Compaction Machinery

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Compaction helps to improve the quality of land, soils and structures, later due to the good disposition of the soil.

Through this technique we can prepare the land and obtain the following benefits:

We increase the capacity to bear loads. Soil that is not well compacted is weaker and its ability to bear loads is greatly reduced.

We prevent the sinking of the soil. If the compaction occurs unevenly the soil will sink producing cracks due to deformation.

We cancel the frost damage. Water increases in volume when it freezes. This results in the pavement swelling, causing cracks.

We reduce the penetration of water, since a properly compacted soil reduces the penetration of water.

Compaction reduces costs when paving, surface repair, and repair, apart from preventing breakdowns and accidents to any vehicle passing through the area.

Compaction prevents the infiltration of water by rain, ground movements or humidity, and for example prevents landslides and wheel and vehicle jams.

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