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Different models of motorized tillers

What is a motorbike?

A motorized tiller is a tool that is used for various agricultural tasks. They are tools used to sow, clear, dig, mow, till...

They have been used for a long time thanks to their effectiveness in removing the soil in depth and preparing the land for crops. Currently on the market there is a wide variety of brands and models so it will be easier to choose the one that best suits each situation.

How do they work?

All the motorized they are powered by an electric, gasoline or diesel engine that drives a set of reamers through a transmission that can be either a belt or an endless screw or chains.

Its movement is generated by the strawberries and not by wheels as do the treadmills.

  • Easier maintenance
    • With simple maintenance processes such as quick greasing and simple checks, which extend the life of the machines.
  • Dig and prepare surfaces in depth
    • Helical cutters that turn to the left and break the ground in a delicate way even in the worst conditions To drill hard floors and prepare large surfaces.
  • Built to last
    • Resistant materials, of the best qualities of the market and with optimal guarantees, perfect for professionals, and individuals who take it seriously.
  • Comfortable jobs
    • Thanks to its handlebars and grips ergonomic designs, to facilitate the use and simplify the use of control commands.
  • Great versatility in all arias 
    • Wide range of accessories and quality spare parts, with which to complement our tools and improve certain aspects in different tasks and areas.

Motor Hoes in our Facilities

We have a physical store with more than 2000mwhere you can find different models of different brands of motorized tillers, where you can see them and we will explain all their characteristics.

All the machines we have in stock (motor tillers, motor cultivators, lawnmowers, generators...) take between 24 and 72 hours to arrive at your home.

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Prices of Motoazadas

  • From € 245 to € 550. Range for demanding users.
  • From € 550 to € 799. Range for semi-professional users.
  • From € 799 to € 1369. Range for Professional users.

Types of motor cultivators

Thanks to the technological advance that we have at present, we can find different models of motor cultivators. Different ways of performing the task but with the same purpose. We can find in the market the following hoes:

    • Electric Hoes

      • The electric motoazadas are ideal for those users who need a cheap hoe. They stand out for their low power consumption and low noise level although the main drawback is their low power of execution.
    • Gasoline tillers

      • Gasoline motors are the most recommended in this type of work. They are quite silent, clean regarding the environment. Of this type of motocross we will find more variety for what we will be able to buy different benefits, qualities and powers.
    • Diesel

        • Diesel engines of Intermaquinas They offer an electric starter motor in addition to the manual starter. Valid for professionals who need a long-lasting power tiller and are going to use it intensively. Diesel tillers will always be in optimal condition to be used even after periods of little use or disuse.
        • These types of motorized tillers are considered professional since they are used on large land for several consecutive hours of work. If you need a quality motorized tiller that offers you greater durability and power, this is the right website to find it.
  • Motorized with electric start

    • Motadoadas that have this feature usually also have a manual start. Both starts work correctly, but if you need a motor starter for ease in our store you will find a wide range of motoazadas with this functionality.

Which one to choose according to use?

For small surfaces

For a small surface it is recommended to use a cheap cultivator since it will be used occasionally. Also for a small work area we do not need high working widths, so that will lower the cost.

For small surfaces we have models with a more compact size.

This type of machines will offer great maneuverability and similar specifications for small terrain. With garden tillers you can dig and prepare the ground more easily.

For hard terrain

For hard terrain we have professional tillers. The professional tillers They generally have more advanced features for the farmer.

These are machines powered by higher-power engines and the highest quality materials to perform the job in the best way.

With a 10hp motor hoe you can dig, till, and till at the best pace. Remember that motorized tillers accept accessories that can be very useful in tillage.

To plant potatoes

There are different types and qualities of potato tillers. If the land to be worked on is large, a professional motorized tiller can be chosen.

If it is medium-sized, a semi-professional motorized tiller would be ideal and for small-sized land, you can usually buy an electric motorized tiller.

For large fields

En Intermaquinas We offer the best machines to our customers so if you are thinking of buying a motorbike at the best price this is your trusted website.

On large land, the best option is undoubtedly a professional motorized tiller. Professional motoazadas offer a better service either for its price as well as the benefits it has.

For large surfaces

For larger surfaces, we need professional motors with better features and performance. We will also need a hoe with a generous working width. We recommend a gasoline motor hoe with an engine of 4 times for these cases.

What maintenance does a hoe bike need?

To ensure a longer life and optimal performance of the hoe can follow the following recommendations of professional mechanics.

  • Motor
    • It is recommended to clean the air filter frequently.
    • Check the oil level occasionally and change it when recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Keep the cooling system clean and clean the spark plug regularly.
  • blades
    • Check the condition of the blades frequently and if their effectiveness has been affected, you can change them for new ones or sharpen them.
  • tiller strawberries
    • According to the use that is given, it is necessary to check that the nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Gears
    • Check the oil level in the gearbox before using the tool.
    • By following these guidelines and those recommended by the manufacturer, we will ensure a longer life time.

After Sales Service

En intermaquinas We care about our clients. When you buy a tiller from us you will have a warranty of up to 3 years in some cases. We will help you with any questions you have with videos, technical service, spare parts and much more!

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