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Concrete mixers

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The best concrete mixers Intermaquinas

En we have a wide variety so that you can choose a concrete mixer that suits your work where you can find everything from second-hand machines to the best concrete mixers for sale online. We always work to satisfy the customer and always adjust the price to the maximum, we love to always have the best quality / price.

In addition, if you have any questions about the concrete mixers, you can consult our specialists in the construction sector in customer service.

What is a concrete mixer

A concrete mixer is a machine dedicated to the production of concrete. Supplanting the work of mixing concrete by hand, it is a device used fundamentally in the world of construction. We have several types of concrete mixers for different jobs.

Concrete mixer engine

concrete mixers

Electric Concrete Mixer

In a concrete mixer we can find different types: motor electric, engine gasoline and engine diesel; When choosing the type of combustion engine, it depends a lot on what we are going to use it for, the place, the time.

the concrete mixers electrical They are usually cheaper and have a longer lifespan, since maintaining the engine of the concrete mixer is much easier than a gasoline concrete mixer, and its ignition is much easier and more comfortable than the gasoline one.

Normally the electric ones weigh little and if you are going to use it for private use, a good purchase can be a small electric concrete mixer since it is very easy to transport.

The disadvantage of the electric concrete mixer is when it comes to connecting it because you always have to have a power outlet nearby for the machine to work, and many times that limits the use of the concrete mixer.

Gasoline Concrete Mixer

These cement mixing machines have much more strength when it comes to working and their great advantage is the convenience of working anywhere, regardless of whether you have power outlets at hand.

The disadvantage that these machines have is maintenance, it is not really a big problem but it takes a little longer to do the maintenance since the gasoline engine has more parts.

Types of concrete mixers

We have different types of concrete mixers to adapt to the best price and satisfy the customer in their work.

We have:

  • Concrete mixers work, they are the most used and the most common, they are used to do construction work, they are usually good concrete mixers since they are used many times
  • Mixer agricultural these are used more for field work like remodeling a shed or building a wall. Normally they have a socket with the tractor and are connected to it, which gives them the power
  • Mixer industrial, these are usually larger and more professional since they are used many times and tend to load it as much as possible

Different brands of concrete mixers

In this world we have a wide variety of brands, in our company we work with the imer, umacon and inhersa companies.

the concrete mixers Imer they are characterized by being comfortable and simple, they are normally used by common users for simple jobs. They have a wide variety of portable concrete mixers or concrete mixer trucks, these machines are very easy to transport since they have wheels for greater comfort.

Mixer umacon They are used for construction work since they are usually very powerful and robust but at the same time they are not very heavy. They can work for many hours in a row thanks to their powerful motors

Mixer embedded The brand of this machine is very professional. They have a large section specialized in the world of concrete mixers.

Parts of a concrete mixer

  • -Motor: It is the main part of the machine that is responsible for determining the power of the concrete mixer motor.
  • -Cuba: it is where it takes place and the type of work to be carried out depends on the capacity of liters that fit inside a tank.
  • -Defensive Midfielder: allows you to easily move the tank and extract the mixed concrete from inside. It generally has a locking system for greater security in this type of operation and also adapts it to different positions and inclinations.
  • -Crown cast iron or plastic: The crown can be made of these two types of materials, normally cast iron crowns are more resistant.
  • Chassis It is the part that joins all the pieces and supports the whole machine.

concrete mixer parts

Concrete mixer Liters

The first characteristic that the user looks at is the capacity of liters of a concrete mixer, depending on its work it must have more or less liters, we have a wide range of liters: 100 liters, 130 liters 140 liters 150 liters, 160 liters 180 liters 200 liters, 250 liters, 300 liters; These are the most demand used for personal use or construction.

In the industrial sector, concrete mixers with more capacity from 400 liters to 1000 liters predominate.

Then in our online stores we also have small concrete mixers with a smaller capacity of 70 liters, normally these concrete mixers are foldable and small, used for users with occasional jobs since they are cheap concrete mixers and with their capacity they have enough.


En we think of everything and that is why we present the new rental section. Where you can rent a concrete mixer at the best price, choosing the days you want to use it and when you want to return it.

We also have other products for rent such as tile cutters and percussion hammers.

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