Tile and Porcelain Cutters

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A tile cutter is a tool that allows us to cut ceramic tiles easily, thanks to the quick cuts it makes. They consist of a base and a piece that slides the cutting wheel, scratches the enamel and ends separating the two pieces with a slight pressure.

How do tile cutters work?

Cutters are cutting machines in which the piece remains fixed and the cutting tool moves through it.

Manual tile cutters

Depends on the characteristics they have, you can classify different types of manual cutters:

  • Estandard o Approval: According to the intensity of the work to be done.
  • Single Point o Multipoint: By the type of separator they possess.
  • Monoguía o Double guide: By the scratching system.
  • Escuadra fixed or rotating: Taking into account the functions of its accessories.

Advantages of manual tile cutters

Manual cutters have certain advantages thanks to the features they offer:

  • They are generally easy tools to transport, so they are ideal for works or professional works.
  • They are tools that perform fast and repetitive cuts, therefore the work is done very quickly.
  • Being small tools can be Save anywhere.
  • They can be used at any time and place, since they do not require an electrical outlet.
  • Cleaning and maintenance very easy and fast.

Electric tile cutters

The electric tile cutters are machines that work with electric current, which allow us to cut tiles thanks to the help of a diamond disk suitable for the material that needs to be cut, besides this disk has a great resistance and will not break when using it.

Advantages of electric tile cutters

They allow a large amount of cuts effortlessly, even in ceramic tiles of a great hardness or thickness.

There are Less chance of a tile breaking than a manual cutter, thanks to that they make a straight cut and cleaner than a manual cutter.

They are very safe, comfortable and easy to use tools.

Offer more cuts than a manual cutter.


The cutters have a range of accessories that add functions to the tool, and improve their performance. Thanks to these accessories we will get better finishes and make our work easier. Both using a manual or electric cutter there are a series of accessories available that offer us a great compatibility to adapt to the needs of cutting and materials.

How to choose a suitable tile cutter?

In order to select a tile cutter correctly, it will be necessary to take into account the characteristics of these and choose the ones that best adapt to the needs we have.


Attention must be paid to the maximum thickness with which the cutter works.


It must be ensured that the cutter has the necessary power to cut the material with which it is going to work.


The rodel is an important part in the cutter, it allows us to scratch and separate the tile, in addition the cutters include between one or two rodeles.

Maximum cutting length

This aspect is important so that when it is finished cutting the tile, it remains in the cutter.

Types of tiles

The different types of tiles that allow us to cut these tile cutters are porcelain stoneware, Catalan tiles, rustic stoneware, terracotta tiles, stainless steel tiles, marble tiles, natural slate tiles and glass tiles.


The two types of cutters, both manual cutters as electrical our permiten make the desired cut in a short period of time, in addition to providing us a good finish.

Keep in mind that each cutter is adapted to certain conditions, so you have to choose correctly which to use depending on the material to be cut and the needs you have.

Knowing this, it is advisable to have a cutter of each type for professional use, so that you can always use the most appropriate to each situation and time.

In addition to knowing the qualities and limitations of each type of cutter you can select the most appropriate for each situation, thus making it easier to work, save time and money, while achieving excellent finishes.

Recommendation as professionals

En Intermaquinas te personally recommend, as professionals of the sector, buy cutters of the brand RUBI, since these ofrece a wide range of products of the best quality possible to the best prices available, in addition to offering a wide warranty when buying the cutter.

Some outstanding models of the brand are the cutters Rubi TZ, TX and TP as for example:

Cutting machine Rubi TZ-1550

Cutting machine Rubi TP-125 T

But now it is common to use Large format tile cutters that are cutters that allow to cut large format pieces, to facilitate the cutting of these pieces Rubi offers the Slim System range.

This system consists of the SLIM CUTTER and the SLIM EASYTRANS. The SLIME CUTTER cutting system allows to cut large format tiles with a thickness between 3 to 8 mm, and higher using the SLIM SEPARATOR. The SLIM EASYTRANS allows to transport and handle the pieces safely and comfortably, as well as to avoid the risks of falls and breakage, thanks to the fact that it allows both gluing and placing floor and wall.

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