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Types of power tillers


Accessories and spare parts for a motorized tractor

Thinking of buying a cheap rototiller?

The best assistance in power tillers

Tractor prices

How wide is a walking tiller?

  • Tractors Offers

    In our Flamenco skirts category motorbikers you will find the best solutions on the market, at a competitive price. In you will find the cheap treadmills.

  • We have the best brands for agricultural machinery of the market, such as Campeón, Bertolini, BCS, TANZER, Topiber, etc. We have petrol power tillers as well as we also have a wide offer of diesel power tillers, with a wide range of powers and technical characteristics. If you want to prepare a plot or land for planting, this machine is the tool you need.
  • The first choice you will have to make is whether you want it with front or rear cutters. For the hardest and most compact terrains, rear cutters are recommended. Another of the most important decisions that you must decide when choosing a walking tractor is what type of motor you need and the width of work. This is largely determined by the size of the crop you want to work with.
  • Thinking of buying a cheap rototiller?

    We are used to hearing that buying the cheapest power tiller is never the best investment, but it all depends on the work we want to do.

    If the work is minimal, we can buy a lower quality tiller, but if we need to do hard and continuous work, it is highly recommended to buy a professional tiller. Intermaquinas We have power tillers from very simple to the most complete and powerful

    Types of power tillers

    When to choose a diesel treadmill?

    Un diesel treadmill It will always be better if the size of the land is large, on the contrary, if the land is small, a gasoline tiller will be more effective and it may be more manageable for us. walking tractor with small working width if maneuverability has to be a fundamental characteristic due to the configuration of our field of work.

    Diesel motocultores
    New diesel walking tractor

    When to choose a gasoline walking tractor?

    If the land is of a medium or small size, the best option would be a gasoline engine. We have a wide selection of the best brands with high quality motors, such as motor honda, etc.

    With our offers, the most competitive in the market, you will surely find your model at a very reasonable price, we have brands that offer motocultores of occasion for exceeding stock or promotion to open market that will remain very close to the price of the second hand motorized.

    Gasoline cultivator
    Gasoline walking tractor for sale

    Electric lawnmowers

    If you have a small orchard with a fairly "friendly" configuration (uniform, etc.) perhaps the most suitable option is a electric tiller.

    Among their advantages are the lower vibration and noise of these models compared to the disadvantage of power, although for a field like this they have more than enough and their price is much cheaper than gasoline and a diesel walking tractor.

    Accessories and spare parts for an agricultural walking tractor.

    We also offer all kinds of spare parts and accessories so you have your agricultural machine always ready. We have plow, tools, wheels, all kinds of accessories for sale.

    • Manceras
    • Motor stop cams
    • Accelerator handles
    • Levers of change
    • Implement depth regulator
    • Fairing (protection)
    • Apero (strawberry)
    • Pneumatic wheels
    • Clutch handle
    • Handlebar height regulator
    • Gearbox
    • Rear wheels
    • Game of ruedas

    Motocultores for sale

    We have motorized tractors for professionals on sale. All motocultores have a completely free shipping for the Iberian Peninsula. In addition we have cheap tillers.

    En intermaquinas We are committed to all types of clients, from the most professional who need a machine to carry out the best tasks, to private clients who need a motor cultivator which is like a small tractor that will be used occasionally and not for high performance.

    The machines for tilling the land offer the best techniques so you can take advantage of the best offers in intermaquinas to get your new rototiller.

    We have a wide variety of honda power tillers,

    The best assistance in power tillers

    En we are passionate about the world of agricultural machinery and we have been in the sector for more than thirty-five years. We have a physical store and highly qualified personnel who can advise you. If you deem it appropriate, we will be happy to advise you if you are thinking of buy rototiller.

    We also have our own workshop with mechanics trained by the brands themselves. As you may well appreciate in we seek to offer the best shopping experience.

    For us, buying a product goes beyond purchasing it. First we seek that the client is well informed about the most suitable solution for him. Second, we seek that this solution is the most affordable for our client.

    Third, we give you the best possible after-sales support so that your experience using the purchased machinery is the most optimal. Thank you for your visit and the trust placed in us.

    Tractor prices

    • from € 800 to € 1000 - Range for demanding users
    • from € 1000 to € 3600 - Semi-professional range
    • from € 1600 to € 4000 - Professional range

    The prices of new cultivators They can range from 500 to more than 2000 euros, always depending on the product that is required at all times and the performance that the tool wants to extract.

    The new motocultores they will give you greater security when it comes to preparing the land regardless of whether you get a guarantee when buying a totally new product and no chance.

