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Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers

What robot clawn choose?

We have different models of robotic lawnmowers, for small, medium and large gardens we also have robots for jobs with difficult access

We have different brands such as:

  • Ambrose: the brand Ambrose is an Italian brand dedicated especially to robotic lawnmowers, making highly innovative products, with good features and competitive, always looking for mower robots Ambrogio always have a good price quality 
  • Sour: is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural and construction machinery, Sour It also has a wide variety of robotic lawnmowers always looking for quality / price.
  • Ecotech: Ecotech Ibérica is a Spanish company specialized in the sale of high-quality gardening machines.
  • Greenworks is a brand that belongs to the Globe Globe Tools group of Chinese origin. This Chinese manufacturer is specialized in manufacturing battery-powered tools for Jardinería and DIY. The quality of its products are aimed at the general public and DIY enthusiasts.

What are robotic lawnmowers?

A robotic lawnmower is an electronic device that automatically mows the lawn for you. These devices are powered by electricity. These bots are precise and silent, capable of working even on rough terrain or on steep slopes.

They have an integrated GPS system allowing them to draw a complete map of the garden, so they can improve their performance over time.

Installing an autonomous robotic lawnmower

The installation of the automatic robotic lawnmowers it involves simple initial operations whose cost can be easily eliminated by personal work that can be easily done by anyone.

Maintenance of a robotic lawnmower

maintenance costs are minimum, basically you have to clean the robot and the base load to guarantee the performance of the robot, on the other hand you will have to keep an eye on the state of the blades

Perimeter wire or no perimeter wire?

Basically a robotic lawnmower with GPS since it is more comfortable and you do not have to worry about the robot getting entangled with its own cable.

Robotic lawnmower without perimeter wire it is better because the work is more comfortable and you do not always have to pick up the cable

En intermaquinas we have many robotic lawnmowers without perimeter wire in our category of robotic lawnmowers

Since the robotic lawnmower option without perimeter wire came out, all the opinions about it have been good.

robotic lawnmower

How does an automatic robotic lawnmower work?

The operation of a autonomous robotic lawnmower It's very simple. We have to charge the battery, program the device and start it up.


Recharging is essential, there are two types of robots, automatic and semi-automatic. The first ones are autonomous and go alone to the charging base and the semi-automatic ones you have to carry them.

robotic lawnmower charging center

sloping surfaces

If your garden is not exactly flat, don't worry. Nowadays, robotic lawnmowers have evolved a lot and the best robotic lawnmowers can work at 45% maximum slope.

Perimeter that a robotic lawnmower can travel

The robotic lawnmowers have the great characteristic of being autonomous, in other words, the robotic lawnmowers can cut the grass in your garden without the need for us to do anything.

The robotic lawnmower can cover perimeters from 500 meters to 30.000 meters. The price of the robotic lawnmower greatly influences, it is clear that a cheap robotic lawnmower will have a work area of ​​less than one professional robotic lawnmower

We will always have to look for a robotic lawnmower that adapts to our garden since sometimes we have enough with a cheap robotic lawnmower.

On the other hand in we have robotic lawnmowers for professionals and for difficult jobs

robot brush cutters

The robot brush cutters are designed to work on slopes of up to 45% (without winches), they allow work without having to invade the road, robot brush cutters they are the only electric/gasoline hybrid to feature a gas-powered cutting engine and two electric traction motors.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. robot brushcutter They do not have hydraulics, thanks to this you save enormous maintenance costs. Another feature is that they have tracks instead of wheels, improving traction on any type of terrain.

Eco mode sensor

The robotic lawnmower has “ECO” This system allows the robot to detect the areas where it has already worked and those that remain to be cut.

Thanks to this mode, the robot can manage itself, saving time and efficiency in mowing, avoiding working repeatedly in the same place. Thanks to his way robot optimizes your working time, saves battery and does not wear out the motors or spoil the garden.

Robots mower

Among our wide range you will find mower robots  for all types of applications and with different configurations. We also have personalized advice for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

In this section of robots you will surely find the product you are looking for.

En we have the best priced robotic lawnmowers since we have a wide variety of prices and different types of robots to be able to adapt to any garden, in addition, the prices of robotic lawnmowers are very good

We, we have the best robotic lawnmower price of the market so that our clients can enjoy the best tools.

All our products have a two-year guarantee in accordance with current European legislation, we have our own workshop and a team of professionals who will help you choose for you.

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