Cement mixers

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Types and quality of cement mixers

Concrete mixers

The concrete mixers or mortar mixers are today the tool par excellence as well as basic in construction projects, works or reforms. It is an essential machine for ceramic tile installers.

The reduction of effort is a very hard work in this sector so the manufacture of concrete blenders has always been a good ally of the operators. The concrete mixers are designed to provide a perfect mix of the components.

Mortar mixers will make it possible to efficiently perform mortars, cementitious adhesives, resins, paints or other materials. Depending on the product to be mixed, it will be necessary to take into account what type of cement mixer we are going to choose since it could remain low in power or in the case of the rods, it could not perform this mixture correctly.

Paint blenders

High quality paint mixers will shake and mix the product professionally. Having a correct handle will always be able to perform repetitive tasks in a more enjoyable way.

What features does a mortar mixer have?

Mainly it will be necessary to take into account the power with which the tool works, always depending on the type of product that is going to be mixed with the machine. Then you can take into account the ergonomics that this tool brings because if it is going to be used for several hours of work it will be better to have a comfortable tool. On the other hand, the revolutions per minute that the machine will provide will be an important factor when buying it. Although most have an electronic regulator, it will be necessary to pay attention to which ranges of revolutions work so that they offer the best possible mix.

Rods for mortar mixers

The rods for mortar mixers are an indispensable element in this type of tools since without them the task would not be possible. The rods stand out for the purpose of the mixture and the type of product to be mixed.

Liquid mixers: Brands

We currently have the prestigious Rubi brand as the main concrete product. Soon we will add more brands that have similar quality to the one we are already working

Rubi is a company that was born in the 1951 year with the purpose of solving the problem with cutting hydraulic mosaic. After more years 65 Rubi expands its range of products constantly to offer the best solutions to operators. With the new range of cement mixers offers quality at the best price.

Cement mixer

Buy your new cement mixer at the best price now and don't let them tell you about it. If you are thinking of buying whisk mixers this is your trusted website. In Intermaquinas You can find all kinds of professional products for professionals and high quality tools for the construction sector. We work with specialized brands in the construction sector such as Rubi or Husqvarna.

Paint mixer: how does it work?

The paint mixers are designed to mix the paint correctly and without leaving clots as long as we use a specialized rod.

rubi mortar mixers
Paint mixers

First of all we must bear in mind that a paint mixer is a tool composed of two parts, the motor part that makes the function like a drill and the moving part that is the agitator that is in contact while mixing the paint. It is possible to buy these products separately, depending on the type of finish we want.

What are the advantages of electric paint mixers?

Enough. We mainly find a very important function and that is that we can regulate the mixing speed. The other great advantage is that by having a more powerful engine we can make mixtures with very viscous materials.

Who is this product for?

The mixers are intended for work in which it is necessary to mix materials in large volumes. The blenders can homogenize products quickly and efficiently as long as we use the best materials for it.

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