    Cheap tractors

    Are there cheap treadmills?

    Yes, yes there are. But not because they are of lower quality but because they offer less performance than professional tillers.

    This is because when the land is prepared, a high-performance machine can do it in less time and with greater comfort than a cheap walking tractor. The cheap ones are intended for users who will make occasional use of the machine.

    Among them you can choose between different brands of power tillers Cricket, BertoliniBCS and many more brands. Take advantage of offers Intermaquinas and take a new product cheap at the best price.

    Chinese street dancers?

    They are products from the Asian country par excellence in the manufacture of machinery of all kinds.

    They meet quality standards to be able to be marketed, otherwise they could not be sold in the European Union. The Chinese machine fulfills the basic functions of professional walking tractors.

    Small tractors

    The small power tillers they start from the same branch as flights. They offer more limited benefits than big They do the job efficiently though.

    As an advantage, it stands out for its low weight and great manageability. The working width could perhaps be its biggest flaw if you are going to work a large farm. If not, and a small area of ​​land is going to be plowed, it will be the best option without a doubt.

    Enjoy the offers of Intermaquinas and compare among the best small and inexpensive motocultores to buy the best product related to your needs.

    Professional motorcultores

    El professional motorcycle cultivators It is one that meets a series of characteristics and specifications related to high performance and quality tasks. The professional motorcycle cultivators They have large engines in addition to manufacturing by the best brands.

    Guide to buy a walking tractor

    And motor

    First of all, it will be necessary to determine what kind of engine it will be needed. The engine that will equip the machine is a fundamental part of the process since it is practically like a person's heart.

    From here we extract the power with which the machine will work and the revolutions that it will offer.

    On the other hand, the engine determines the target audience for which it is intended. For a user who is going to make occasional use of the product, the power that is convenient to choose is one that ranges between 5cv and 8cv of power, regardless of whether it is diesel or gasoline.

    On the other hand, if this type of user requires a more dynamic use of the tool, that is, the walking tractor is going to be used with accessories such as mowing bars, snow blowers or implements, they can purchase a machine of at least 10cv and We would already be talking about a semi-professional walking tractor.

    Gasoline engines

    Gasoline engines have an easier start than a diesel engine, in addition to the noise and vibration levels that they can transmit are lower than diesel engines.

    Gasoline engines have always been cheaper to maintain since having cleaner fuel does not increase filter revisions.

    diesel engines

    Diesel engines are generally more expensive than gasoline engines, either because of their characteristics or because of their durability.

    On the other hand, diesel is a cheaper fuel than gasoline, but it will be necessary to emphasize constant maintenance so as not to get engine failures due to lack of liquids or filter changes.

    Diesel is not a flammable or explosive fuel and over time does not suffer any degradation as gasoline does.

    The biggest adversary of diesel fuel is undoubtedly water, so we must pay attention so that water does not enter the engine through the tank lid.

    The cheap diesel walking tractor can have electric start or not. If this feature is available as a feature, the product will be more sophisticated but it will make the product more expensive.

    The breaks

    The brakes that part so important in motor vehicles. In the tractors can ride or not but it is advised that always has mounted a good brakes the most important occasions to consider when buying a rototiller with brakes will be as follows:

    • When the tiller is semi-professional or professional (10cv or more power)
    • When you are going to travel through paths with slopes even if they are very slight.
    • When you will constantly make turns. The brakes help make a turn more quickly, providing exclusive maneuverability to the user.

    The differential

    The differential is a mechanism that is included within the engine and is essential in large or professional XCUMX cv to more power. This mechanism allows to perform different speeds of rotation.

    It is necessary that a tiller has a differential when:

    • It has great power (10cv or more)
    • When they are medium or large.
    • Use trailer

    The differential mechanism works perfectly at times when a wheel of the walking tractor gets stuck on loose ground. How does it help? When a walking tractor gets stuck, the wheel that is not stuck will be able to extract the machine from this situation.

    Without a differential, both wheels will spin equally, and the moment one wheel gets stuck, the other will also stop moving. With this feature the farmer can choose when he should carry out this maneuver or not.

    The wheels

    The wheels of motor cultivator They are an important section since it must be in accordance with the type of tool that is being used in this case if it is a large or small walking tractor. The width between the wheels should never be greater than the width of the cutters, as this would crush the ground that was already prepared.

    The ergonomics

    Ergonomics should be important when choosing a good professional motor cultivator. The safety and comfort that can be transmitted in the work must be considerable to perform some work maximum quality at the best pace. It is important to know all the controls that it incorporates as well as the maneuverability, the seat for a motorized tractor, the controls...

