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Caterpillar trucks, minitransporters, small transporters

From Intermaquinas We work hard to bring you a huge catalog made up of the best brands and covering all kinds of products, thus supplying all the needs of the market, where you will find all the offers collected from the caterpillar carts that we offer, also popularly known as minitransporter o minidumper. We offer personalized advice for you to acquire the solution that best suits to your needs thanks to our wide range of possibilities, in addition to that we will also advise and advise you on the best practices and tips for the best use, optimization and efficiency. We have the most competitive prices, the best qualities, an online purchase with total proven security and advice without obligation, more than 35 years of experience, along with proven guarantees and veracity.

What is a caterpillar with motor?

Caterpillar Trucks are machines that are used to help the work of transporting / handling a considerable mass, they would come to be the older brother of forklifts, it would be summarized in, "Much larger trucks" motorized and with larger tanks, being moved by motorized wheels, which allows the effort required by the operator to be reduced to a minimum, thus saving time and effort, along with very easy handling. Thanks to this design of a medium-large and motorized transporter, it allows in a simple and cheap way, since the machines are highly affordable and easily profitable, safe (climbing inclined slopes with maximum load) and efficient which allows transporting heavy materials , rubble, construction material, etc. Ideal for the construction, mining, industrial, forestry, agriculture, gardening, etc. sectors.

They are also completely safe, both for the operator and for the load, as they usually have built-in safety mechanisms, which avoid any possible error, they are powerful, efficient and affordable (cheap) machines because they do not require very powerful motors to fulfill this function. . In intermaquinas you can buy motorized forklift.

How does a caterpillar truck work?

They usually incorporate hydraulic systems mounted on a dump truck, tipper, hopper, tank, on a translating mechanism, which allows the tank to be lifted to discharge it. As we have said, they are usually motorized, they integrate a handle or handlebar that performs the function of activating the movement and the hopper, that is, the control panel. They can be electric, petrol, diesel, there are more simple, more complex, with more or less power, with tanks of different volumes, sizes or capacities, of different speeds and with different advance gears and precision adjustments, there are caterpillar trucks designed to operate with snow, firewood, gravel, debris, materials or construction waste, materials or garden waste, scrapping tools, industry, with different performances and efficiencies, of different brands, etc.

Caterpillar Trucks are mostly used as utensils for transport o move y accompany materials, such as Crops, debris, sand, gravel, etc. Since they can carry compact and large loads or weight, thus saving an effort, and above all a waste of time by the operators. They have loading platforms that can easily transport 300 kg. Due to this load capacity they are very demanded in the forestry and construction sector.

What Caterpillar Wheelbarrow to buy?

Being such ready-made tools, that each type goes to a specific use, the best thing that can be done when choosing a caterpillar truck, is to think about what use it is going to be given, since each tool has the best and more adapted characteristics for certain use.

  • According to its use
    • Performance
    • Power
    • Traction
    • Effectiveness
  • According to its operating mechanism:
  • According to your transmission *
  • Extendable box or not

Caterpillar forklift brands

We have an extensive catalog with the first brands of Carretillas Caterpillar. With different ranges of functionalities, having all the ranges, where you will surely find the model you are looking for, the one that best suits you and that covers your needs more efficiently. Having a considerable catalog, choosing the brand may seem more complicated than it really is, despite the fact that we only distribute the leading brands in the sector. It should be noted that all brands of Intermaquinas They are widely recognized for their unbeatable qualities, excellent quality / price relationships, with guarantees of functionality and safety, in addition to that they are all serious and highly professional. Within these, if it is necessary to recognize that certain brands are more known, more famous, more widespread, standing out for their after-sales services, their greater facility to obtain spare parts and accessories, etc.

Top brand solutions such as Caterpillar Caterpillar Trucks, Benassi Caterpillar Trucks, Anova Caterpillar Trucks, Caterpillar Caterpillar Trucks, TPM Caterpillar Trucks, Bertolini Caterpillar Trucks, Hyundai Caterpillar Trucks, QTF Caterpillar Trucks, GreenWorks Caterpillar Trucks. We have in the catalog to buy, caterpillar trucks with honda engine. In this way the operator will use the machine to move along with the material to be transported.

All our products have two years of warranty according to current European legislation for individuals, and a one-year warranty for professionals, with immediate, easy and free claim facility. We offer technical service for most of our brands as well as spare parts and accessories official and unofficial. We have our own workshop and a team of professionals trained by the brands themselves. Distribution to all of Spain. Thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee us.

The minitransporter

They have tracked wheelbarrows for greater adhesion to the ground allowing Uploads with loads up to certain degrees of inclination, which greatly facilitates the displacement of heavy loads in irregular terrain, making this task a routine task without any type of complication. Contact us through any of our communication channels that we put at your disposal, a consultant will help you find the solution that best suits your needs without any compromise. We also recommend that you visit our website assiduously as we constantly add new offers and articles, always looking for the best models of caterpillar carts for our customers.

In we work hard to put at your disposal the best and most adapted searches of the market for our clients with our commitment to quality and transparency. Always having the best agricultural work tools at the best price and the best quality of the market, with tranquility of a trusted and supervised online purchase, with a immediate response to doubts or requests in which we will inform you about possible doubts, best practices and advice.

In this section you will find

  • Agricultural caterpillar trucks
  • Self-propelled truck
  • Mini caterpillar dumper
  • Gasoline trucks

C It should be noted that slopes are one of the main factors that cause accidents related to slips and falls, which can cause serious injuries to both the operator and the truck. All slopes require caution and more if you feel insecure in it or do not think you're going to be able to approach it, and more with load. It is recommended not to take slopes of up to 15º of inclination with more than 50% of the load, reaching the 20º of tilt without load and you should never use a track in an inclination of more than 25º.

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