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A brush cutter, also known as a weed trimmer, edger, edger or motor trimmer is a machine used in gardening work.

It is used to cut weeds and the like and to go over places where a lawnmower cannot access.

There is a great variety of types of brushcutters, these can be classified by motor, by type and more characteristics that differentiate them and orient them to some tasks or others. We will delve into this later.

How does a brushcutter work?

They basically have an engine, which can be combustion or electric, located in the highest part of the machine. The motor is connected to a bar (straight or inclined) in which the cutting system of the brush cutter is located at the point opposite the motor.

They also have a grip system, it can be delta type (small grip) or double handlebar (also known more commonly as bike / motorcycle handlebar). This second type of handlebar facilitates the distribution of weight and therefore the handling of the machine.

Many brushcutters have anti-vibration systems that facilitate use and also have a harness, which also provides better ergonomics. Finally, the cutting unit can be of various types.

From nylon thread of different types through the cutting heads of different tips (3 points, 4 points and 80 points for example).

The latter are designed for tougher tasks such as cutting shrubs, clearing forests, and dense, tangled vegetation.

What to consider when buying a brush cutter for tall grass?

What is the tool for? What surface?

The most important point when choosing our new brushcutter will be to decide which approach will have the brushcutter, what kind of use will be given, as we will have to choose a powerful, functional and efficient tool that suits our needs and the Solvent without problem, besides that it is a quality machine, robust, reliable, durable, etc.

In addition, we must assess what type of surface we will usually clear, as well as the size of that surface to have a tool that can do that and much more, plus for each function or type of vegetation we must acquire a different head, disk or saw to get the most out of it.

  • Simple Approaches - The most common approaches to electric and cordless brushcutters, in addition to the more basic small displacement petrol trimmers, tend to be bordered o profiled, about grass, shrubs, walls, hedges.
  • Grass mowing - It will not be as precise as a lawnmower or as uniform, but on certain occasions, and especially depending on the surface, it will give better finishes or at least much faster and more efficient. It is common to use wired or battery powered electric mowers since the action does not require much power, since it would only be grass and lawn.
  • Weeding - Similar to the previous step but with “complications”, that is, the presence of tall grasses, tangled bushes, brambles, weeds, sticks and twigs that complicate the work. It is common to begin to see, in addition to much more powerful electric and battery brush cutters, powerful gasoline brush cutters, because to do it easily and quickly it is necessary.

It is also convenient to choose light tools, and accompany them with a harness, which makes our work even more enjoyable.


It is not the same to clear wet grass, to clear bushes, brambles, bushes with branches and others ... For this reason, for each approach we need a different power.

Professional jobs will usually require high powers, while individuals with simple tasks do not need too much power.

Thanks to the power (measured in W or kW) is related to the price, it will be easy to guess which tool we need, although perhaps interpreting the power is somewhat complex.

We must take into account the W as main power and compare it with different models, although it is not everything, we must also take into account the displacement, the maximum speed that the axis of the tool will take out in RPM (revolutions per minute) and finally but not least, the head to use, as this will decide the field in which the tool will work especially well.

The powers usually range from 300 W to 2300 W, the most common displacements range from 24 cc to 65 cc, with exceptions, the maximum speeds of the tool axis between 5000 RPM to 9500 RPM (revolutions per minute) habitually.

Type of motor (Power), Type of Transmission and autonomy (copy of mower).

  • Gasoline Brushcutters

    • Usually four times, although there are also two times (require mixing with oil and fuel, consume more, more noise and vibration but more power). They are the most recommended for professionals for their greater power, designed for any type of vegetation, even with problems such as resistant shrubbery, shrubbery, brambles, etc., resistant to long hours of intensive use, they are also somewhat more expensive, more pollutants, they weigh more and they need gasoline.
  • Electric Brushcutters

    • Electrics are recommended for small spaces with power supply and for grass cutting. Designed for simple jobs with low or medium use. They are the cheapest, the least powerful, easy maintenance and cheap, light but depend on a cable that has to be connected to electricity.
  • Electric Battery Brushcutters

    • Recommended for cutting grass and certain more complex aspects with the right head. They are equivalent to an intermediate point, they are used for simple and complex jobs with more or less ease, being more efficient than those of cable but less than those of gasoline, they are powerful as well as cheap, light, they only depend on their battery and autonomy this.

