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Industrial Electric Generators

From Intermaquinas, we put at your disposal the best generator sets, with solutions of leading brands, with options for all kinds of needs, professionals and individuals. We are leaders in sales. You can have a look at our product catalog Generating sets.

We have the best products, the best quality at the most competitive prices. Together with a resolution of any possible doubt in the shortest period of time, and advice about best practices.

What is a generator?

A generator set is a machine that drives an electric current generator through an internal combustion engine. Mostly they are composed of an internal combustion engine and an electric generator (usually an alternator).

What is a generator used for?

The main objective of a generator set is to provide an electrical current in those places where there is no electricity supply, where there is a punctual deficit or in case of emergency. Very useful before cuts or places of difficult access.

Generally, large electric generators are used in places where another source of alternate energy is normally or occasionally needed to supply themselves.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. remote areas, with few infrastructures and little inhabited, such as buildings, houses, farms, hotels, offices, industries, shops, factories, shopping centers, as well as in specific events such as events, concerts, shops, campsites, fairs, works, or even in hospitals, mountain shelters, etc.

What is the difference between a generator set and an electric generator?

The biggest difference is that the Generators offer much more power for long periods of time, also, a generator set it's a team a lot bigger and comes more complete, since it has more parts.

So we should see which one fits better. Generators are better for more time-limited tasks.

What are the main applications of industrial electric generators?

In addition, we have compiled a list of the main applications:

  • Emergencies, Operating rooms, Tractors, Ships, Firefighting, Industries and Factories, Constructions and Works, Events, Campsites, Hotels, Recovery of natural or provoked disasters, Telecommunications, Data Centers, Defense, for your own use in any area where there is no reaches the usual electrical supply, or even some infrastructure, factory or work that needs punctually or generally an increase of power.

Generating sets Intermaquinas

What generator set should I buy?

The first thing to be clear about when choosing a generator set is to think about what use is going to be given to the group.

It is also advisable to observe models of well-known and highly reputable brands, as there is much more information, spare parts, etc., available and easily accessible.

What will the generator be used for?

The groups can be divided into two large groups, which are inverter and the standard ones, the difference between these is that the inverters are designed to power delicate electronic equipment, for example an office, with monitors, computers, etc., since they are equipment that require a quality current, without peaks or alterations.

We can also think of an AVR, which are generators with automatic voltage regulators, ideal for the use of electronic devices.

They regulate the voltage, and for this reason, they offer a very stable current with hardly any variations, which has been created to maintain an adequate current fluctuation, taking care of the equipment that is connected to it.

You have to take into account what power I need, so I'll use the generator, if it's going to be Gasoline (cheaper, for simple tasks, gasoline costs more) or Diesel (more expensive groups, for more complex tasks, to support more, Diesel costs less and the useful life is usually higher, more noisy).

Consider if you are going to need a silent or soundproof one, to avoid annoying noises, in case you are going to be in a house, or urbanization, etc.

Another interesting aspect is to think if the generator will be fixed or will have to be transported, especially the small ones, it is highly recommended to look for one with wheels if it already has a considerable weight, and if it is a very large one, it will mostly be to leave it fixed, or search with different methods of transport.

Finally, it is always important to consider a safety margin so that the generator set does not always work at 100% of its capacity, as this will guarantee a much longer useful life, normally this margin of security is already specified.

What is a generator?

Un generator set has different parts which together, make up the machine in question. Next we will see the different fundamental pieces besides the explanation of its usefulness.

  • Motor: The motor is essential in a generator, represents the source of mechanical energy for the rotor of the generator or alternator to turn and generate electricity. There are gasoline and diesel.
  • Starter: The starter motor in a generator set is a system that allows the start-up of the combustion engine. These engines usually operate with a 12 or 24 V battery.
  • Speed ​​regulator: The speed regulator is indispensable in this type of machinery. This part of the generator set allows and ensures the speed with which the engine is running. The main objective is to guarantee the adequate speed of the engine during its operation, at the most optimal consumption in relation to the load requirements. The consumptions are specified with each machine
  • Alternator: The electric power output is produced by means of an alternator, thanks to the motor turning it in a constant speed.
  • Refrigeration system: The cooling system of a generator set consists of a fan and a radiator. Together, this system will reduce the engine temperature.
  • Air filter: it guarantees that the air that enters does not have impurities that could damage the equipment.
  • Control panel: it manages the correct operation of the machine, with great precision together with an intelligent use that can respond to unforeseen events.
  • Additional parts
    • Fuel tanks.
    • Bench (steel structure)
    • Vibration isolation
    • Mufflers and exhaust systems
    • Automatic output switches

What types of there are for sale?

