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Sulfater wheelbarrow

A spray truck is a tank mounted on a structure that has one or two wheels and a motor. The motor together with the pump provides the necessary force to remove the liquid from the tank at a certain pressure. The higher the pressure, the more reach the ejected liquid will have. This type of machinery is widely used for agricultural phytosanitary work.

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They are ideal machines for spraying and cleaning orchards, or growing areas, with its comfortable rubber wheels will allow you to relatively quickly and comfortably without having to carry heavy loads with the liquid on your back.

They are used to spray huge areas or large areas where manual spraying could take hours.

Ideal for:

  1. Greenhouses
  2. Intensive gardens
  3. urban gardens

They are not only used to heal or cure pests, they are also ideal for growing seasons of the crop, where plant nutrition is important, in times after the application of compost or organic matter it is important to supplement with supplements to avoid problems the time of collection.

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