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Among our wide and varied assortment of products you will find Water pumps for all kinds of approaches and uses. We offer advisory personalised without obligation for you to acquire the solution that best suits to your needs thanks to our wide range of possibilities.

What is a water pump?

How It Works

A water pump is a machine used to move water from one side to another. They are machines that submerge and work in a similar way to the motor pumps (these do not submerge) and the electric pumps, suck the water under pressure through an inlet pipe to later be driven by a motor (which uses coils and magnets to create a field magnetic and thus achieve that the impeller rotate continuously), so that, as it rotates of the fluid moves and thus feeding the pump, this is achieved by removing the movement generated by the engine water, to transfer, drive or transfer it to another part.

What is a water pump used for?

Nowadays, the use of water pumps has become very widespread, since it is already a very necessary tool in certain sectors such as agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential, etc. Below we will list the most common uses of water pumps:

  • Move water from one place to another, even at different ground levels.
  • Extract water from sites at different heights, wells, etc.
  • Increase the pressure or flow of water in the water circuit (home, farm, company, etc ...).
  • Watering lawn or irrigation of agricultural areas in a traditional way or by sprinkling
  • Cleaning (water pumps for clean water, water pumps for semi-dirty water and water pumps for dirty water).
  • Tool in case of emergency to drain water and evacuate it from certain areas.
  • Empty and fill pools, ponds, etc.
  • Drain water from a basement.
  • Perform certain maintenance and care activities in the agricultural sector, construction, etc.

Types of "water pumps"

According to their use they are classified in:

-Motor pumps (They are usually the most powerful pumps, they always have an engine included, which makes them dependent on fuel and can not be submerged, but they have higher flow rates).

-Electropumps, submersible pumps or well pumps (They are usually submerged in water from wells, cisterns, ponds, springs, they are always electric and their casing protects them from oxidation and corrosion and does not depend on air pressure to transport the liquid).

      -For wastewater (waters with possible dirt).

      -For clean waters (clean waters, both potable and non-potable, usually used for domestic areas).

-Press pumps (The typical ones used in buildings for boost la presión and flow of water from the network, thus improving these two characteristics, can also extract water from a well, compact and with a high impulse range, ideal for homes, cabins, small buildings, etc).

-Garden pumps (Mostly watering gardens, large flow and powerful, can be used for sprinkler irrigation and even for the extraction of water from ponds, streams and springs or cisterns).

-Pumps for deep or very deep wells (Like well pumps or electric pumps, but with a greater power, indicated especially for wells of greater depth).

-Pumps for shallow wells (Water pumps ideal for shallow wells but equally efficient and prepared for considerable flow).

What pump of water to buy? What is the water pump that suits me best?

En intermaquinas.online we work hard to put at your disposal the best and most adapted searches in the market for our clients with our commitment to quality and transparency. Always having the best agricultural work tools at the best price and the best quality of the market, with tranquility of a trusted and supervised online purchase, with a immediate response to doubts or requests in which we will inform you about possible doubts, best practices and advice.

The most important thing is to know what use we are going to give you and if in the future another need may arise.

  1. What type of water is going to be pumped
    1. Dirty water: We must see if the pump is prepared for dirty water.
    2. Clean waters: All the clear waters, from the drinking waters as those that do not. They usually need less power, because the water is clear and clean and still have a higher flow.
  2. Where the water comes from
    1. From a well, spring, pond, the best will be the submersible pumps or well pumps, they are thinner than the usual pumps, they are submerged and have a wide resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
    2. Deposit, stream, lake, river, ditch, the most indicated will be a surface pump.
    3. Depending on the height, the source of the water may be higher or lower than that of the pump.
  3. What power do you need?
    1. Flow: unit of performance, liters / hour.
    2. Pressure: it will indicate the pressure on which it will act, it is convenient that they are equated.

Which brand is the best or the one that suits me best in this sector?

It's true, that some brands highlights to be better known compared to otherThanks to its large number of options for the market where client sure finds la solution which best suits your needs, standing out thanks to its incredible qualities and extremely competitive prices, as well as exceptional guarantees and enviable after-sales services. All this said, from Intermaquinas We want to recommend certain brands, such as Champion thanks to its large number of options, also with Ayerbe y Hyundai, since the three brands highlights its high number of models, where the client you will find the solution that best suits the orientation you are going to give, in addition to always being with quality / price relationships unbeatable, excellent after-sales services and guarantees of efficiency and durability more than proven.

All our products have two years of a according to current European legislation for individuals and one year guarantee for professionals, with ease of immediate, easy and free claim. We offer technical service for most of our brands as well as spare parts and accessories official and unofficial. We have our own workshop and a team of professionals trained by the brands themselves. Distribution to all of Spain. Thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee us.

Also, here you will find the largest online catalog of water pumps, where you can search the solution that best suits your need, having different brands to choose from, and different ranges of water pumps, from the most Affordable, simple, cheap, and functional for individuals traditional casualUntil the pumps de water traditional elaborated, complete, powerful gifts, and with the best market specifications for the most demanding professionals. With tools and machines for all the needs that may arise in the sector.

Top brand solutions such as Hyundai water pumps, Champion water pumps, Ayerbe water pumps, Espa, Jardino and Yaros water pumps, etc.

En Intermaquinas we have water pumps, pressure groups, well pumps, pumps, fountain pumps, of different depths, for dirty, semi-dirty and clean waters, for professional or private uses, submersible, for irrigation, drip, for domestic use , pumps to empty and transfer, for swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, tanks, motor pumps, for wells, automatic, drill pumps, bilge pumps, gasoline, diesel and electric pumps, of different sizes, small, large, medium, accessories and spare parts, all this at competitive prices and excellent quality to buy online with total proven security and thirty years of experience and reliability.

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