular maintenance on the machine and make sure that small pieces of wood do not accumulate next to the cutting disc

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