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A motorized welder is a welder that has its own source of electricity generation. Taking advantage of the mechanical energy created by the motor, it is transformed into electrical energy.

How is a small generator set can also be used to connect small tools to it and use it as a generator, but not both functions at the same time.

This type of machine is widely used for welding outdoors and the like where it requires its own source of energy. Its use is very widespread in the industry for joining metal or thermoplastic materials.

Within this type of machines, there is a version to take into account: the inverter welding machines.

Inverter welding machines introduce the improvements that this technology provides to the field of welding.

The welding process involves subjecting the materials to high temperatures in order to merge them. These solidify when the materials are cooled. There are several methods to perform the welding but the most common is by electric arc.

What type of motor suits me in my welding machine?

A question that is common when we are considering the possibility of acquiring a new motorized welder is which engine is best for us for our new motorized welder.

Gasoline-powered welders are more economical and allow better starting in cold weather. If the use that we are going to give it is going to be intense and/or prolonged, we recommend a diesel engine welder. The price is somewhat higher than a gasoline engine welder but it will pay for itself quickly since its consumption is much cheaper.

Type of application of our welding machine and use

All motorized welders are capable of performing TIG or scrape/slide welding. It is very important to be clear about what type of applications we are going to use before purchasing the motor welder.

We also have to be clear about the power we require, if we are going to need to transport it often, etc. These factors are very important when choosing between one model and another. If you have doubts, one of our technicians can advise you without any kind of commitment.

En intermaquinas.online we have a physical store with more than thirty years of experience in the sector, these are some of the ones we sell the most:

  • Onda motor welders, one of the latest developments in intermaquinas.on-line. The Onda SPDW200M features an exceptional technical sheet, a top-to-toe welder at an attractive price.
  • Anova Motosoldadoras, in this category we have the Anova GCS5800E model, which offers good performance at a very affordable price.
  • Genergy motor welders, here you will find from the Genergy Vulcano, a very economical model with excellent performance. The Genergy Teide, a real heavyweight. This brand offers high-quality products and one of the best after-sales services in the industry.
  • Kipor motor welders, another great range of products of excellent quality, here we will find solutions of a wide range. Like the KDE180EW or the KDE500STW3
  • Mosa motor welders, a real heavyweight in the sector. Some of its most representative models are the Mosa Magic Weld or the Mosa TS 300 KSX EL

We have a wide range of products of excellent quality with a competitive price and excellent customer service. Enter and check the offers of the latest market news. We have free shipping on most of our products (offer only valid for national territory in the peninsula, other areas to consult).

Motosoldadoras: security tips

En intermaquinas.online we are concerned about the safety of the operator and the correct use of the work machinery.

It is the duty of each person to use them responsibly and take the appropriate measures for personal and other safety, as well as the correct care of the tools for a longer and optimal useful life. When we work with a motorized welder we have to be equipped with the corresponding personal safety measures, using the relevant PPE for it. Some of these teams are:

  • Welding mask or electronic screen for welding.
  • Safety gloves.
  • Security shoes.
  • Flame retardant clothing designed for these tasks.
  • Leather handbag and leggings.
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus and safety helmet if the circumstances of the work require it. Whenever possible, with or without the use of self-contained breathing apparatus, it is advisable to maintain correct ventilation of the workplace as much as possible.

Motosoldadoras: tips of use

It is also recommended to follow the following precautions whenever possible:

  • Avoid placing the motorized welder in places with unevenness and the like where the machinery is more prone to falls and bumps.
  • If the configuration of the terrain allows it to create screens and barriers that keep away from danger the rest of the people in the welding area.
  • Never use the machine without the proper PPE, even if the task is presented as extremely short.
  • Be aware at all times of the working radius, avoid using the machine in places where flammable material is found, places with dust or humid rooms.
  • If it is possible to avoid the use of the machine in adverse weather conditions.

So we also recommend for a long useful life to spend five to ten minutes on maintenance tasks. Once the use of the motorized welder is finished, keep it in correct condition.

Check mixture and fuel levels. Also the correct cleaning of the machine and store it in a place with the appropriate conditions for it. With these tips we will always have our motorized welder in the best conditions. This translates into optimal results of the machine and a longer life of the working machinery.

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