Electric Lawn Mowers

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Electric mowers

The garden is one of the most special places in our Home and what we like most is to see it clean and shiny. What better way to have our garden impeccable than with an electric lawnmower.

Electric lawnmowers are the best option to keep the grass in perfect state. offer a cut cleansed y accurateThey are light and manoeuvrable. One of their great advantages is that they do not require gasoline or oil.

They are also much quieter than gas mowers, making them a great option for people living in urban areas.

En Intermaquinas We have a specialized range in best electric lawn mowers of the market where you can find different brands of lawn mowers such as Hyundai, Garland, Greenworks, Dormak and Castelgarden.

Electric lawnmower: choose the best option

When we are going to buy an electric lawnmower we have to take some factors into account, it does not mean that buying the best electric lawnmower professional or the most expensive we will have the best lawnmower for our garden.

If we have a small garden, looking carefully at its characteristics, we can get an electric lawnmower. cheap that meets all our requirements


Recommended surface: it is one of the most important factors since we are not interested in falling short when it comes to working. Electric lawnmowers are normally used for medium-small gardens of 500/600mq.

Cutting width: we have to take into account the width of cut of the mower, the width of cut determines the size of the mowers, they are normally considered small electric mowers from 34cm to 37cm, from 38cm to 41cm medium-small and between 42-48cm medium mowers.

Power: it is a very important factor, normally the power is proportional to the size of the mower, in Intermaquinas We recommend high power for very frequent jobs or if you do not mow regularly.

Electric Lawnmowers Advantages and Disadvantages

key benefits


-Clean and precise cut.

-Light and maneuverable

-Do not require gasoline or oil


-They need a power outlet to work

-Not suitable for large lawn areas

Main difference between electric lawnmowers and gasoline lawnmowers

An electric lawnmower is very comfortable and easy to use, it is ideal for common jobs for any user.

On the other hand, a gasoline lawnmower needs more maintenance and is usually used for larger surfaces, the gasoline lawnmower is much more powerful, the only drawback is that the maintenance of the lawnmower is more frequent and has a higher cost of time.

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