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En Intermaquinas We put at your disposal a wide range of solutions for possible needs that may arise, hosting all possible ranges of products, in this case, introducing the best Generating Sets, Electric Generators, Motosoldadoras, Inverter Generators and Tractor Electric Generators.
With a wide variety of brands and ranges, we have extensive solutions for you to find which is best suited to your needs, and possible needs that may arise in the future.

From Intermaquinas we stand out for being leaders in the sale of:

Electric generators: These are machines that generate energy through the combustion of gasoline or diesel, to power machines and electronic devices in an alternative way, without relying on the conventional electricity supply, used in a usual way to give extra or emergency power in hospitals, houses separated from civilization, factories with specific energy needs, and in general sites far from the normal electricity supply.

Generating sets: These are machines in charge of providing an electric current through the combustion of gasoline or diesel, generating this electric current for those places where there is no power supply, deficit or specific needs, or in cases of emergencies. Very useful in the face of constant power cuts or places of difficult access, far from civilization, etc. The generator sets are thought and differentiated from the electric generators, in that they are much more powerful, and their use time lasts much longer than those of the generators, with which the generator sets are usually larger, include more things, have more parts, etc.

Electric inverter generators: Inverter electric generators are designed to power electronic devices, generating electricity thanks to the combustion of gasoline or diesel, make better use of electricity, while generating a more stable voltage, being smaller than conventional electric generators, more light, consuming less, less polluting and more silent.

Motosoldadoras: A motor welding machine is a welder with its own source of electric power generation. Taking advantage of the mechanical energy created by the motor is transformed into electrical energy, which allows connecting small tools to it and also using it as a generator, apart from its main functionality, which is to weld outdoors, in places where there is no power supply, etc. , the good thing is that in a single machine, there is an electric generator and motor welding machine, the bad thing is that usually only one of the two functions can be used at the same time. We also have Inverter motor-welding machines

Tractor electric generators: By means of alternators to take of force, produce electricity of big power thanks to the aprovechamiento of the force generated by the tractor.