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In this section you will find the best high pressure cleaners in the market at the best price. Basically they are machines that are used in the cleaning that have a gun / lance format hose and that pressurized water. This can be hot or cold water and are commonly used for cleaning swimming pools, joints, vehicles on the outside, etc. They are very appreciated machines for the good results they give, because they allow a thorough cleaning quickly and effortlessly.

Pressure Washers Prices

  • From € 115 to € 290. Range for demanding users.
  • From € 299 to € 499. Range for semi-professional users.
  • From € 499 to € 1260. Range for Professional users.

How does a high pressure cleaner work?

The key to the operation of the Hidrolimpiadoras is in its power and its pressure. They are used for a great multitude of things, from cleaning vehicles, objects, to descaling dirt, disinfecting, uncloging pipes, removing mold, watering, etc.

They work with water under pressure, replace the classic hose and go directly connected to the water network, which accumulates in a tank, which mixed with detergents, soaps, liquids to spray, etc, along with a pump responsible for increasing the pressure, they make it a very useful tool.

Water travels much more pressure than in a hose, where it ends in a gun, which allows the user to direct the jet to where it wants to go, and even in certain models you can calibrate the power with a trigger.

According to the use that is going to be given:

  • Domestic / Private:
    • Mostly manageable and light machines, which have a medium / reduced power, which is sufficient to perform domestic tasks, such as, washing vehicles, cleaning facades, dirt, etc.
  • Professional:
    • Mostly machines with much more power, with greater flow, lengths of hoses and much larger cable, etc.

Characteristics to consider:

  • -The power:
    • You will not need the same power to clean a motorcycle as to disinfect mold from a pool. In relation to greater use and dirt, a higher pressure and power is recommended.
  • -The pressure:
    • It is related to the power, usually from the 100 to the 160 bars in domestic use, to clean bicycles or outdoor furniture, plastics, etc. Be careful not to choose very high pressure, as this can damage certain surfaces, skip paint or damage
  • -Flow:
    • Amount of water that is stored and the one that allows to shoot. A higher flow rate is required for greater speed and more complex tasks.
  • -Maintenance and Food:
    • The electrical ones will require less maintenance and less expense (in terms of electricity compared to the gasoline itself), they will be lighter.
    • The gasoline will be more oriented to a professional use, with greater resistance, greater durability to continuous work, and will not depend on any point to be fed, ignoring the fuel.
    • Both electric and gasoline, in addition to gasoline engine care. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to keep the machines unloaded without pressure, both the feeding and the high pressure, in winter especially to avoid freezing and breakage, to observe the water filter, pump oil, check wear of the water outlet nozzle, since it wears out a lot, check if there are possible water losses in the pump, try to avoid water with a lot of lime, avoid that the pressure pump does not exceed the recommended maximum temperature, since it can be damaged, and make sure that our hydro-cleaner can use other liquids than water, both liquids, mixtures, detergents and mixed soaps, and disconnect water and electricity whenever we are not using our pressure washer, all this every certain period of time. work hours.
  • -Accessories:
    • Each model and brand has accessories (brushes, bumpers, brooms, etc.) and adaptable spare parts, which may be of interest to be implemented in the future to get the most out of your pressure washer.
  • -Length of hose and cable:
    • Depending on this, we will have larger ranges to operate, the length of the cable will determine the length from the source of electricity, to the machine, and the length of the hose, will determine the length from the machine to the gun, which will conclude the range of action that we have to move or manage it.
  • -Detergents, soaps, etc:
    • Choosing a good mix will optimize the use of the hydro-cleaner and improve the efficiency.
  • -Water or cold water:
    • There are models of cold, hot and mixed water (the most common).
  • -Mobility:
    • Most pressure washers have a pair of wheels and a handle to move easily, if not, it would be interesting and even convenient to check the accessories, since mobility in this class of machines is essential and very rewarding.

