Gasoline Lawnmowers

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All about Petrol lawnmowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are a great option for those looking for an efficient and powerful way to mow their lawn.

Although they require a little more maintenance than electric mowers, offer superior performance, especially if the terrain is large or has slopes.

How do petrol lawnmowers work?

The gasoline lawn mower uses an internal combustion engine to drive the blades, the engine is powered by gasoline, and the lawn mower comes with a built-in fuel tank.

To start the engine, you usually have to pull a cord to start the machine.

Once the motor is running, the blades begin to rotate. You can adjust the height of the mower blades to fit your terrain.

Most lawn mowers have a grass collection feature, so you can collect the grass you cut.


Key features

Cutting width

Most machines have a cutting width between 30 and 55 cm.

This is more than enough for most gardens, but if you have a very large garden you can opt for larger cutting widths that you can find in our category at a great value for money.


Most of these lawnmowers have great power, ideal for cutting medium and large gardens. We also have a range of cheap petrol lawn mowers with less power ideal for cutting small gardens.

Cutting height

The height of the blades can be adjusted on most mowers, so you can adjust them as needed. The lowest height is usually about 2 cm, while the highest height is usually about 8 cm.


These mowers have an internal combustion engine that is powered by gasoline. The motor is located at the rear of the machine and is connected to the blades by a shaft.

Most of our products with honda gasoline lawnmowers, the honda engine is one of the best lawnmower engines, it is characterized by being very durable and having great power.

Advantages and disadvantages


Petrol lawnmowers are more powerful than electric lawnmowers and therefore cut the grass faster.

They are also more suitable for large and sloping terrain. Another benefit of petrol lawnmowers is that they are easy to operate as they don't need to be plugged into an outlet, so you can use them anywhere.


One of the main disadvantages of petrol lawnmowers is that they require more maintenance than electric lawnmowers, they are also noisier.

Best lawnmowers

The most demanded mowers are the self-propelled gasoline mowers with a honda engine. Since they have great power and durability, self-propelled mowers are also in high demand.

MA.RI.NA R52S gasoline lawn mower HONDA 166cc ENGINE Anova CC251T 173 cc petrol lawn mower Oleo Mac G 53 TK AllRoad Plus 4 50th anniversary lawnmower

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