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Sale of electric shepherds

In this section you will find the best deals on electric shepherd. We have the best solutions in the market at the most competitive price, hand in hand with the leading manufacturer in the sector: Solter. Consult the best offers in our section, you will find the best shepherd price electric From the market. If you are thinking of buy electric shepherd We recommend that you check our offers as we always offer the most competitive prices in the sector.

Solter has a wide range of shepherds electrical of different characteristics that allows covering the entire spectrum of needs that users may require.

We have accessories for electric shepherds

What is an electric fence?

Un Pastor electric it is a machine that is used to fence animals. The cables are connected to their connectors, if the animal touches these cables that delimit the terrain, a small electric shock will be applied. This discharge is strong enough for the animal to dismiss the idea of ​​touching it again, but gentle enough so as not to cause damage or any type of abuse. Therefore this solution is ideal for fencing animals.

In addition to electric shepherd we also have similar solutions powered by battery and even by solar panel. In our section you will find Pastor battery, like the shepherd Solter ECB-10 battery powered at 12V. We also have the shepherd Solter ECP9 / 10 battery powered at 9V. Finally we have the solar shepherd: solar pastor Solter ECB12 / 40S a powerful solution that allows power supply through its solar panel, guaranteeing its amortization in the medium term. In conclusion, it can be seen that we have the most cutting-edge solutions on the market.

Do you need help choosing your electric pastor?

Maybe you need advice about what Pastor electric It is the most suitable for you. One of our experts will advise you to find the solution that best suits you. More than thirty years of experience in the sector of the machinery of gardening, agricultural, livestock and forestry endorse us.

What else is needed to surround an animal?

In our section shepherd electric accessories you will find all the accessories you require so that together with your electric shepherd you have fenced your animal. You will find from the poles, cables, insulators, solar power kit, etc. Consult us if you have any doubt which elements would be best suited for your needs.

Are electric shepherds dangerous to the animal's health?

No, as long as we have chosen the right one for the type of animal we want to guard. We must study well what solution we have acquired and if it suits our needs. Again, we insist again that if you require it you can ask the advice of one of our technicians. It is very important to find the right one among the entire range of shepherds electrical what we offer.

We have the best prices in shepherds electrical. We have the latest developments in the sector and we always try to keep as competitive as possible to offer the best cheap electric shepherdss and of the quality that you require. Do not wait any longer and take advantage of our offers to buy your electric shepherd The best price of the market.

Electric shepherd price

In our catalog you will find different prices for the shepherds, from the most economical to the most sophisticated always adapting in each case to your pocket. You will find electric shepherds from 71e for dogs, sheep, boars and other animals that we do not want to flee or approach our land.

Electric shepherd for horses

We also have electric shepherds for horses, in this way we will keep them at bay and the person in charge of watching them can not worry about the area that the animals are invading. The shepherds are valid for horse fences and will not harm the animal.

Sale of electric shepherds

En Intermaquinas we like to have all our prices under control to offer the best to our customers, which is why we have included the new ranges of Solter electric shepherds in our catalog. A leading brand in the Spanish market for the inclusion of quality materials in all its products in addition to after sales service.

Electric shepherd for livestock prices

Electrified fences are a sophisticated system in which their use is based on controlled livestock grazing either in zoos, to protect crops against animals outside the farm, to control pets. Finally, the reason for using an electric shepherd is to prevent animals from entering or leaving a bounded area.

Electric shepherd for boars

Electric fences for wild boar

The electrifiers basically use a wire that carries electrical impulses and these will keep boars at bay and protect your bounded area of ​​wild animals.

Electric shepherd for sheep

With an electric fencing you will keep the sheep always under control and you can also prevent them from approaching a specific area. As soon as an animal comes close to the wire, it will discharge electricity over the area that is in contact and will drive it away.

Electric shepherd kit for horses

We have kits to electrify an area even to keep horses under control. As an addition, it should be borne in mind that in order to delimit an area where there are horses, the electric shepherd must be put together with the wire at an altitude previously studied so that the animal can not escape or access the place.

Cows shepherd

The electric fences for cows will work very well both to keep them at bay and keep wild animals away from them.

Electric shepherd consumption

The electric shepherds have an installation and on the other hand a very low consumption compared to other brands. Solter's electric shepherds will connect directly to the electricity grid. In this way we will know with certainty that the electric pastor is functioning properly. The alternative ways to use an electric shepherd is to make use of batteries or batteries but with this method at any time you can miss the duration of the battery or battery and have an electric shepherd turned off.

Solar electric shepherds

Solar shepherds are an effective option in cases where a normal electric pastor can not be connected to an electrical network. With the solar electric shepherd we will have the same qualities as a normal electric shepherd.

Are electric shepherds legal?

The electric shepherds are completely legal, in addition all the shepherds that we have in catalog are certified by the European Union, which is a symbol of quality.

Electric shepherd wire

We have wires for electric shepherds and many more accessories to mount an electric fence in optimal conditions.

Electric shepherds for bears

Cheap electric shepherd

electric shepherd for dogs and pets

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