According to your diet:

  • Electrical:
    • Oriented to a more particular use, more common, they depend on being connected to the electrical network, comfortable to transport, very efficient, especially for habitual uses.
  • Gasoline:
    • Oriented more for professional use, even industrial, suitable for hard work, do not depend on being tied to a cable, resist hard and continuous work, resistant, but require the use of gasoline.

What pressure washer to buy or choose? What water washer is the best?

Choosing a hydro-cleaner or water pressure cleaner, may seem more complex than it really is, since there is a lot of information today, in addition to which one would have to assess what use we are going to give to the high pressure cleaner, since this will depend on the power, the pressure, what will last, its price, etc.

Obviously, it is essential to know what use and guidance is going to be given to the future machine that we are going to buy. It will not be the same to buy a domestic hydro-cleaner to clean the car, than a hydro-cleaner for a gardening company, dedicated to cleaning facades, gardens, swimming pools, etc.

-First of all, we should think, in what environment we are going to use it, is it going to be a professional use? A particular use, something more domestic? They do not have to be all that way, but in general, a professional use is usually directed towards more complete machines, with more power, more robust, more durable and prepared to a constant work, with great autonomy, etc. On the other hand, a particular or domestic use, usually requires simpler, more affordable machines, with somewhat more limited powers (still sufficient for the use that will be given to them).
More than the environment, we could prioritize our needs, by activities to be carried out.

-Type of feeding and Mobility.

  • Electric: We recommend this option for any use, minimal maintenance, excellent power, the only negative point in the case of electric pressure washers is that they require a power point (plug), to which to be connected, for On the other hand, those with a battery carry that added weight.
  • Gasoline: Mostly highlighted by not depending on being tied to any point of food, since they consume fuel.

-Power and pressure

  • These two characteristics go hand in hand, power horses and power bars, this will depend on the force with which the water comes out and the amount of pressure with which the water will come out.


  • The amount of water that allows shooting. A lot of pressure and power are useless without flow, since the water firing performance is decompensated. There are high pressure cleaners that are better balanced, maybe an 20% of more flow achieves a reduction of the 50% of the cleaning time, since we increase the cleaning surface thus decreasing the working time, consequently, in the long term it entails less water , energy and environmental impact.

-Maintenance and arrangements:

  • The electric Hidrolimpiadoras hardly require maintenance, and the gasoline also require some minimum maintenance, in addition to the care of the gasoline engine.

Buy Pressure Washers for sale by Brands - Which brand is the best?

From, we consider that there are no better or worse brands, since all those that we distribute have a minimum proven quality. If there are more known brands, for which there will always be more information, spare parts, etc. What yes that there are, are simpler machines oriented to a particular use, and others much more complex and elaborated, for perhaps a professional use.

First of all, it would be prioritize what use we are going to give the machineBecause I should mainlyas minimum cover and supply our need. We believe that an investment in a good machine can be an excellent long-term idea. Do not settle for less. Maybe a cheap machine is very affordable and sufficient for the first years, but a good machine can save you a lot of effort and time, and with the security and certainty that it will last for many years.

There are brands with more complete catalogs, and others that not so much, some are professionalized only in particular uses, other professionals, etc. From brands with a couple of solutions, to brands with a disproportionate catalog of options, some very affordable and simple, even machines oriented to a professional use, with a lot of power, durability, complex and elaborated.

All brands that Intermaquinas distribuciona have complete quality and proven reliability, with varied catalogs, arranging from the simplest and most affordable machines to perform the easiest tasks, such as reaching the latest innovations in leaf blowers for more complex tasks.

Guarantees and shipments.

All our products have a guarantee according to the current European legislation of two years for individuals and one year for professionals, with an ease of immediate, easy and free claim without commitment. In addition to a free shipping * to the whole peninsula.

With the peace of mind of an online purchase of guaranteed confidence, with an immediate answer about possible doubts where we will inform you and advise on the best practices and totally free advice.

Buy Hidrolimpiadoras - Intermaquinas.


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