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A motorbike water pump is a product capable of transferring water whether clean dirty or semisucias, from one place to another thanks to the composition of a motor and a pump. They are also used to extract water from wells for example and that is why there is a category for high altitude motorcycle pumps. In addition, they are used for irrigation, for the field and even for water drainage when there have been floods in parking lots for example.

Usually designed for remote areas or without connection to the electric current. They serve both to drain, transfer or transport water from one area to another, from a river, wells, swimming pools, to irrigate orchards or gardens, etc.

Unlike electric pumps, motor pumps do not require a connection to the current, they are fully autonomous, thanks to this they are ideal for use in locations where there is no stable power supply.

How does a motor pump work?

Diesel water pumps or petrol water pumps are composed of a motor that can be 2 or 4 times and on the other hand we find the pump that is the one that transfers or moves the liquid or fluid. It should be noted that since Intermaquinas Online we offer a guarantee of 2 years for private customers and we also make available to the customer all types of spare parts that may be useful for the motor pump.

A dirty water pump has a simple operation.

1- It is started by electric or manual start.

2- The impellers start to rotate thanks to the motor.

3- The motor pump starts to transfer the water

What kinds and types of motor pumps are there?

Currently in the market we will find different types. Among them you can differentiate roughly the dirty water pumps and clean water motor pumps.

Moto pumps for clean water and semi-dirty water

This type of motor pumps are intended to transfer clean fluids. Its purpose is to pump water, whether potable, swimming pool or sea. There is also the possibility of pumping other types of fluids such as wine, milk or oil for example. For this purpose there are more powerful industrial and different accessories.

Motor pump for dirty water

The pumps for dirty water are intended for intensive use and great emergency. This type of water pump with motor is used in places where there is a lot of dirt such as mud, gravel, sand or debris. In the selection process we must take into account the diameter of both the entrance and the exit of water since from here we recommend selecting the one that best suits the final task.

Motor pump for special liquids

This type of product is designed to transfer liquids either industrial or liquid used in agriculture for example. As these products are usually strong and usually include different types of acids, it will be an excellent motorcycle pump for this purpose. Otherwise with a motor pump of different characteristics or purpose could be damaged by the liquid that you want to pump.

Pressure pump

This type of motorcycle pumps help to maintain the constant pressure to get the pressurized liquids to any place. It can be used for home or even as a motor pump for irrigation. This type of motorcycle pump can also be used for the extraction of water from wells.

Flow pumps

They are intended for use for long periods and for the abundant transfer of water or any other liquid. They do not have enough pressure but they have a large flow.

Main uses for which the motor pumps are focused:

To solve floods such as basements, gardens, etc.
Pump to remove water from swimming pool, ponds, etc.
I need more water pressure in my house
Water pump to water the plants
I need a motor pump to fumigate
Motor pump for drip irrigation
Water pumps to draw water or empty.
Motorpumps for forest fires.
Water pumps for agricultural irrigation.
Pump pumps for sludge.
Anti-corrosion motor pumps
Water pumps for charged water
Motor pump to drain or drain
Portable water pumps.
Water pumps for salty waters and with chemicals.

What to take into account when buying a motor pump?


Volume of fluid or liquid that circulates in a certain time. Usually this measure is used to measure the performance of a motor pump, since it calculates in m³ / h the water that passes, that is, the liters that pass per hour.

Type of fluid transport:

Clean waters, dirty, salty, with chemicals, because certain approaches will require different requirements, such as higher power, mouths and sizes to transport loaded water, etc.

Maximum and minimum heights:

Knowing the elevation required by our functionality, in addition to the minimum, will help to optimize and obtain better performance when acquiring our most suitable motor pump or the one that best suits us.

Weights, amounts of deposits and consumptions

It will be necessary to take into account its weight if it is going to be transported, if it is going to be immobile, also if it will spend long hours lit on a regular basis, because it will require larger deposits, or smaller ones if it will be for simpler approaches and thus reduce unnecessary weights, besides finding efficient, profitable consumptions, etc.

Motor pumps at the most competitive prices

Having the most powerful and affordable solutions, putting at your disposal the facility to buy a motor pump at the best price, the best brands, fully functional and reliable, for all approaches, uses, flows and pressures, with more than proven guarantees, etc.

Operation of a self-priming pump motor. Gasoline 4 times.

The operation is quite simple. The main thing to keep in mind when we receive the motor pump at home is to introduce oil into the carter through a funnel for proper operation because otherwise we could damage the product.

Once the oil has been introduced, we must take into account the minimum and maximum level included in the dipstick.

Next we will include the gasoline of 95 octanes in the deposit without any type of oil mixture since to the being a motor of 4 time does not precise this action.

Then we will put the engine in the ON position for a posteriori to start it by means of a shot but first we must prime the motor pump so that it does not start without any type of liquid. In some motor pumps it is possible to regulate the speed so this must be at the minimum for a better start. We must also open the gasoline passage if the motor pump does not start.

Then we can give the shooter to start the motor pump.

What power should the motor pump have?

When we already know the type of water that is going to be handled and its origin (well, pool, sea, flood…), we will take into account that the motor pump offers the best power and flow according to its purpose. The performance of this is measured by the nominal flow, the manometric head and finally by the absorbed power. In this way we can determine which type of motor pump is best suited to our facilities.

The nominal flow is the volume of water that is capable of moving a motor pump in a certain time. It is usually expressed in liters / hour or in cubic meters / hour.

Recommendations for the use of a motor pump

Before starting to work with your water pump, we recommend that you follow the following recommendations.

Read the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance carefully.
Do not approach, much less touch the parts that are in motion once the motor pump is running.
Preferably, work with experience and common sense.
If you have any questions or problems, consult a professional or authorized person.


We currently have more than 15 high quality brands among which you can choose the one that suits you best.

We have Carod motor pumps
We also have Onda motor pumps
Anova offers us some spectacular products and this time with the motor pumps has been no less. Anova motorbikes
The Spanish brand brings us this time a wide catalog in Champion motor pumps
The South Korean brand brings us quality and that is why we include the Hyundai motor pumps
Garland motor pumps
Benza motor pumps

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