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Hedge trimmer

What is a hedge trimmer or hedge trimmer?

Hedge trimmers or hedge trimmers are landscaping machines that consist of blades, located on the cutter bar, that by means of a motor move at high speed to allow a clean cut. They have a handle, many models have the possibility of turning it. They also have security features such as a front cover or safety switch. The front cover is intended to protect us from chips that may jump when making the cut. The safety switch makes sure that the machine is used when both hands are on it, thus avoiding the majority of accidental operations. In any case, the use of safety gloves is recommended in case of emergency.

We offer solutions from various brands that cover the needs of the entire current market, from the simplest, most affordable, and easy hedge trimmers and pruners, to the most complete, reliable and elaborate machines on the market, with the best qualities at the most competitive prices. For both professional and private use.

How does a hedge trimmer work?

Hedge trimmers are sets of blades located on a cutting blade, which is driven and driven by a motor (powered by gasoline, diesel or electric), where, by ergonomically gripping the handles, pulling it out, and bringing it closer to the hedge, they can be trimmed with High precision leaves and branches to our liking, and in addition to being able to do it at a very high speed with total manageability. Ideal for professionals in charge of garden care

What hedge trimmers to buy?

To start, we should think about what task we are going to orient the cortaseto, what use we are going to give it, how much power we need, how much autonomy, etc.

First of all, it would be convenient to know if we are going to give it a professional or private use, you can start from there. The following would be to observe the power (kW and Horses + Displacement), the type of engine (generally they are gasoline, since they do not require much power to successfully carry out their work, they can also be electric), a considerable cutting sword ( cutting length), with enough resistant blades, the maximum revolutions, the capacity of the tank, which in turn, we can intuit the autonomy. Vibration, noise generated, starting system, weight,.

How long should the hedgehog's sword be?

This is a fairly usual question. The length of the sword in theory includes more work, which faster we will go, provided that all the factors are met. It is of vital importance for our hedge trimmers to maintain the correct maintenance of the machine. The blades must be kept sharp for optimum performance.

What type of hedge trimmer do I need?

This will depend on multiple factors, but it is easy to choose following these points.

  • Gasoline hedge trimmers have the advantage that they provide more power. Ideal for treating large surfaces and hedges of branches of greater hardness and / or thickness. They have the advantage also of allowing a good autonomy. As main disadvantages the vibration is greater, they are noisier, the maintenance is more elaborate. A good example of gasoline hedge trimmers are Anova hedge trimmers, Hyundai hedge trimmers or Husqvarna hedge trimmers.
  • The electric hedge trimmers have the great advantage that they are lighter than those of gasoline. They vibrate much less, make less noise, are very easy to use. Since it does not require a mixture of fuel and oil and is started simply by pressing the ignition switch. The disadvantages are a lower power, a lower autonomy (depends on a socket and an extension). We have a wide selection of these models in the section electric hedgecutters or Igate Mogatec hedge trimmers.
  • Finally, battery-powered hedge trimmers share the same advantages as electric hedge trimmers and the same disadvantages except that they have greater autonomy thanks to the battery itself. We have excellent models of battery hedge trimmers in the categories of greenworks hedge trimmers.

Basic tips for using a hedge trimmer

The first thing we have to keep in mind when working with a hedge trimmer is our own safety and that of others. We will equip ourselves with appropriate clothing for this task. We strongly recommend the use of protective goggles, gloves and EPI cap-ear equipment. Do not prune with people or animals within a radius of 15 meters. Always keep the hedge trimmer in the best possible state of preservation, this will provide us with greater performance and longer tool life. You have to be very careful with the environment, when cutting near walls, fences or power lines and the like. The cutting movements should be in the form of an arch in a smooth and deliberate manner. Always prune from the bottom up. At the end of the work should keep the machine in the best possible conditions, doing the maintenance work relevant. We repeat it constantly but you have to make the user aware that a good maintenance of the machine is of great importance. This time invested is earned by using the machine in its best state, giving the best results. It also extends the useful life of the machine considerably. Knowing all these advantages, it should not cost us to invest five or ten minutes in this.

What hedge trimmers advise me?

