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Leaf blowers

Air blowers and vacuum cleaners are machines that initially have an obvious and simple functionality, by expelling or sucking in air, they are used to separate garbage, leaves, garden waste, grass and grass clippings and the like, and group them in a single place, but they can become much more useful.

Even streamlining and saving a lot of time in tedious and complex tasks and tasks such as cleaning machinery, sheds, barns, warehouses, interior places, cleaning dirt, keeping green areas clear, and open areas, and a long list of other utilities that are solved easily. most practical, effective and fast way on a wide variety of surfaces.

Some air blowers come with a built-in vacuum function, which combined with the shredding function add a great advantage and convenience when removing dirt, leaves, garbage, etc.

As a complement to these two functions, the blowers have a waste or debris collection bag, which allows us to collect the excess of what we have vacuumed, and directly get rid of it without having to collect it or group it again, emptying the residue. spare.

How do blowers work?

The air blowers they use centrifugal force to displace the garbage. Internally, the blowers have a fan with many blades, which take in air from the outside, make it rotate by pushing it through the tube, which produces an air outlet at very high speeds.

These speeds tend to usually exceed 250km / h. We have a wide range of technical characteristics for our clients to find the blower that fits your needs.

What are the parts of a blower?

The main parts of a blower of leaves are, an internal fan, protected, next to a motor, an outer tube, a tank, and optionally, collectors, collectors or sachets of waste, if our blower has the mode of aspiration and also crushed.

Which leaf blower to buy?

Points to keep in mind When buying a leaf blower it is essential to think about what use we are going to give it, there are mainly three types of blowers: Gasoline blowers: they are limited to expel air, simple.

Vacuum cleaners and blowers: they can both blow air and suck, which allows both moving and collecting waste.

They usually have two nozzles, a smaller one that focuses the air flow to expel it more powerfully, and the other wider that allows a greater suction capacity.

They usually include collection bags, or deposits, to save work time and greater comfort.

Blowers, vacuum cleaners and leaf shredders: Like a vacuum cleaner, it can eject, and suck, but once it blows, sucks or sweeps, it collects the waste that later goes through a shredding system so that the waste is compacted, takes up less space and increases the total capacity to vacuum without having to empty the tank. Technical aspects to take into account

What use will be given to the blower?

We have to look at different points that are essential, we leave all the important points a continuation. Power: The power in the blowers is between 1 and 4 horsepower in general. Depending on the use that is going to be given, we will need more or less, from moving leaves to vacuuming garbage or gravel. Gasoline or Electric:

Electric air blowers have less power, perfect for simple work in gardens and terraces, they depend on the electrical network through a cable, moderate power.

Gasoline models, on the other hand, are perfect for larger surfaces, wide terrain, and support heavy brush, much more power, but higher maintenance and gasoline costs.

There is a third option Those who go to Battery, smaller and lighter, functional, optimal for precise work, thanks to its power and ease of mobility and placement. Motor: 2 times or 4 times or electric.

In proportion to what we need and want to spend, the more powerful it works, the faster it works, and the more the machine will cost. Blowing speed: The average is between 200 and 300 km per hour, it is advisable to consider this factor depending on the use you intend to give it, on which surfaces and for how long. Absorption volume:

The most normal thing is that they absorb between 35 and 50 liters.

Weight :: The less it weighs, the easier it is to transport, the more enjoyable and comfortable to use, it is preferable to choose a light blower from our options.

Noise level: They are mostly silent, which is recommended, since the longer we have to listen to them so close, the more fatigued we will be.

The electric ones are the quietest. Battery and Autonomy:

You should have a minimum autonomy of being able to complete the work that you intend to do in a single pull without downloading, for greater comfort and optimization of time. Stock Exchange o Deposit collector:

It depends on what you are going to pick up, if they are leaves with a medium surplus, if they are going to be garbage, maybe a bigger one, the more it will be more heavy when it is almost complete.

Sizes and Ergonomics: It is necessary to take into account the facilities available to the machine, its lightness and ease of movement, in addition to a balanced weight, easily accessible integrated handles, control knobs and buttons, interchangeable nozzles, they can turn the machine into a tool with a wide or total mobility, which can be valued and appreciated a lot for certain tasks and orientations. Ease of use:

The ease of use of the machine will be crucial, since a professional can adapt perfectly, but if the blower has facilities, designed for anyone who has not used a tool much of these, you can get efficient solutions, use it without difficulty and with wide manageability, give professional results, etc.

Types of air blowers

Electric Blowers for intensive professional uses Battery electric blowers are a great choice, since they have a backpack where the battery is carried, which makes the machines much lighter and more manoeuvrable, in addition to withstanding intensive shifts and long hours throughout the day. day clearing leaf litter, rubbish and many other functions.

