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Each filtering bag mower tractors They are a machine that uses one or several rotating blades to cut the lawn at a uniform height or pattern. The design has come a long way since the invention of the original. We show you the different lawn mowers and the main differences.

Lawn Tractor Prices.

  • From € 1600 to € 1999. Range for demanding users.
  • From € 1999 to € 2999. Range for semi-professional users.
  • From € 2999 to € 3999. Range for Professional users.

Types of lawn mower tractors

Cylindrical lawn mower

Each filtering bag mower tractors Cylindrical have cylindrical blades that rotate vertically at the front of the cutter. They cut against a fixed blade at the bottom. The cylinder should have multiple blades, three or more is best. Features: The cylindrical mowers are the best for flat lawns that you want to keep short and well cared for. They can be electric, gasoline and thrust.

Rotary lawnmowers

Each filtering bag rotary minirider tractors they have a single blade that rotates horizontally under the mower, like the propellers of an airplane. They are the most versatile and adapt to most types of grass. They are better than cylindrical mowers for cutting longer, rougher grass. A rotary mower can be powered by an electrical network, a rechargeable battery, or a gasoline engine.

Suspension mowers

Shipping is motorized rotary push mower They use an impeller above the rotating blades to push air downward, thereby creating an air cushion that lifts the mower above the ground. The mower can be easily moved by floating on the lawn. These tractors are light to achieve sufficient lift, so they typically have plastic bodies with an electric motor. The minirider tractors flotan above the ground, which makes them easier to push and able to mow irregular surfaces. They're a good choice for lawns with unusual and cheaper shapes than other types. However, the suspended lawn mowers They are not always suitable for larger gardens. They are usually electric and have rotating blades.

Electric mower tractor

Most minirider tractors they work with electricity from the electricity network. This is the best option for small and medium gardenss. The mowers are smaller, cheaper to buy and easier to store. Within the best lawn mower we have:

The popular electric lawn mower Walk Behind

It's a kind of minirinder is rotary or reel. This type of Lawn mowers They are the most popular in the world. Comes in gas or electric. The most common electric lawn mower is the rotary lawn mower. Check that the cable allows you to mow to the end of the garden before buying.

Tractor mower gasoline

El minirider tractor Sharpens the blades before spring mowing. Gasoline lawn tractors are the best option for large gardens, where a network cable would not be suitable. They are a bit more expensive, but much more powerful and quick to cut. They are also easier to maneuver around large objects. However, keep in mind that gasoline lawn mowers they will need maintenance similar to that of automobile engines, and you should check and refill the oil.

Lawn mowers with on-board operator

These types of lawn tractors became in high demand as the lawn grew larger. These mowers are equipped with a seat and controls, where the operator can seat and control the mower. They are basically found between lawn mowers and normal tractors. Features: Most of these lawn mowers have a manual transmission, although there are certain types that have a hydrostatic transmission. Hydrostatic transmissions are more expensive than mechanical transmissions, but they are easier to use and can transmit more torque to the wheels compared to a typical mechanical transmission. The least common and most expensive type of drive is electric.

Tractors lawn mower for different sizes of garden

You think of your lawn as a tennis court. A full-size court would be a medium grass, half the court or less would be a small grass. Anything bigger is a big lawn. Here's the mower math:

  • Small garden (up to 100 m2): electric and wireless lawn mowers.
  • Medium garden (100 - 250 m2): electric, cordless and gasoline mowers.
  • Large garden (more than 250 m2): gasoline mowers.

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