Electric pruning shears

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Electric pruning shears

All the electric scissors They are ideal for pruning shrubs and for cutting all kinds of branches that are really resistant.

The pruning shears have very sharp blades that make a clean cut on the branches and the best thing is that it is done practically without effort and that without talking about the electric ones, they have an automatic cutting system to cut the stems without any effort.

They are ideal for effortless cleaning of orange, lemon, and other fruit trees.

Electric and very versatile for maintenance tasks, in small gardens or to eliminate pests.

They are perfect for pruning since they are easy to use and very comfortable, you can do a perfect job without effort.

Battery Pruning Shears

All the battery pruning shears They are a modern and efficient gardening tool that use the energy stored in a rechargeable battery to make precise and clean cuts in branches and plants.

These scissors are ideal for those who want to save time and effort in their garden work, since they do not require the use of physical force to make the cuts. Plus, their compact and portable design makes them perfect for working in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Some cordless pruning shears also come with additional features such as blade length adjustment and the ability to cut through thicker branches, making them a versatile tool for any gardening project.

Electric Pruning Shears Prices

  • From €108 to €229. Electric pruning shears for demanding users.
  • From €229 to €443. Semi-professional electric pruning shears.
  • From €499 to €1739. Professional electric pruning shears.

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