They meet the needs demanded by professionals who take it seriously, such as power, durability, ergonomics, lightness and good balance.

Electric blowers for frequent professional use

In recent years, advances in terms of batteries have allowed to significantly increase the power they generate, which they are able to store and their price, which has become much more affordable and profitable, in addition to allowing a longer time between load and load, in addition to a much more optimal performance and a feasibility for this class of ideal tools.

Electric air blowers for occasional use

These blowers are ideal for those users who use these machines less frequently, both as a hobby and a casual individual who wants a functional tool, excellent quality, construction with robust materials, high performance, excellent performance and ease of use.

Gasoline blowers for intensive professional uses and even industrial uses

Gasoline blowers are widely known for their abundant power, their quick start-up, since at most you have to add gasoline from time to time and thus not keep the tool charging for hours.

Gasoline blowers are also known for their long periods of intense work, since they can withstand long hours without suffering them, ideal for larger surfaces, industrial uses, for long periods, wide terrain, supporting heavy brush, but on the other hand, they limp in that they require more complex and constant maintenance, in addition to the cost of gasoline itself.

Brands of air blowers and leaf vacuum cleaners

There is no better or worse brand, if there are more known, either for its wide deployment and use around the world, as well as for its quality, its affordable and competitive prices, its reliable guarantee of use, long useful life, durability and proven efficiencies, etc. For these, there will always be more information, spare parts, etc.

It is advisable to know what use we are going to give the machine, since certain brands do have catalogs with models more oriented to being affordable and for simple uses, and on the other hand, there are brands with varied catalogs, these catalogs being completed with the most complete and elaborate air blowers.

The best thing is going to be to prepare ourselves with a machine that solves our needs, and starting from there, look at the different options and assess which one rents us the most.

It must also be said that all the brands that Intermaquinas distributes have complete proven quality and reliability, with varied catalogs, arranging from the simplest machines to perform the easiest tasks, as well as reaching the latest innovations in air blowers for the most complex tasks.

Cheap air blowers

Before thinking about buying a cheap air or leaf blower, it is essential to consider that price is not everything.

It is interesting to first cover the needs that we must supply, and then assess the prices, to make sure that the purchase is going to be successful.

If it is going to be used a lot, it may be worth something a little more expensive, but that gives us the security that it will last a long time, in perfect condition and with good specifications.

Since these tools usually have a very long useful life, the investment is highly profitable, which will also save us time and effort in the future.

Are the gas blowers the best?

They are notably more powerful, if what we need or are going to guide requires more power to do a lot of work or heavy work in a short time, they are a highly recommended option.

They began being used only by professional gardeners and have transcended to the domestic sphere and private gardens.

Battery powered air blowers

Battery-powered air blowers are a highly recommended option, despite the fact that they do not have as much power as those of gasoline, they have the possibility of being easily moved and transported to any place and hole, being able to access complicated places, and speeding up the task.

In addition, you do not have to worry about gasoline or the practicality of movement, they are much lighter and are perfect if the battery has a considerable autonomy. Leaf blowers maintenance.

First of all, you have to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for each specific blower, depending on the machine these will vary, but they are general for most machines that have to fulfill the same function.

  • Care and clean external surfaces.
  • Examine the throttle and throttle settings.
  • Check the stop, safety, acceleration and mode buttons.
  • Examine the idle speed.
  • Clean the air filter or replace it.
  • Tighten all nuts, bolts and connections, for vibrations and constant movement.
  • Check the housing that protects the blades, which has no gap or damage.
  • Make sure that the bag (if you have one) is in perfect condition without damage.
  • Check the start of the device.

Leaf blower as a hobby

This range is designed for users who require a casual solution to keep your own garden leafless.

These users do not require high performance and will appreciate more a cheap price. Therefore, if you are looking for an economical solution for this type of use, consult these offers that we recommend at intermaquinas.on-line. The first question we must ask ourselves when buying a leaf blower because I need.

Most of the inexpensive blowers offered by the brands in the sector meet remarkably what an average user requires. You will be able to keep a small / medium garden clean of leaves quickly, conveniently and cheaply.

We have multiple brands that have models of this type of leaf blower in your catalog. So you can consult our most economical solutions in our catalog if this is your case.

If you need more information about what air blowers is the most suitable for you contact us. One of our consultants will help you find the model that best suits your needs without any commitment.

We have the best solutions on the market at the best price, distributing the leading brands in the sector. Remember that when in doubt you can consult one of our technicians for advice. Thirty years in the gardening, agricultural and forestry machinery sector guarantee us.

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