Faraone Industrial Stairs

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Faraone Stairs

En intermaquinas.online we have a wide range of products, always offering the widest possible variety.

Our goal is to offer the ideal work tool to our clients, which is why we have opted for Faraone industrial ladders, high quality products that cover a wide range of needs.

In this section we offer professional ladders made of aluminum and other materials. We are going to proceed to detail a little the different stair materials, the reason for this and the different ranges.

We will also delve into what type of stairs we want, this is very important, from here, we will be clear about what material we want the staircase, what type, etc.

Therefore the first point to consider is where or what do I need a ladder for.

A ladder for a workshop will not be the same as an agricultural ladder or a ladder for pruning or for a roof ladder, for example.

En intermaquinas.online we trust faraone industrial ladders, a company with a long history behind it and which is a leader in the manufacture of this type of tool. Let's take a look at what this brand offers us and why we consider it the best option on the market.

Faraone industrial stairs: the option for the most demanding users

Faraone industrial stairs stand out from other stairs thanks to their excellent design and manufacture. Exposed to harsh quality processes, to verify that they offer maximum operator safety.

Grupo Faraone complies with all its equipment with the EN and DL 81/08 standards, the ladders will respect the EN131 and EN 131-7 standards and are approved by authorized entities with the issuance of CE certification.

Faraone, as a good manufacturer of this type of tool, is clear that the main thing in this type of tool is safety. They have 9 exclusive patents that enhance the safety of the products, some destined exclusively for stairs. One of these is the Sicur-Stop system, one of the most valued in this type of solution.

All Faraone products carry a seal that informs us of the security level of this solution, with A being the highest and D the lowest. This is measured by the regulations it complies with and the security extras it offers.

Some safety extras that many models boast are a non-slip platform, adjustable legs, a sicur-stop system, fixing hooks or extendable ladders with ropes.

What are aluminum ladders? Why are most ladders made of this material?

Most ladders are made of this material because it has excellent characteristics for this type of tool and keeps the price relatively low. Fiberglass are up to 30% more expensive and the only advantage is that it is a poor conductor of electricity.

For this reason, those made of wood and fiberglass are usually reserved almost exclusively for electrical work at heights, with those made of wood being cheaper but much lower.

What is the best brand of aluminum stairs?

Once again the answer is Faraone, nobody has so much experience in the sector nor offers the qualities and safety guarantees offered by this brand, both in aluminum, wood or fiberglass ladders.

What aluminum staircase to buy

We have the brand clear: Faraone. Once again for the high quality and safety certifications they meet. Working at heights should not be taken lightly, since our life is at stake.

The first thing to go down stairs should be two simple questions:

  1. For what environment do I need a ladder? 
    Is it for domestic or professional use? This question will help us decide what materials are best for the staircase. If we want it for small domestic tasks, a good option would be the range of aluminum stairs for the home that Faraone offers us. If it is for professional use we should question the work ... is it for electrical work? if so, we should question the material: fiberglass stairs or wooden stairs. If it is for work at heights of other types, aluminum solutions are usually the most successful. Then we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different stair materials.
    The next question is to know the needs to be covered.
  2. What needs should I cover?
    How high should we reach? What tasks are we going to carry out? Do we require mobility? These three questions are usually enough for the vast majority of cases. From here we will opt for stairs of three faraone sections, telescopic ladders, support ladders with hooks, specialized stairs (ladders for tanks, stairs of shelves, etc), etc.

Types of aluminum ladders

Aluminum stairs for home

As we have said before, most stairs use this material as a base for its excellent properties and cost. Faraone has a wide range of aluminum staircase solutions for the home. Cheap aluminum stairs that allow us to perform those small tasks that arise at a reasonable price. Therefore, if we look for quality and economic stairs, we are in the right place. We are sure that within this section you will find the best multipurpose aluminum staircase.

Aluminum stairs three sections

Some users of professional environments require aluminum ladders of 3 stretches for the performance of their work. Faraone has a few models that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Some models that may interest you are stairs.

Aluminum stairs for warehouse

Faraone has specialized stairs, this means that they are stairs that have been designed for a specific use. Counting on the requirements and all the needs to be covered in these environments, such as allowing good mobility without compromising the stability of the operator. Faraone offers us a wide assortment of warehouse ladders with wheels, some models have a storage tray or work platforms. Once again aluminum is chosen as the base material for these solutions. Some solutions for this environment are the faraone SM industrial stairs or the faraone PICK industrial stairs

Aluminum stairs for roof

When we talk about this type of solution, it usually refers to retractable stairs or folding stairs. Faraone does not offer retractable aluminum staircases since retractable steel staircases are more recommended for this type of solution. This material has characteristics, such as a longer duration, which makes it more appropriate for this type of solution. Some examples of these models are the RE101 retractable ladders, the RE103 folding roof ladders or the RE MOT motorized retractable ladders.

Aluminum stairs for pruning

In question of pruning stairs we can choose different options, here we must take into account the stability that the land presents us and the possibilities of the environment. A good option for pruning with stairs in terrain with unevenness are options with adjustable legs in height or one that offers us the possibility of anchoring to the ground. A good example of an anchored ladder is the Faraone T700 ladder.

Aluminum stairs for electricians

If you are looking for an option for misguided aluminum electrical work, you go. As is logical, you will not find solutions in this material since it is a good conductor of electricity, therefore if you use a ladder of this type you are putting your life in serious danger. The types of ladders for electricians we recommend are Faraone solutions based on fiberglass or wood. The first ones are of higher quality since they present a better duration and conservation. The wooden ones are cheaper compared to the fiberglass ones. Some solutions that are offered to us in fiberglass stairs is the PAF model, which offers us a comfortable storage tray and non-slip 8 cm steps.

