Sand sanders

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What is it and what is it for?

A sandblaster is a machine that is used to clean and scrape a surface in order to clean it. This type of machinery is also used to clean wood in a moderate way.

Its main function is to remove rust, paint and other materials on a surface.

Key features

  • Clean a surface
  • Air operated pressure gun
  • There are two types: fixed and portable

Sandblasting Applications

It is used for treating metal surfaces. They are also used in restoration work, cleaning, blasting large structures, tanks, ships, generator benches and for the preparation of large surfaces.

Shipping, warranty and qualities

The shipment of our machinery is free to Peninsular Spain. Consult other areas. On the other hand, the machinery has a 2-year guarantee for private clients and 1 year for professional clients.

Our machines are always of the best quality. We focus on offering the best products to our users in addition to the best price.

Sandblasting booth CAT030S

SODA SCREWING CABIN. Sodium bicarbonate cleaning is much softer than with sand, very useful for less aggressive work such as degreasing, polishing, cleaning, restoring, removing coatings, soot, etc. Light tank on wheels with a capacity of 26 liters. Supplied with 1 meter hose and gun, 2 mm and 3 mm replacement nozzles, pressure regulator and water separator to avoid lumps in the abrasive. It is not suitable for other types of abrasives.

SSK 1.5 sandblasting booth

  • Suitable for various blasting materials, for example, quartz, glass sphere, plastic sphere, etc.
  • Ideal to remove paint or to clean and deoxidize metal parts of all kinds.
  • High quality latex work gloves are firmly attached to the housing.
  • The glued protective window provides optimum visibility and job security.
  • Dust-free operation thanks to circumferential gaskets on the lid and door frames.
  • Stable grid that allows the work pieces to be placed inside the cabin.
  • With opening for emptying the material to be shot.
  • Suction tube for the blasting material fixed at the bottom of the collection vessel.
  • With compressed air connection outside.
  • Glass balls, corundum, silicon carbide, plastic, etc. can be used.
  • Adjustment of working pressure through regulator with pressure gauge.
  • Air flow control by pedal.
  • 12V fluorescent tube with 230V power supply and external switch.
  • Integrated extraction system with replaceable air filter.

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