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Among our wide and varied assortment of products you will find Pressure groups for all kinds of approaches and uses. We offer personalized advice for you to acquire the solution that best suits your needs thanks to our wide range of possibilities. You can complement your search with our section Well pumps, in case there is some better oriented application, for all types of applications and range of needs. Contact us by any of our communication channels that we put at your disposal, a consultant will help you find the solution that best suits your needs without any commitment. We also recommend that you visit our website assiduously as we constantly add new offers and articles, always looking for the best models of Pressure groups for our customers.

What is a Pressure Group?

It is a device that serves to give pressure to fluids and, more frequently, to the water of the water installations in buildings; By means of a system of membranes or "balloons" it manages the power of the pressure that passes through a water circuit.

What is it for?

It consists of a closed tank divided into two parts by a membrane or balloon filled with air or inert gas. Pressurized water is introduced into this tank, compressing the air. Pumps are used to introduce the water (not always just one, depending on the flow). If the flow is appropriate, it will improve the pressure of the entire water distribution "network", to the maximum or minimum pressure to choose. Most of them start by themselves or have to choose when to turn on (when more or less flow passes).

What pressure group do I need?

Depending on the use to which it is oriented, mainly in the water pressure groups for are usually oriented to some domestic application, you can choose between three types:

-Hydroneumático, With dial or pressure tank, which by a pressure switch starts and for the pump and maintains the pressure marked, has a maximum and minimum pressure range, and the water flow varies according to this range.

-Press control (the pump works every time a tap is opened or water is consumed and the press control controls it to maintain the set pressure)

-Pumps with electric and variable control (maintains a constant pressure by adjusting the speed and consumption of the pump).

En we work hard to put at your disposal the best and most adapted searches in the market for our clients with our commitment to quality and transparency. Always having the best agricultural work tools at the best price and the best quality of the market, with tranquility of a trusted and supervised online purchase, with a immediate response to doubts or requests in which we will inform you about possible doubts, best practices and advice.

Top brand solutions such as Champion pressure groups, Espa Yaros and Jardino pressure groups, Garland pressure groups, Hyundai pressure groups, Kuril pressure groups, TPM pressure groups. All our products have two years of a according to current European legislation for individuals and one year guarantee for professionals, with ease of immediate, easy and free claim. We offer technical service for most of our brands as well as spare parts and accessories official and unofficial. We have our own workshop and a team of professionals trained by the brands themselves. Distribution to all of Spain. Thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee us.

We have pressure groups with solutions of leading brands, of different flow and power, for different waters, for professional or private uses, including domestic, hydropneumatic clusters, press control, electric and variable control pumps. With different types of starts, automatic (they are started alone when the water is between different ranges), manuals, etc.

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