Zero Turn Mowers

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Zero Turn Mowers

En intermaquinas we have a variety of zero turn at your service. We have a catalog that is not very extensive but very detailed to cover all the jobs.

The zero turn lawn mower is a machine whose function is to cut grass, lawns and weeds used in the field and gardens.

The main characteristic of zero turn tractors is their front wheels capable of making turns of almost 0 degrees, allowing quick and tight turns.

The traction at water wheels It allows the mower to make precise turns and to turn on itself without leaving any uncut area, this makes it ideal to mow the lawn as it saves you a lot of time and work.

Difference Between a Zero Turn and a Lawn Tractor

The big difference between a normal ride-on mower and a zero turn is the turn, because with zero turn we hardly leave any grass uncut in the turns and the normal ride-on mower has a very wide turning radius.

Private or professional use?

You have to take into account what you are going to use the zero turn mower for.
Individuals are smaller and cheaper, taking up less space on your plot and reaching narrower areas.

For a professional we recommend more powerful 0-turn mowers and larger tank capacity. We have a large catalog of 2022 professional lawnmowers.


En intermaquinas We work with the best brands to get the best quality price zero turn mower.

  • Arians is an American family business specializing in lawn mowers, a company that has been in the business for almost 100 years.

ariens zero turn

  • Cricket is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for gardens, orchards and green areas, manufacturing products with professional quality.

zero turn cricket

  • Husqvarna is a brand known throughout the world with 333 years of innovation, always seeking high quality with easy use of its products.

husqvarna zero turn

  • Hustler is dedicated to agricultural and garden machinery, with great products to satisfy all needs.

hustler zero turn

  • zero turn snapper It is one of the best brands on the market, if not the best, its products are reliable, durable and of quality, always seeking to adjust to the best price for the customer.

zero turn snapper


En Intermaquinas We want to offer you the best purchase, that's why we update our 2022 catalog daily. With cheaper prices from €187 to €00

We offer our customer service to have a better purchase and help you choose the perfect product.

We have everything for cutting and maintenance of green areas from lawn mowers to brushcutters, blowers, scarifiers...

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