Transmission of clippers: The transmission determines the comfort of use and durability of the edger.

  • Rigid: Usually in the most professional machines. More durable and comfortable, sometimes removable, to facilitate transport and even integrate different heads and accessories, which convert the machine into multifunction (hedge trimmer, pruner, shaker).
  • Flexible: Usually in small displacement machines, much simpler, affordable and lower range.

Whether we acquire a gasoline or battery-powered trimmer, it is advisable to take a look at its autonomy, since it is best to have the most complex activity that we are going to do, add a plus, and look for that autonomy, as this will get us some deposits and batteries as light as possible, where the most advisable thing is to be able to carry out your work without interruptions, that is, if we are going to work 3 hours in a row, it will be convenient that the deposits are in accordance with the consumption in relation to the capacity, like the batteries. So we can perform the task without stopping and complete it the same day without having to stop to refuel or reload the tool.


The head is as important as the power of the machine, since it enables us, facilitates efficiencies and improves aspects when performing certain tasks, since the heads allow us to specialize a tool to one orientation. When choosing a brush cutter it is convenient to take into account and understand what accessories exist and which ones are convenient for us:

  • The Nylon Thread:
    • Usually all are Nylon, suitable for cutting medium and high grass. It is convenient to observe the number of threads, since it is common to find heads of two threads, three threads y four threads, In addition to seeing the diameter offered by the heads and the length of the threads, some heads even allow regulating the length of the thread as it is worn.
  • Disc Dentado or Sierra:
    • Round: is the most usual. It has large varieties of diameters and is valid for all kinds of heads. Being the simplest, it is recommended for grass. It is not recommended for high brush, bushes or brush clearing because in these aspects it hobbles more.
    • Square: It is the noisiest, but it is recommended for tall and rebellious vegetation as well as for grass, suitable for resistant shrubs, there are different diameters and we must take into account if our brushcutter accepts this.
    • Star: The most effective against high and tangled weeds, sturdy branches and dry grass, usually are not very wide diameters, because despite being slower in this aspect, noted for its rage and efficiency to get rid of robust weeds, it is convenient to review if our brushcutter accepts this head.
    • 8 saw teeth
  • Blade type Disc: There are different numbers of points, usually steel.
    • 3 Teeth and 4 Teeth: Designed for tall grasses, rushes, brambles and convoluted bushes. They can be sharpened, with which their useful life is greater.
    • Disc Type Blade or zarcero disc: indicated for brambles.


It is highly recommended to acquire a model from a well-known brand, because although perhaps that is why it is slightly more expensive, we will also have quality guarantees, as well as a reputation for quality, a facility to acquire accessories and even spare parts.

Also, some brands have more models than others for the same approaches, where we will surely find the model we are looking for. Not always the best price is the cheapest.

How is a brushcutter different from a trimmer?

The main difference between a brush cutter and a trimmer is that the latter is much smaller and lighter, designed to be used in small gardens. They are ideal for treating spaces where cuts are required at different heights (for example, areas where we have climbing plants and the like).

Brushcutters are larger, more professional machines, designed to work in larger spaces and most allow you to change the head to use one more adapted to the terrain to be treated.

Heads for brush cutters

This question is answered in a simple way: it depends on the terrain to be treated. If we are simply going to cut grass, the nylon thread fulfills this function wonderfully. We can use different thicknesses depending on the type of grass or machine we use. For example, the trimmers use cable with a diameter of 1,4 to 1,6 mm. Brushcutters commonly use 2mm to 4mm. 3 and 4 tooth discs are ideal for scrubs and the like. Twenty-two or even eighty tooth discs will be ideal for tackling large shrubs and thick bushes. In short, we must take into account the configuration of our lawn to be treated and equip our brush cutter with the most suitable head. It is essential to use the appropriate cutting element as it will offer us better results, faster and less use of the machine. If we force the machine with inappropriate cutting elements we can drastically reduce the useful life of our brush cutter.

