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Choosing a wood cutter wisely

A wood cutter, is a circular saw, is a machine for sawing longitudinal wood, metal, plastic or other materials. It has an electric motor that allows the circular blade to rotate at a high speed. Using the right blade for each situation, these saws are capable of cutting a wide variety of materials. They stand out for the precise cuts they make.

Depending on the purpose of the work that is going to be done, there are different types of circular saw:

  • Manual circular saw to cut wood: It is a circular saw that allows quick and straight cuts. Its power can reach the 1400W and 4500 revolutions per minute. It is a type of saw that the operator uses his hands.
  • Bench or table saw: It is a saw that remains anchored in the work bench, the operator uses the disk to make the cut of the materials.
  • Miter saw: It is located on a table and the operator raises or lowers the disc to make the desired cut. It is very useful to make cuts of 90º, but the operator can give a certain degree of rotation.
  • Saw of aserradero: It is a saw in which the disc is active and the material to be cut is moved towards it by a conveyor belt.

Risks of using a wood cutter

Have contact with the teeth of the moving disc.

Recoil and projection of wood.

Projection of the disc or part of it.

Contact with the transmission belts.

Machine protection elements

Divider knife

The divider knife works like a wedge and prevents the wood from closing on it. The dimensions of the knife are determined according to the diameter.

Upper housing

This casing has the objective of preventing contact of the hands with the disk while it is in motion and protecting them from the projection of fragments.

Lower guard

A lower guard is used to achieve innaccessibility in the part that protrudes under the table.

Fairing of the transmission belt

Access to the transmission belts by the operator must be prevented by incorporating a fixed guard.

Auxiliary devices

The cutters have certain auxiliary devices to reduce the risks when using the machine.

For wedges

A plank is used to facilitate the cutting wedges, this has dimensions such that the width of the wedge is the thickness of the plank and the length of that is the width of the plank.


The slide carriage helps move the disc piece, protecting the hands.


They are two rules, one horizontal and one vertical, which facilitates the realization of longitudinal and transversal cuts.


This rule serves as a guide to movement when rotating and moving, which can be used to make oblique cuts, besides making wedges and stakes,

Useful accessories

The cutters have a series of accessories that incorporate features to the machines.

  • Pushers for small parts
  • Console for long pieces
  • Handles that can be transported by the crane
  • Handles that allow to be moved by the personnel
  • Front wheels that can be locked in the working position
  • Intermediate guide that facilitates the separation of the pieces when cutting them.
  • Brush to clean remains of disk contour.

General safety rules

When using these wood cutters it is advisable to follow a series of rules such as:

  • The switch must be located away from the transmission belts.
  • The cutter must be level before going to work.
  • Do not use a disc with a diameter greater than the guard that is incorporated in the machine.
  • It must be used only by the personnel in charge of the machine.
  • Correct use of protective devices by the operator.
  • It is advisable to oil the saw regularly to avoid deviating when finding hard bodies or twisted fibers.
  • The operator must use glasses or face shields.
  • Do not push the piece with the thumbs of your outstretched hands.
  • You should stop using the disc when the original diameter has been reduced 1 / 5.
  • The disc used will correspond to the number of revolutions per minute.
  • It is recommended to disconnect the machine to avoid sudden starts.

It is also recommended that the worker wear clothing and personal protective equipment for each one.

Work clothes with adjustable cuffs should be worn. In addition it is not advisable to wear pendants, chains, loose clothing, etc. that can get to hook with elements of the machine.

The individual protection team is the one that uses the Safety and Health Plan.

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