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In this category, are the best offers in cheap branch shredders, since, we search hard for the best offers in quality / price ratio, of famous and reliable companies, with efficiencies and durability more than assured and with magnificent guarantees. They are ideal for the triturado of the rest of pruning and of vegetation like leaves or grasses.

We have a wide range of different brands and offer of used branch shredders, to satisfy all the tastes of our customers and their needs, having to choose one of our branch shredders that best suits your needs.

Furthermore, the branch shredders or choppers They are a perfect machinery for when you cannot burn the branches and need to get rid of them, you can crush them and take advantage of the crushed for other purposes such as making compost, carpentry work, for exterior decoration, to use it in the cat litter boxes or other animals such as bird or hamster cages or for recycling, etc.

Although, the tool is seasonal, it can be used to use it all year round and with good and easy maintenance it can last for years.

We have branch shredder ranging from the 6,5 to the 15 horsepower steam, to be able to satisfy both the user that requires a more modest solution that has a the cheapest price possible to the highest performance that seeks to meet the requirements of the professional sector that require the most powerful solutions possible thus increasing the speed of production, we have solutions from different manufacturers that meet a wide range of technical characteristics.

Branch shredder takes force tractor FORST PT6 25HP

What is a shredder or chopper of branches?

What is the branch shredder or shredder used for?

La branch shredder It is a tool where branches are inserted in a hopper with blades, they are made to crush, cut, crumble, branches of different sizes and vegetable remains like grass, leaves or to crush the previous crushed to make them smaller for the pelletizer.

La branch shredder It is used for the grinding of pruning remains, it can be used to work in forest areas or in the garden, thanks to its private use, such as making compost, as garden decoration, use it as litter for the cat's drawer or for the cages of other animals, as fuel for barbecue, fireplace, stove, etc, or you can purchase a pruning shredder to professional use in sawmills, lumber industries, carpentry, etc.

It is perfect for cleaning garden waste at any time of the year. To be able to choose one branch shredder It depends on the type of material and quantity of your patio and if you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us, an advisor will help you choose the one that best suits your work profile.

We recommend that you visit our page regularly as we update offers and add new products regularly, always looking for the best work tools at the best price for our customers.

How does a pruning shredder work?

Hen/Stag branch crusher machines and trunks They have a very simple operation, despite the fact that there is a great variety of machines with their respective differences in design, price, capacity or power..

It has a hopper where the branches or other elements to be crushed are introduced, each machine crushes it differently, it can be hammers, blades, rollers or discs and in some machines you can choose approximately the size of the crushed pieces, after it is expelled through a discharge tube normally to direct towards the discharge area or stored in a tank.

Some branch crusher machines with electric motor with a power cord to plug in or operate with gasoline engine with its corresponding fuel tank.

Mainly to facilitate the transfer of the branch crusher machines wheels are available to facilitate transportation and some can be towed in cars or are branch shredders for tractor. Each product comes with a description with which we provide the information and can choose according to your needs.

Before buying a branch shredder machine

Before buying it is necessary to preliminarily specify what your specific needs are, to focus with your choice.

If your garden is small, just one electric garden branches crusher, while for large quantities of branches to be crushed, as well as larger, it is best to opt for agasoline branch shredder.

Make sure that your shredded has wheels for its transport since as a general rule these machines have an approximate weight of between 10 and 100 kilos. The most modern models have protection against inadvertent machine start-up.

What advice, maintenance or practices should I take into account to use a forest firewood or garden branch shredder?

We recommend using the appropriate clothing, such as suitable footwear, gloves and especially protective goggles, in case the branch shredder makes a splinter fall quickly.

Also, we recommend practicing occasional maintenance on the branch shredder, always turning off the machine first, sanitizing the machine daily after use, greasing the sliding guides, checking the hydraulic oil, greasing all moving parts, etc.

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