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Concrete mixers

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New concrete mixers

A concrete mixer It is a machine used in the manufacture of concrete. The main function is to replace the manual kneading of the different concrete components.

Types of concrete mixer

Fixed: They are placed in the place where the construction tasks will be carried out, and they are positioned permanently or semi-permanently.

Cellphones: Concrete mixers that have wheels incorporated and transported to the place where the concrete will be processed.

Business: They are used in large works because they are capable of producing large amounts of concrete. They have incorporated a water tank and a cargo tank. These concrete mixers have two motors that allow them to work in places where electricity is not available.

Towable: These concrete mixers have a reinforced chassis, in addition to having a bar that allows the coupling of the machine to the ball of a car. Depending on the size they can have two or four wheels.

Depending on the engine they have, they can be:

Professional electric concrete mixers, they have an electric motor, they are usually used for simpler jobs.

Diesel concrete mixers, they have a diesel engine. They are concrete mixers usually large, because they generate a high power.

Gasoline concrete mixers, they have a gasoline engine. These concrete mixers are the most common, since they have a high performance and there is the possibility of transporting the machine to different places.

Industrial concrete mixers, used in large works. The tank capacity of these concrete mixers is usually 500 liters of useful capacity.

What size should I choose?

The tank is the container that has the concrete mixer, and the size to choose is essential, since this determines the work that can be done.

A factor to take into account when choosing the size of the tank is that the capacity it has will always be greater than the total volume of the mixture made.

Based on this, two types of concrete mixers can be distinguished:

HR concrete mixers for domestic use, which can be used by anyone for simple DIY tasks.

HR professional concretes o industrial which are those used in construction. The capacity of its vats is greater than concrete mixers for domestic use. They are also more robust and resistant to longer work.

Models according to their transmission

There are two types of concrete mixers according to their transmission.

Concrete mixers crown transmission, the movement is transmitted through the reducer, the pinion and the crown.

In cement mixers direct transmission the movement is transmitted directly from the engine, thanks to the help of the reducer and the pinions these concrete mixers are usually much quieter.


Any person who will use a concrete mixer You will have to comply with a series of precautions, such as those provided by each manufacturer or other basic precautions when using this type of machinery.

When using these machines a person must take personal safety and protection measures such as glasses, gloves, work clothes and rubber boots to avoid the possibility of having any type of accident with this type of machinery.

Syntesi Concrete Mixers

The Syntesi series gives a twist to the conventional concrete mixers. Use a gearmotor with a high resistance belt as a system for rotating the bowl when kneading.

It eliminates the main mechanical components that traditional concrete mixers had, such as the rotating crown of the tank, the pinion of attack to the crown, the driving pulley and the tilting casing with steering wheel through registers. By eliminating these components, the operator's safety is maximized and maintenance is minimized.

The absence of external gears reduces the noise that comes to perform, 72 dB (A). So they are supersilent. The kneading blades are screwed onto the plate of the tank so that when they wear out they are replaced more easily. In addition to being more durable than welded mixing paddles. The effort of the operator in the tilting is reduced thanks to its worm wheel, and this allows it to position the kneading tank with an exact and precise inclination.

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