In the market there are different types of groups. They can be classified in different ways:

  • Classification by fuel.

We can make it work with diesel, nowadays, the Diesel generating sets They are the most recommended for complex tasks, ideal for continuous or intermittent uses, an ideal fuel for considerable powers, higher than the 5 kW, longer life, more autonomy, despite being more expensive.

The 1500rpm electric generators de gasoline, butane gas o propane They are for frequent use and also it is not recommended to use a lot of power, since ideally not exceed the recommended 5 kW, but they are ideal for simple and quick jobs.

  • Classification by start.

-Manual start: the most common with low powers. Very affordable but more complicated to use.

-Simple electric start: is preferred for groups with higher powers, as easy to use as pressing a start button.

-Automatic electric start: it must be configured in an appropriate way so that it can support a defined maximum load, and avoid an overload of energy. This start allows the use of a generator of less power, which lowers prices.

  • Tension classification:

Generating sets single phase

They work with a voltage of 220v Sometimes it is preferable to work with configurations monophasic (a single phase), mainly in conventional, simple or basic installations, since with three-phase generator set It would be wasted. Generally suitable for networks with a lower use of 10kW. Homes, swimming pools, cabins, etc ...

Generating sets three-phase

They work with a voltage of 380v Usually the groups have this type of configuration, three-phase (380V). They consist of 3 phases, 3 different alternate currents. This configuration is required for powerful machinery, as for machinery in industries, events, campsites, works, companies, etc.

Best brands of generators

There is no better or worse brand, if there are better known ones, there are those with simpler, more complete catalogs, for more professional uses, more optimal and with better specifications, and some more affordable, simple, and simple, what is advisable it would be to find out what solution to our need we are going to have to opt for, and from there, assess which option is more optimal.

All the brands it distributes Intermaquinas They have complete Quality and Reliability, with varied catalogs, with simpler machines up to the most complete, all with the best qualities oriented for all uses.

Is a Diesel Generating Group better?

Like everything nowadays, it goes in preference of each one, the electric generators 1500 rpm Diesel are the most recommended option, since the diesel is a fuel noticeably more cheap, and have a greater autonomy than gasoline, in addition to a longer useful life, on the other hand, they are noisier and have a higher price, diesel is the most profitable option today to achieve greater performance in your group , unless you need a very simple equipment, which with a gasoline one is enough

What is the best generator for my house?

It is recommended to take into account what type of use we will give our group in addition to the power that we will need daily.

We must take into account (and calculate to make sure) the number of people who will live in the house since each person can make normal use of their electrical appliances and the amount of electricity that is going to be consumed, predict consumption, to avoid peaks in group consumption and have sufficient electricity.

Therefore, if we are clear about the devices that we will normally have connected and the use that we will give to the group, we will be able to choose the one that suits us best. Perhaps we are also interested in some silent solution so as not to cause inconvenience.

Also highly recommended are generator sets with technology Inverter since, they protect the electronic devices from being damaged in case there is a modification in the sine wave.

And a generator for a building under construction?

For a building under construction, a generator set that generates a greater amount of kvass. The machines that are usually connected in these places need current three-phase. In general, this type of work will need a three-phase generator set.

What is the best generator?

A generator set better than the others, in all areas does not exist, despite the fact that those of higher quality cover a much greater multitude of uses.

It is always advisable to look for the generator set that best suits your needs or use, since it will be more optimized to perform these tasks.

The most optimal thing would be to assess the characteristics that are going to help us the most in our activity, for which we plan to use the generator set, if it is going to be for a private use, a house, farm, swimming pool, or professional, such as a construction site, a factory, a port, or emergency situations, such as in a hospital, elevators, events, town halls, campsites, etc.

And adapt our options to the best quality/price ratio product that meets all the needs we need, and the one that will serve us the most.

Buy a Cheap Generator Set?

If you need a simple generator for simple tasks, or complex for limited times, we have cheap generator sets, affordable and excellent warm, from the most recognized brands.

The cheap generator sets The most purchased are usually Gasoline, despite the fact that gasoline costs more than diesel, they are lighter, less noisy, more compact, easily transportable (many include wheels), quicker to start up, and at the same time suitable for limited time jobs, with the same security as higher quality generators.