En intermaquinas.online we have a wide catalog of solutions for the sale of ladders for electricians. We have the largest solutions for the most demanding professional sector as well as ladder solutions for electricians at a lower price. If you need help to find out which is the most appropriate, we have technicians who can advise you to find the perfect solution for you.

Aluminum stairs for outdoor

Outdoors we require materials that withstand the harsh weather conditions. Here we seek that apart from fulfilling its objective they offer us good resistance to rain and other meteorological conditions. We have solutions that offer good security measures, such as landings, protection cage, etc. Some models that match these characteristics and features are the Faraone SVS1 industrial ladder series.

Aluminum stairs for attics

Many times a solution is required that allows us to safely access a loft or similar. For these tasks Faraone has steel folding stairs for attics. We also have support stairs for mezzanines and mezzanines such as the Faraone SAS staircase, ideal for these tasks, with standard hooks and more. Another great series of stairs entreplantas of this type are those of the series SG45, Sg50 and SG60 that have different inclinations and with platform.

Aluminum stairs for professionals

This category a large assortment of products, as professional work can vary greatly. Depending on the type of work to be done, we will require some services or others. Stairs of two sections, stairs of 3 sections and stairs multitramo. Extendable stairs for jobs in which we can require a solution that gives us an extra height but that are as compact as possible when storing them. We also have professional telescopic ladders, industrial ladders, stairs for airplanes, ladders for tankers, etc. As you can see, the variety is huge, but in our sales catalog of professional stairs we doubt that you will not find the solution you require.

Aluminum stairs for gardening

In this category we include ladder models that offer us features that make them ideal for tasks of this type. Some uneven stairs would fall into this category. Many times the terrain in which we have to move is uniform and we require a tool with these features. Ladders to collect olives and the like that facilitate this task would be those that are included in the T series. The T600, T700 or Faraone T800 industrial ladders are designed for this type of work, offering a high quality and most economical solution possible taking into account the requirements to be met.

Aluminum stairs with hook

A good model of support ladder with hooks is the Faraone SAS ladder, which offers this interesting series feature. Ideal for attics and similar.

Aluminum stairs with platform

Within the wide catalog of Faraone we have stepladders, aluminum ladder with platform and others. Aluminum ladder with platform and handrail for loading and unloading trucks and similar, fixed aluminum ladders for mezzanines and mezzanines such as the SG45 model. If we require a fiberglass solution for electrical or similar work, another option we recommend is the Faraone ALFI ladder, which offers us a wide work platform and safety railing. If you are looking for high quality platform ladders, we can find the model you require within the faraone range of industrial ladders at really competitive prices.

Fiberglass stairs and wooden stairs, when do I need one of this material? differences, advantages and disadvantages

As we have said before, not always a new aluminum ladder is the best solution. Sometimes, by nature of the work to be done we require a solution based on other material. A good example of this are the stairs for professionals who perform electrical work. Aluminum is a material that is a good conductor of electricity, therefore it is not the most suitable for this type of work. For these cases we will opt for a solution of wood, or better yet, carbon fiber.

Wooden stairs

The wooden stairs are an ideal solution for electrical work since this material presents a good resistance to the passage of electricity. Another advantage that this type of solutions present is that they are cheaper than those based on fiberglass. The drawback is that they are heavier and their conservation is worse. Depending on our budget and the use we are going to give you, we must choose one material or another.

Fiberglass stairs

Fiberglass ladders are the favorite solution for professionals who require ladders for electrical work. This material offers great resistance to electricity and is lightweight, its only drawback is that it is expensive. The most demanding users who require a high-quality portable solution opt for this type of solution. In intermaquinas.online we have the best fiberglass ladders at very competitive prices. Consult our faraone catalog to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Where to buy aluminum ladders

En intermaquinas.online we offer you a wide variety of ladders, here you will find the best aluminum ladder at the most competitive price. We have technicians who can advise you so that you find the solution that best suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you without any commitment.

Aluminum staircase: prices

One of the maxims in intermaquinas.online is to inform the client correctly so that they find the ideal solution. This is achieved by studying the customer's current needs and possible future short-term needs. In this way we can offer you a tailor-made quality solution. We always try to avoid recommendations for distant futures that the vast majority of times are not fulfilled and the only thing that they achieve is an investment that is too high in a tool from which the return that corresponds to it will not be obtained. In intermaquinas We seek to offer the ideal product at the lowest possible price without losing quality or objectives to be met.

Buy a Faraone ladder at intermaquinas

En intermaquinas.online, apart from offering advice to our clients so that they can find the customized solution they need, we offer them the possibility of opting for the financed purchase of the product. With our system, you can purchase the product and pay in convenient monthly installments. To do this, one of our sales representatives will guide you through the simple process. We have the Trust Online seal to guarantee the maximum possible guarantees for our clients. Just as we use the highest security measures in our business to keep sensitive information protected at all times.

Quality guarantee with Faraone e Intermaquinas.online

Faraone has a great background behind him in the design and manufacture of stairs, stools, scaffolding and platforms. Current market leader in Europe, meets the highest standards of safety and quality to offer the best solutions. Its wide range of solutions cover all possible needs, offering quality models.

En intermaquinas.online we offer our experience, more than thirty years in the field of the sale of work machinery, both in our physical store and online. We have more than 1900 square meters, with our own workshop and highly qualified personnel, made up of the brands that we distribute. We comply with the quality standards of the Confianza Online seal to guarantee the best possible shopping experience for the end user.

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