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What is an olive harvester?

The olive roasters are a type of machinery or motorized tool that facilitates the collection of olives and other fruits, which have as fmain anointing to throw the olive or fruit from the tree, without damaging the fruit or the tree, with what efficiency is not lost, facilitating and speeding up the work, implying less time and less effort for greater performance, which for the operator is perfect.

They usually replace the typical sticks or wooden sticks with which the branches were hit to throw the olives, which damaged the tree and caused it to lose productivity over the years. The olive harvesters are ideal for both casual users for their own consumption, as well as for professionals, since they cut the time that you are going to use in a forceful way.

How do olive rakes work?

The olive harvesters work by means of a motor, which activates blades or combs, which, moving from top to bottom, pull the olives or the fruit from its branches without damaging the fruit or the tree, which facilitates the work of separating / pulling olives from the branches without damaging them or losing quantity in the process, in addition to using olive mantles (fabrics of blunt sizes, designed to facilitate the collection of olives) previously placed under the tree, to facilitate their collection, storage and transfer. There are also olive pickers(wheelbarrows with rollers that prick the fallen fruits on the ground and collect them, greatly speeds up the harvesting of fruits from the ground), which are usually used for the harvesting of already fallen fruits.

Which olive harvester is right for me?

From Intermaquinas we put at your disposal a wide catalog of solutions to the possible needs that may arise, since we have brands and ranges that cover any market need. All the products highlights for their guarantee and quality / price ratio.

It is convenient to think which is going to adapt better to our need, perfect to focus our task and meet our demands.

As interesting points, it is convenient to take a look at:

  • Type of "head":
    • Comb shredders fan-shaped, they shake and lightly tap the ends of the branches to pull only the "fruit."
    • Vibrating shredders, they do not literally vary but they apply the vibration to the branches so that the fruit detaches itself.
  • Engine class:
    • Electric Vareadores: powered by the electricity generated by a battery, work autonomy limited to the capacity of the battery, the most common are those of the automotive industry (those of the cars), dependent on a cable that connects the battery to the battery, less mobility but more autonomy, there are also other batteries that hang on the back of the operator, are lighter but have a lower autonomy.
    • Gasoline shredders: more noisy and slightly heavier, but you do not depend on any cable, only on gasoline (minimum consumption of it).

Wide range of olive roasters

We have a variety of olive roasting machine with fingerboard rods, straight, elastic, rigid, interchangeable, rake with rods, hard plastic, carbon fiber and different lengths. So that each user can select the varaadora that best suits their needs.

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There are many accessories and accessories for the driers, especially for the multifunction, anyway there are spare parts for heads, combs, harnesses, etc.

Waiter olives vaqueros

We have included a section dedicated to collecting all the vahook olives women regardless of the brand that is. In this way it is easier for all the adepts to this type of solutions to find them, compare prices, technical characteristics.

Technical Specifications

The olive pickers or vibrator from olives its name comes from the hook shape that the machine has at the end. The purpose of this hook is not to make any weeds on the branches and / or bark.

When to choose a hook vara?

Olive cutters To maximize the collection of olives, they have a variation of combs depending on the function and is of high strength that is made of carbon fiber.

The vareadores that we have for sale in the online store of vareadores they are rods with tuning fork rods, straight, elastic, rigid, interchangeable, rake.

Best olives vazadoras offers are compiled in this category. Ordered by the manufacturer's brand. So you have no excuse for not finding the best price of olive slicer.
All our products have two years of guarantee according to the current European legislation, we have our own workshop with highly qualified staff and trained by the brands themselves, and staff that will help you choose the shaker that best suits what you require.

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What is the best olive harvester?

Rather than telling you which is the best vareador in the world, we want to help you choose from a multitude of brands, models and prices, the one that best suits your tastes and your pocket. To get the olive vareador that best suits your taste and your pocket you have to take into account some of the main factors such as the extension of your olive grove, if you prefer an electric or gasoline-powered vareador, the weight of the vareador and its power, among others.

What are the advantages of using an olive rake?

  • Increase the health of the olive tree: Thanks to their constant and regular movement, the vareadores manage to damage less the bark of the olive tree and thus prevent diseases arising from a bad vareo of the olive tree.
  • Convenient to use and versatile: Specially designed for olive growers, being light, maneuverable machines for any area of ​​the olive tree and ergonomic for those long working hours.
  • Effective and safe: With the use of vareadores, you will no longer have to climb a ladder to vare the olive tree since they have enough height to reach the tree canopy from the ground. However, if you need it to be even longer, the vareadores have accessories such as the telescopic tube that make you can reach even higher.
  • Fast: By having an engine, whether electric or gasoline, the vareadores can varear the olive trees twice as fast as a manual vareo. This translates into a decrease in the time required for each olive tree and therefore increases the yield and achieves better results.

Do you know what the difference is between a comb and a hook vareador?

  • Comb: A comb wand produces less damage to the olive tree as its carbon rods shake the tips of the olive branches so that the olive falls. However it has a disadvantage and it is that the rods, with the vibrations can end up damaging the fruit.
  • Hook: A hook wand has a V-shaped hook that clings to the branch of the olive tree making it vibrate so that the fruit falls to the ground without being damaged. This way of beaching the tree causes more damage to the tree.

So which one should I choose?

Summarizing in a very short way, if what you need is a vareador for long hours of work, many olive trees and that is very practical to carry then you should consider choosing the hook vareador. However, if what you need is a machine that damages the tree as little as possible for a few olive trees, then the answer is a comb.