En we have a wide variety of tools to offer to our clients. We have a wide assortment of the best models of the most prestigious brands in the sector to cover the entire spectrum of needs. Cheap hedge trimmers with a quality more than acceptable for the home user looking for a correct tool at a very reasonable price. Professional hedge trimmers for users who require the most reliable and high-performance tools for the performance of their work. Top-level brands with a really competitive price, with the customer support that characterizes us. Some of the best-selling models in our facilities are:

  • The Anova CG2660, a model with an excellent quality / price ratio for a tool of this gasoline class. The CB1500 anova is an excellent choice for those looking for a battery model.
  • The Hyundai HYTE2622, is a model with a good length of sword, power more than correct and a price and quality without competition. How electrical solution the Ikra Mogatec FHS 1545 is a good choice for users looking for a simple tool, quality and cheap.
  • For professional users who require a high performance solution the Husqvarna 226HD75S is a good starting point. For those who are looking for a battery option the greenworks GC82HT breaks the myth of battery options by presenting an excellent power very close to gasoline solutions.
  • We recommend the Greenworks GHT7068 for users looking for an electric solution as economical as possible. This model is presented as the ideal for users who require a simple tool for the aesthetic care of small hedges. For those who need a superior power the SLP600S Champion or the

These are just some examples of the models that we usually sell. We can guarantee at first hand that the results with these tools are very satisfactory for our clients. We include new models constantly looking to always offer the best tools in the market at the most competitive price. If you require it one of our technicians will advise you on which model of hedge trimmer is the most suitable for you.

Are Gasoline Hedge Trimmers Better? Are Electric Hedgecutters Better? Should I buy a hedge trimmer or an electric hedge trimmer (battery)?

Differences between electric and gasoline hedge trimmers

The electric ones stand out for being quieter, they pollute less, they are lighter, and if they have a battery they are more manageable and ergonomic. On the other hand, if they carry cable, they will depend on a power outlet and the electrical network, ending up being the ones that offer more autonomy and more power they develop.

Gasoline costs the same, are somewhat heavier, and consume gasoline, pollute more, make more noise and vibrate more for the engine.

Hedge trimmers are not tools that require high power or large tanks to perform tasks, since they perform a job that requires little "effort" for the machine. What makes them durable and highly functional at the same time. For this reason there are no diesel hedge trimmers, since being gasoline, the engine it's more simple, generate the necessary force efficiently and very efficiently to perform the task, they cost less, and they are suitable for tasks To make.

As for electrical, both cable and battery (obviously, differentiating in that those who carry a battery will be much more manageable and comfortable, but weigh a little more), it happens the same as with gasoline, by not requiring so much power in these machines to perform their power in an exceptional way, electric hedge trimmer good can have Prices . Affordable.

It must be taken into account, that if they are for both professional use and private use in large plots or areas, it is necessary to monitor the autonomy of the machine, whether the hedge trimmer is gasoline or electric, and that the enough operating time, because it will facilitate and help us to optimize the time to do it all in one.

Cheap hedge trimmers?

First of all, we should look for a solution that satisfies our need completely, adapting to our possibilities. Since we think that nobody should settle for less, and since there are perfectly affordable solutions, thinking in the long term, from experience we say that it is worth investing a minimum and more, that it is durable and of high quality.

I need a professional hedge trimmer but it is an investment that comes a bit bad, is there any payment facility?

We have a system of for individuals and freelancers. One of our commercials will process your request to opt for the possibility of paying the purchase in installments. In a normal time between two and seventy-two hours you will be informed if your request has been accepted. If the answer is affirmative you can enjoy your purchase and pay it in comfortable monthly installments. Do not settle for less

Height hedge trimmer

  • Anova Hedge Trimmer
  • Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer
  • Hyundai Hedge Trimmer
  • Champion Hedgehog
  • Garland Hedge Trimmer
  • GreenWoorks battery cutters
  • Electric Hedge Trimmers

Why buy a hedge trimmer at intermaquinas.on-line?

Because we always offer competitive prices together with a high quality customer service. We also have our own workshop with highly qualified personnel formed by the brands themselves to offer the best possible technical service. We have more than thirty five years of experience in the field of agricultural, forestry, industrial, garden and DIY machinery. We also comply with all the quality guarantees that Trust Online requires, having the seal certificate to guarantee the best possible online shopping experience. We have several communication channels that you can use to contact us if you consider it appropriate.

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