    Sale of new walking tractors

    Enjoy the best deals on new machinery. We have the best brands. Buying was never so easy.

    Make your purchase through the web or by phone call. We advise you at all times. Remember, in intermaquinas for Sale cheap motocultor the best price. Leaders in sales

    Used motorcultores

    En Intermaquinas We have incredible offers that will make your purchase an odyssey. You will receive the best quotes and the best conditions of sale so it will be easier for you to obtain a good motor cultivator.

    Price of a motorized tractor

    As we have talked about before motorcultores prices They vary depending on the brand, if they are professional or not and if they are gasoline, electric or diesel.

    Small tractors

    We have small power tillers for plow the land on a small plot.

    Motorcultores and motor hoes

    In addition to motorbikers, we also have motorized.

    In our section you will find the best solutions on the market, at a competitive price. On acquire cheap treadmills.

    We have the best brands of the market, such as Campeón, Bertolini, BCS, TANZER, Topiber, etc.

    We have petrol power tillers as well as we also have a wide offer of diesel walking tractor, with a wide range of powers and technical characteristics.

    If you want to prepare a plot or field for planting, the motor cultivator is the tool you need, the first choice you should make is if you want it with front or rear strawberries. For the hardest and most compact terrain, treadmills prices with rear cutter.

    Another of the most important decisions that you will have to decide when choosing a motor cultivator is what type of motor you need and the width of work. This is largely determined by the size of the crop you want to work with.

    What is the best brand of motor cultivators?

    Spanish and Italian motorized cultivators and more…

    En Intermaquinas We have several brands of rototiller among them:

    How wide is a walking tiller?

    The working width of motorized tractors is generally not less than 70 centimeters, although we can find models with a smaller size and models with sizes up to 110 centimeters that can be found in Bertolini or Roteco motorized tractors.

    What is the difference between a tiller and a tiller?

    Structurally they may seem similar but the main difference of this agricultural machinery lies in the wheels. The motorized tillers move basically through the movement of the strawberries and the walking tractors through two axes, the wheels and the strawberries.

    In this way, working with a motorized cultivator is done with less effort since the wheels are self-propelled and not on motorized tillers.

    In the following post we will tell you all about which motor hoe or rototiller to buy:

    What motor hoe or rototiller to buy?

    What are the characteristics of a walking tractor?

    These machines stand out for their power on the two axes, the wheels and the milling cutters. The motorcycleccultivators standard size usually have a 12 hp diesel engine, a box with three to six speeds forward and two or three backwards. As well as a working width of 40 to up to 110 centimeters.

    The working speeds are from 1 to 5 km/h and for transport it can reach up to 20km/h. They have a hooking mechanism to anchor accessories which can be activated by the device itself. motor cultivator in case they need it. In addition we can find electric start or manual start.

    Our most outstanding products

  • Anova: Spanish brand with a long history that makes available its products of great power and quality in finishes.
  • BCS: Italian giant with extensive experience in the sector. It has a very wide range with different finishes.
  • Benza: Powerful engines from the hand of Benza. It stands out for its professionalism and unmatched value for money.
  • Bertolini: Leader in the sector. If you are looking for a high-performance machine that meets a demanding task, Bertolini is what you need.
  • Garland: Power tillers unbeatable quality price. It stands out for the power of its engines and after-sales service.
  • Cricket: Cricket motor cultivators stand out for their quality in terms of day-to-day performance.
  • Pasquali: Italian brand of professional power tillers. Powerful engines with highly recommended features such as powersafe multi-disc clutches in oil bath.


  • The Bertolini 405S: It has a honda engine powered by gasoline, making it have a power of 5,8HP. Its strawberries are 60cm and its wheels are 4.00-8″.


  • The Bertolini 407S It is very similar to the one we have just talked about, the Bertolini 405S, the main differences are the diameter of its wheels and its safety finish. It also has a honda engine and a power of 5,8HP


  • The Bertolini 413S El best seller, the favorite by customers. Designed for the professional sector, it has 70cm cutters, a Honda K 1100 H 8,4HP four-stroke engine and 5,00 – 10DR wheels. The tiller has a very powerful and resistant gasoline engine


  • The Cricket G 107 It has a power of 8.3 HP (6,1kW) and a displacement of 265cc, a great power and displacement compared to its weight of 163 kilograms


  • The last model that we are going to talk about is one of the best, it is the model MTC620 brand Anova, with a working width of 62 centimeters, its strawberries also have a combined blade rotation system. The anova brand is synonymous with specialized quality in this sector.


Different types of motorized tractors

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