Olive grove

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Machines for olives

Harvesting the olive each year involves a cost for agricultural production of thousands of euros in labor in the harvesting of the olive.

There are different methods, manually, as was done in ancient times, it was a huge extra cost for the owner without damaging the trunk.

At present, these machines, including vacuum cleaners, branch planers and blowers is possible to collect the olive quickly and safely for the tree.

These machines allow olives to be picked up by sweeping, vacuuming or blowing machines after falling directly to the ground, by shaking, vibration or ripening. This procedure has many disadvantages, since the fruit spoils and becomes dirty with dust or mud, which reduces the quality of the oil.

The blowing of the leaves allows quick access to the olive and process the olives faster without felling or cutting branches that cause damage to the tree.

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