Industrial vacuum cleaners

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The best industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are a great choice for both people and companies because of the great versatility they offer. This type of vacuum cleaners are powerful, reliable and high capacity, which comes to be all-terrain vacuum cleaners. With this class of vacuum cleaners you can vacuum in wet, dry and it does not matter if it is gravel or dust. Next we will see a brief guide of the types of vacuum cleaners that we can find in the online market and in our catalog.

Why buy an industrial vacuum cleaner?

We will handle two types of vacuum cleaners during this analysis. We can distinguish dry and wet vacuum cleaners, focused on the use of the familiar, and industrial vacuum cleaners, which are more used in the industrial and professional environment.

These vacuum cleaners can also be used for cleaning your house, for example you can use them to clean areas such as the basement, patio, garage or pool. Thanks to the fact that they can suck dry and wet, in addition to their hardness, they are ideal for these tasks.

Besides, for its characteristics, you can use them for professional cleaning, and also in workshops or small ships.

The choice of the vacuum cleaner will determine the different characteristics that they provide, such as the possibility of blowing, vacuuming or plugging other appliances directly into the vacuum cleaner.

Buy professional vacuum cleaners at the best price.

Characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaners

There are a variety of brands and models, to facilitate the choice of the vacuum cleaner, some of its characteristics will be analyzed.

Dry and wet

These vacuum cleaners allow us to vacuum both dry and wet, that means you can suck up liquids, without worrying about the vacuum cleaner getting damaged.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are, in general, much more robust than conventional vacuum cleaners, because they are ready for more intensive use, and allow you to vacuum thicker materials that are usually found in homes.


This type of aspirators, are devices of a high power, which has a great absorption capacity.


Since we are talking about devices, generally oriented to the professional sector, industrial vacuum cleaners have a much larger deposit than those used in the home.


The aspirators have a blow function that will be useful when it is difficult to aspirate or if you do not want to do it. This blowing function is not an unusual feature in domestic vacuum cleaners but is more common in industrial vacuum cleaners.


The price of these vacuum cleaners can vary a lot depending on the features included, so you can find both cheap industrial vacuum cleaners with good features and more expensive according to your needs.

Professional vacuum cleaners for car cleaning

In our company we have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners that serve to clean the car. Here are some examples of vacuum cleaners that allow car cleaning:

Karcher NT 48 / 1 vacuum cleaner

Karcher NT 48 / 1 vacuum cleaner

  • Air flow (l / s): 67
  • Vacuum (mbar / kPa): 200 / 20
  • Capacity (l): 48
  • Max abs power. (W): 1.380
  • Sound level (db (A)): 72
  • Weight (Kg): 10, 5
  • Measurements (mm): 480 x 390 x 780

Vacuum Comet CVP 130 X

Vacuum Comet CVP 130 X

  • Motor (V): 220 (240) V
  • Absorbed power (W): 1200 (1400)
  • Capacity (l): 30
  • Depression Max (kPa): 24
  • Air flow (l / s): 65
  • Weight (kg): 8,5

Vacuum cleaner Karcher PUZZI 8 / 1 C

Vacuum cleaner Karcher PUZZI 8 / 1 C

  • Power (W): 1200
  • Flow rate (l / s): 61
  • Sound level: 71 dBA
  • Weight (Kg): 9,8 Kg

Vacuum Comet CVP 378 PBH

Vacuum Comet CVP 378 PBH

  • Motor (V): 220 (240) V
  • Absorbed power (W): 3000 (3600)
  • Capacity (l): 78
  • Depression Max (kPa): 24
  • Air flow (l / s): 162
  • Weight (kg): 26
  • Number of engines: 3

Professional vacuum cleaners for house cleaning

Vacuum Comet CVC 150 XH

Vacuum Comet CVC 150 XH

  • Motor (V): 220 (240) V
  • Absorbed power (W): 1200 (1400)
  • Capacity (l): 50
  • Depression Max (kPa): 22
  • Air flow (l / s): 53
  • Weight (kg): 19

Karcher AD 4 Premium vacuum cleaner

Karcher AD 4 Premium vacuum cleaner

  • Energy efficiency: A +
  • Absorbed power (W): 600
  • Container capacity (l): 17
  • Container: Metal
  • Cable length (m): 4
  • Weight (kg): 5,3
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • 365 x 330 x 565

Aspirator Rubi AS-30 PRO

Aspirator Rubi AS-30 PRO

  • Power (W): 1400
  • Aspiration (l / s): 58
  • Depression (kPa): 18
  • Capacity (l): 30
  • Hose, nozzle and corner nozzle
  • Steel tubes
  • Brush for wet

Aspire Comet CVP 130 PEM

Aspire Comet CVP 130 PEM

  • Engine (V): 230
  • Power (W): 1400
  • Capacity: 30 L
  • Max Depression (kPa): 24
  • Air flow (l / s): 70
  • Weight (kg): 11

Water vacuums

The car water vacuums are devices for a thorough cleaning of the vehicle. They are ideal to eliminate all dirt and allow allergic people to use this type of vacuum cleaner, as it is responsible for moistening the air.

Characteristics of water vacuums


Its power equals and even exceeds several sled models, therefore it is more efficient for cleaning the home.

Purified the air

This type of vacuum cleaner has a capacity to capture dust and upper mites, as these get trapped in a whirlpool of water.

The emptying of the bags is much more comfortable, because the water helps to eliminate the dirt, so there is no dust in suspension, although it is convenient to empty the water tank from time to time to avoid the formation of mold. These vacuum cleaners usually have HEPA filters that are capable of filtering even the smallest particles.


Water vacuums are a respectful alternative to the environment, as they help to purify the environment through water, without disposable bags.


These vacuum cleaners are as effective as classic vacuum cleaners, and their great versatility allows them to clean on all types of surfaces.


The vacuums with water filter, have a wide variety of accessories, which allows them to add functions to the vacuum cleaner.

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