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We fully know that in any work, construction or renovation, the tools cannot be absent from an operator. That is why this time we have introduced a new range of useful products for users who need these tools to perform different tasks.
Tools for construction sites
In the works it is necessary to have resistant and agile tools, above all that allow to concentrate in every detail the operator and thus obtain an impeccable result. The quality of the tools defines the final work and that is why in this new section we have included the best quality products and the best brands in the construction sector.

The tools most used in the construction of works are those that we have made available to our customers. The quality is anticipated at first glance in materials such as pliers, tool boxes, carryons, buckets, hammers, tape measures, levels and more.
Utensils for construction
It does not matter if you are a professional or the handyman of the house, if you need to obtain the best results, you will have to work with the best tooling tools. Brands such as Rubi or Bellota add value to each product and that is not simply the brand that denotes the difference but the quality of the manufacture of each one of them.
Main tools used in construction
Construction tools names
The tooling that is not missing in any construction work is that which is indispensable in the toolbox of the worker or pallet. The indispensable material we have in stock for immediate delivery.

Tool case
Diamond discs
Diamond crowns

Construction tools prices
In the tools of bricklayer you will find a range of prices according to the quality of the product. Products such as pallets, construction shovels, tongs, hammers are inexpensive items that are easy to buy. If you are looking for construction machinery we have a specialized section in which we offer the best high quality construction machines.
Masonry tools
The masonry tools are in Intermaquinas. The best construction jobs have always been done with the best tools so to get a great job you will need to make use of quality tools. In the online store masonry you will find a wide range of products such as pallets, trowels, talochas, ceramic cutters, concrete mixers and many other professional products.

As an experience in the sector, we always emphasize having the best brands and that a good brand is synonymous with guarantee, reliability and quality. We currently work with the best brands in the construction market, such as Rubi.

The main objective of Intermaquinas is that the end user gets a product of high quality and that can perform their work effectively.

The prices of masonry tools will always depend on the final quality of the product as well as the finishes.

If you need to buy tools for wholesale bricklayer you can contact us to get a personalized quote.

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