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Wide range of products for your garden. From fertilizers and fertilizers to seeds for high quality garden.

Having a garden, or a small garden is an ideal way to spend free time, learn to take care of the planet and create and learn to grow your own food and plants.

There are several types of gardens:

  • Container gardens
  • Urban gardens (supplied by municipalities and public bodies)
  • Hydroponic garden
  • Ecological garden (both in container and in soil)

Characteristics of an organic garden:

  • No artificial chemicals
  • Non-GMO natural seeds
  • Watered and hydrated only with water
  • Protected from pests and insects with natural means

These mini gardens will allow you to grow and have your own organic vegetables during the year.

Growing your own vegetables and spending time with them is relaxing and has scientifically proven health properties, spend time with your loved ones and learn to take care of our planet and natural environment.

What is a vertical garden?

They are orchards designed to take advantage of vertical surfaces such as walls, pallets or wooden fences and plant certain plants in them.

They are comfortable for people who do not want to bend over or lean their back, although they require more care and supervision.

Types of irrigation for vegetable gardens

Hydroponic garden, manual or automatic, and manual watering with a watering can or water source.

You can plant:

  1. Tomatoes and various types of vegetables
  2. Floral plants
  3. Conifers (adapting irrigation and light)
  4. Organic food and vegetables

Compost types

Organic fertilizer, As their name suggests, they enrich the soil, feed organic matter and create hydrogen in the soil through the residues of bacteria and microorganisms in order to fertilize and feed the plants later.

They are usually made by mixing scraps of wood, with ash, water or scraps of vegetable skins and natural foods

Mineral fertilizer, One of their main advantages is that they help preserve the soil's PH, and are ideal for caring for the plant in times of stress such as transplants, times of climate change.

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