Disks and Crowns

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Types of Discs and Crowns

Disc types

  • Metal
  • Diamond
  • grinder
  • polisher
  • polisher

Depending on the material to be treated, we will need a different type of disc and it will also depend on the desired finish, diamond discs are reserved for hard surfaces such as tiles, granite slabs, mud and brick.

They are extremely hard and resistant disks and they rarely break, which is why they are called diamond, because they are very hard.

We also find grinding or polishing discs, which are placed in vital rotor polishers, or normal electric ones and whose function is to polish, polish and clean dirty or scratched areas in order to recover past shine.

You have to be careful with speed, and pressure as in the case of polishing, grinding and polishing it can create unfortunate results or spoil the material.

In the case of discs, choosing the wrong disc can cause an accident or damage, burn or break the surface to be treated.

The concepts that must be taken into account to correctly choose a disk are:

  • Surface hardness
  • Speed
  • Friction

Hard surfaces, diamond disc, surfaces of medium or low hardness, disc for grinding, or grinding, and polishing.

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