Which brushcutter is better?

Two-stroke, four-stroke, electric or battery?

According to our needs and preferences. The electric and battery are usually lower power but they are also quieter and vibrate less. These characteristics make them the favorite of newer users or that simply require less power to care for your garden. The two-stroke are usually the most common, have a power more than correct. For professionals we recommend the use of four-stroke brushcutters. These engines are more powerful and have a longer service life, ideal characteristics for this sector of users.

What do I need to use my brushcutter?

The operator must carry the necessary protective measures. This is a protective helmet, grid or screen. We also recommend the use of appropriate clothing that provides some protection to the user regarding possible impacts by projection. As a general rule, the brush cutter should not be used if a person is found within a radius of 10-15 meters of the operator.


  1. Gasoline brush cutters
  2. Brush cutters
  3. Brushcutters multifunction
  4. Electric brush cutters

Sale of brush cutters

Usually, battery electric brushcutters, although there are also gasoline-powered ones, are the cheapest and most affordable, these are perfect for casual individuals, who want a functional machine, without spending a large amount of money because they do not spend so many hours at best. this function or they want a simply functional machine for specific jobs. We have ordered the cheapest brush cutters, up to 200 euros at this link: Cheap Brushcutters and scooter at a good price You will surely find the one you are looking for! Although we personally recommend a slightly higher outlay, because for how cheap they are and how highly appreciated they are in the sector, with how highly functional they become and their long useful life, we recommend spending a little more and having a more powerful machine and of quality for years, sure that it will last us many years being highly efficient, saving us in future time and effort. Which come to be normal brushcutters, but on wheels, similar to lawnmowers but for much more complex terrain.

I still have doubts about which brushcutter is best suited to my needs, what can I do?

Don't worry, we have a wide variety of brands, prices, trimmer and trimmer configurations.

We are sure to find one that perfectly suits what you require.

One of our technicians will help you from a few simple questions to find the brush cutter that best suits what you need.

Among our favorite brands are:

  • Garland: One of the latest novelties to include in our catalog.
  • of excellent quality. In we recommend them for professional users looking for a high quality tool at a reasonable price.
  • KPC: Other of the last to join the solutions that we offer in our extensive catalog. Machines that offer good performance with a fairly reasonable price and excellent after-sales service from the brand itself.
  • Husqvarna: One of the leading brands in the garden tools sector. Swedish manufacturers are a safe bet if you are looking for the highest quality in garden machinery and offer a great after-sales service that places it as one of the brands best evaluated by its customers. is the official distributor of this brand.
  • GreenWorks: This innovative brand is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions by offering the best battery-powered and electric machines in the sector. They have models aimed at both domestic use and the professional sector, thus breaking the myth that battery-powered tools are not up to scratch. In we attest to this after trying these models and being pleasantly surprised. One of the leading brands in cordless machines that are achieving powerful tools.
  • Kuril: A brand that presents us with a range of inexpensive brushcutters that offer us a good performance in their work.
  • Anova: This brand specialized in gardening machinery offers us high quality tools with an excellent quality / price ratio. It has a wide range of brushcutters where we are sure to find a model that adapts to what we need with an unbeatable price.
  • Hyundai: Another of the greats in the sector. Its range of brushcutters has proven models that are highly valued by users due to their excellent level of quality at a low price. Its after-sales service is excellent and it is one of our favorite brands.
  • Champion: This national brand offers us good quality brushcutters with an affordable price. They have a moderate offer but that covers almost any profile.
  • Castelgarden: One of the latest additions, its catalog is reduced and intended for the professional sector.
  • Oleo Mac: A classic in the world of gardening.
  • High quality brush cutters with a wide range of solutions to cover all types of users.

What do you offer Intermaquinas Why buy my brushcutter here?

Intermaquinas offers high-quality customer service. We have technicians who will advise our clients on the tools we offer to clear up all doubts.

We like to offer the customer the ideal tool they need, not tools that are oversized or too short.

