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Electric Generators Inverter

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Choose well an inverter electric generator

In this section you will find the best inverter generators offers from the market. We have the best brands and we always offer the best inverter generator prices. This type of electric generator is the evolution of the classic generator and has interesting advantages over its predecessors.

What is an Inverter Electric Generator?

The high capacity of these equipment, highly prepared to protect electronic devices, is thanks to its ability and ease of filtering the sine wave, which represents the voltage value of the alternating current produced during a variable time. Then, from this, it produces pure waves.

Which means, that using a inverter electric generator filters the current much better, avoiding that current dispersion from which the standard electric generators suffer, which increases and generates a lot of confidence when you want to connect normal electronic equipment, being sure that they will receive a stable supply of electricity at all times as long as they are powered by this, sensitive, in addition to appliances.

Using a normal stray current generator can create some instability in the load it provides to your appliances, which means that it adds a high probability of causing certain long-term damage, considerably reducing the useful life of sensitive appliances, and even altering their operation. long-term.

Como result of this evolution, three main points to keep in mind are the following:

  • More stable current.
  • Small, light and silent.
  • More respectful to the environment than standard electric generators.

Let's dig a little deeper into these three points, in each of them.

Inverter generator: more stable current.

In turn, we will highlight that the inverter electric generators they are more efficient than traditional ones, thanks among other things to a better use of fuel. But the most interesting thing in this case is the higher quality of the energy generated, and this is due to the inverter board.

Since this plate makes the inverter generator produce a much more stable energy. Thanks to this we can connect laptops, televisions or any electronic device or sensitive appliance without fear of being damaged by a power surge.

Inverter Generators: Small, Light and Silent.

Normally, inverter generators are the smallest and lightest of the groups or generators. Standing out like this, for being much lighter and equal, or even more functional than conventional electric generators.

In addition, there is a wide variety of options on the market for silent Inverter generators, with the advantages provided by Inverter generators, but soundproofed, much quieter than normal Inverter generators.

Inverter generator: more respectful with the environment.

Another of the qualities to stand out of the electric generators inverter is its greater efficiency compared to traditional ones.

They also make better use of fuel and generate much less noise, greatly reducing noise pollution. This makes it ideal for all kinds of work and leisure uses such as weekend getaways and the like.

En we work to offer you the best generator price inverter from a wide selection of brands so you can enjoy your electric generator inverter Favourite.

With these prices and the possibility of financing for individuals and freelancers, you will not need to consider a Second hand inverter generator. Among our favorite brands we have solutions from Kipor, Anova, Briggs & Stratton, Benza, Campeón, Hyundai, Genergy, QTF.

Which Inverter electric generator to buy? Buy a cheap inverter generator?

First of all, we should take into account the use we are going to give it. So that we are going to guide you, if we are going to need a simpler Inverter electric generator, to power a computer in a remote property, or a refrigerator, and related things, we would need a cheap and simple one, since Inverter generators are very prepared , or, on the other hand, for an office, with a multitude of computers, monitors, printers, routers, etc, then we would need a more complete Inverter electric generator, and at the same time something more expensive.

As for Inverter generators, there are not many features to highlight, between brands and brands, the difference is usually between ranges. There are more affordable, more complete, more elaborate products, others that you pay for by brand, others that you pay for conveniences.

There are diesel, gasoline, single-phase, three-phase, etc. Below is a list of various features to consider:

  • Engine type (Gasoline 2T, 4T, Diesel).
  • Power of the engines.
  • Capacity of deposits.
  • Autonomy and consumption.
  • Designed for individuals or designed for professionals.
  • Sound level.
  • Weight :
  • Whether they are transportable or not
  • Ability to be programmed by hours
  • Percentage of current quality (inverter will all be around 99-100%)

Inverter generators of the best brands:

Ayerbe Inverter Generators

This prestigious brand offers us high quality products, inverter generators with high performance and affordable prices. Among its models, the Ayerbe 1200 KT INVERT inverter generator, the Ayerbe 2100 KT iNVERT inverter generator and finally the Ayerbe 3500 KT INVERT inverter generator, which is the one with the highest power in its catalog.

Kipor Inverter Generators

This excellent brand offers us models of electric generators inverter very interesting. We will highlight the Kipor IG770 inverter generator entry model for its excellent price, ideal for getaways and small tasks.

For users who require a good quality/price ratio, we recommend the Kipor IG2000 inverter generator. Finally, if you require up to 10,5KVA with a range of up to 9 hours running at 75%, this model is yours, the kipor ID10 diesel inverter generator, a top-level professional tool.

Generators Inverter Anova

Excellent models of electric generator inverter of the Spanish distributor based in Galicia. One of our favorite brands of inverter generator thanks to the excellent technical support they offer.

In addition, their products are of high quality, always offering the most competitive prices on the market. The Anova GI2000 inverter generator is one of the best in quality/price ratio.

Briggs & Stratton Inverter Generators

The leading brand in air-cooled engines in the United States presents us with an excellent range of silent inverter generators. With an excellent level of quality, these are the solutions that we recommend to users seeking technical excellence. A good example of this is the B&S P2000 inverter generator.

Benza Inverter Generators

Benza is a brand with an excellent level of quality and very moderate prices that offer first-class solutions.

A good example of their good work is the Benza BZ1000 IS inverter generator. One of the best value for money on the market.

Champion Inverter Generators

Champion is a national motor manufacturer with a broad market trajectory. It also has a wide range of solutions for all types of machinery and their electric generators inverter They are a solution to consider. The Campeon G950i inverter generator is a good example of cheap inverter generator And good quality. It is possible that it is one of the cheapest in the market without neglecting benefits.

Hyundai Inverter Generators

Another of our favorite manufacturers is Hyundai. It offers top quality products with very tight prices for this level. It is also one of the best after-sales service they offer. This Korean group has shown us that quality, price and quality support do not have to be an utopia. The hyundai HY1000 inverter generator is a good example of its excellent work.

Genergy Inverter Generators

Another national brand that offers us an excellent range of solutions for power generation with excellent quality. Above all, the Ibiza inverter generator is one of the best quality / price ratio in the market.

QTF Inverter Generators

In addition, we have QTF solutions. Since this young distributor is doing an excellent job with machines of good quality and prices adjusted to the maximum. Your inverter generator QTF AVR850 W is a good example. Finally we must admit that it is one of the cheapest we offer in our catalog.

Our selection of inverter generators offers it is extensive and can even be overwhelming for a user who is not familiar with this type of solution. Therefore, if you deem it appropriate, one of our technicians can advise you.

He will help you find the solution that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that more than thirty years in the sector guarantee us. Thank you for trusting Intermaquinas.on-line.

Pramac Inverter Generators

Finally, we distribute Pramac brand solutions, a well-known brand, and an excellent option. With a worldwide presence in more than 180 countries, and well known for its sale and quality of electric generators, generators, and electric generators.

CAT Inverter Generators (caterpillar)

We also have the catalog of CAT products, with very interesting solutions where the brand tries to progress in a sustainable way.

LONCIN Inverter Generators

Finally, we have the solutions of the LONCIN brand, a persistent brand in the electric generator market, with reduced options but of very high quality at very affordable prices.

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