Tractor accessories

Tractors and accessories

Large agricultural work machines, car-like, 4-wheelers perfect for plowing, hauling large loads or agricultural tasks in the field.

There are several types of tractor:

  • Tractors compact.
  • Tractors of cultivation
  • Tractors of chains.
  • Tractors Industrial
  • Tractors of garden.
  • Rotary cultivators.
  • Tractors to mount add-ons.
  • Tractors movement of the earth.

How tractors are classified according to power:

The tractors are classified according to engine power, construction, tread type, and traction. Engine power. They are classified in rototillers (less than 18 hp), low power (less than 60 hp), medium power (between 60 and 100 hp) and high power (greater than 100 hp).

Tractors perform hauling or towing tasks. Drag work. Pushing work. Seasonal work or transmission of other movements through power take-off or hydraulic equipment.

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