We always recommend tools that are adapted to the client with a certain future foresight and with the best possible quality / price ratio. Our prices are highly competitive, you can see for yourself, we are always the cheapest.

Our after-sales service is up to the task. We want you to enjoy using your machine and we advise you on how it should be used and in the event of any problem, how to solve it.

We have thirty years of experience in the sector and we have the Confianza Online quality seal. We also have our own workshop with highly qualified personnel and trained by the brands themselves.

Hilo Shredders

In our catalog you will find different types of brush cutters. Always depending on what type of vegetation is going to be removed, it will be necessary to choose between a debarker of thread or one of disc.

With a good machine and a good material, the experience of using the machine will be of great satisfaction.

Disk brushcutter

Special for harder weeds or weeds. With this type disc installed in the head you can cut the hardest herbs or that are in the process of hardness. In Intermaquinas you will find different discs of brush cutters.

Discs for cutting small bushes or even mountains. Multi-tooth discs are made for cutting tall grass, together, and even brush.

Brushcutter Spain

We are leaders in sales in Spain for brush cutters. We have a wide catalog of the best brands of debonders.

We offer different qualities and materials depending on the use to be made of the machine. Since electric brush cutters a gasoline brush cutters for professionals.

Backpack brushcutters

The backpack brushcutters are made to carry the motor on the back. In this way we can work more peacefully without having to complain about transporting a heavy product.

Brush cutter for mowing the lawn

The best brush cutter to cut the lawn will be the one that allows the user to work correctly. The one that offers a very good solution in terms of value for money.

To take care of your lawn, if you are a professional, you will undoubtedly have to choose a gasoline brush cutter but if you are an environmentally conscious person, you can buy an electric brush cutter.

Professional brush cutters

Professional brushcutters are made to last for long periods of time. You will find two-stroke gasoline brush cutters and four-stroke gasoline brush cutters in the catalog.

This last option is made for those users who are working for several hours and need good autonomy.

These machines offer the option of including accessories and it should be noted that they consume less than the previous ones. The 4-stroke professional brushcutters include 2 tanks, on the one hand one for gasoline and on the other one for oil for mixing.

Professional multi-purpose brush cutters

The multifunction mulchers for professionals are made to offer maximum autonomy. Offer the best performance to the user always with some accessories and excellent functions. Here you will find an extensive catalog of special multifunctional slitters for professionals.

What is the best professional brushcutter on the market?

The best professional brushcutter currently on the market is one that quality-price offers features, performance and incredible reliability. In this case we talk about the Husqvarna brushcutters and especially the tool Shredder Husqvarna 555RXT. This brushcutter has a special features:

  • Fuel consumption 480 g / kWh
  • Consumption 1.34 kg / h
  • Displacement 53.3 cm³
  • Weight (without cutting equipment) 9.2 kg

Brushcutter price

Among all the catalog the prices are variable. From desbrozadoras for individuals to cortabordes for professionals. We have a very good price policy and that is that we offer our users the best rates so they can access the purchase of the brushcutter. The prices of demalezadora are within your reach.

Brushcutters offers

Access the amount of special offers on brush cutters.

4-stroke gasoline brush cutters

We have the largest variety of 4-stroke brushcutters. Among all the variety of machinery stand out the brands, Anova, Benza, Campeon, EFCO, Garland, Husqvarna, Kuril and many more.

Can I pay my brush cutter in installments?

In most of our products we offer the option to buy and pay in comfortable monthly installments. To do this, it is as simple as contacting one of our sales representatives who will guide you through this simple process.

In a usual period of between one and seventy-two hours, you will receive an answer as to whether your request has been accepted. If so, you can enjoy your new brush cutter and pay for it in installments.

The largest offer in brushcutters is in Intermaquinas

En has been in the gardening, agricultural and forestry sector for more than thirty years. We have the leading brands in the sector and we offer the most competitive prices on brushcutters.

Whether you are looking for the highest quality brush cutters or the most competitive cheap brush cutters you will find them here.

Our technicians will always advise you on the best solution for your case and we offer you the best customer support that characterizes us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information about our products and others. Thank you for trusting Intermaquinas.

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