And with power to spare for the tasks they're geared towards. With all of this said, we encourage you to take a look at our generators and find out which one best suits your needs.

What stands out the Electric Inverter Generators?

The Electric Generators Inverter are the generators that better energy quality generate, produce a much more stable energy, which is essential to power the most delicate electronic equipment, without voltage peaks or alterations in supply, also optimize the fuel to the maximum, and generate much less sound, but neither they support a great capacity of electricity, that is to say, they are oriented to feed medium-small sets of electronic devices, most electric Inverter generators are not prepared for one or more machines that require a high power supply.

And the AVR Generators?

The AVR generators regulate the voltage through a capacitor, in a AVR, which are generators with automatic voltage regulators, ideal for the use of electronic devices.

They regulate the voltage, and for this reason, they offer a very stable current with hardly any variations, which has been created to maintain an adequate current fluctuation, taking care of the equipment that is connected to it.

Especially with the recent technological advances in generators, there are models that significantly reduce current fluctuation, thus avoiding spikes and variations.

Is it worth a soundproof generator?

Silent generator sets are designed to, as far as possible, emit as little noise as possible while they are running, and thanks to advances and development in recent years, a range of silent generator sets, soundproof, and even anti-vibrating.

First of all, each group has in its technical data sheet the exact number of decibels that the device can emit, to ensure that we acquire a highly silent model, that is, without noise or that hardly emits.

We also have to assess where we are going to use our soundproofed or silent generator set, although we have a factory in the middle of an industrial area with many other noisy machines, perhaps other benefits would suit us, on the contrary, if it is for a farm with neighbors, urbanizations, factories or buildings in cities, busy areas, and for the good of the workers, they are a very good option, since their price is very tight and is very similar to the normal ones.

It is also necessary to take into account how many hours a day it can be turned on and in what range of hours, it is preferable that it be silent if it is to be used in places where greater tranquility is required, such as residences, private homes, centers doctors, hospitals, departments or offices, since it is always preferable not to carry all those hours of noise fatigue.

Portable generator?

The portable generator sets they usually carry equipped, wheels if they are basic and weigh little, as well as an adaptable structure that allows them to move with a suitable vehicle.

Industrial or auxiliary power generator sets?

They make reference to industrial generator sets that work as energy booster. They have a maximum time of use between 200 and 500 hours of use, to be used as auxiliary support in hospitals, industries, urbanizations, etc.

Buy generator sets for boats?

When we think about buying a generator for a boat we have to take into account certain aspects, such as the type of fuel to be used, since it is recommended that you operate with the same fuel as the boat, to unify more than anything and be more comfortable, the space that is available to install a generator set and its location, the necessary optimal power that our group will need plus the consumption of all the equipment of the ship, and to add a certain percentage so as not to fall short in the future or in case of emergency, to have electricity to spare.

Better than an inverter, since it is a standard on ships, there are numerous delicate systems such as monitors, televisions, computers, and systems that must be protected from possible changes in voltage, spikes and downs, to prevent damage and major damage. in the future. It is also interesting to look for anti-vibration and silent systems.

There are even generator sets that can be managed from remote locations on the ship, such as a control bridge, facilitating its use. And they also provide information about gas temperatures, battery charge level, oil pressure level, power produced, possible water leaks, possible breaks and even odd machine operations that require maintenance or repair.

Generator sets for tractor

There are generator sets that are installed Tractors under the utility of PTO (PTO), what you are looking for, is that you can use these vehicles to supply power to hydraulic or mechanical accessories separated or dependent on them. In this way, by using the power of the tractor engine, it is "recycled" to drive augers, irrigation pumps, elevators, harvesters, fertilizers, mowers and many other devices commonly used in tractors or agricultural.

These machines connected to the PTO of a tractor take advantage of this connection to generate electricity. Ideal for environments where tractors or similar machinery is available. They are highly appreciated solutions in rural and similar settings where access to power lines is limited.

How is the maintenance of a generator set?

Carrying out proper use and maintenance of our Generator Set is essential to avoid major problems in the future, both in terms of safety, such as avoiding damage to the machine, and trying to obtain the maximum performance of the device. Regular preventive maintenance must be carried out to observe possible incidents, solve them as much as possible, in order to increase the useful life of the machine and avoid further damage.

Manufacturers recommend doing specific maintenance depending on what the machine is used for, if they are for continuous use, they should carry out inspections and maintenance every 250-500 hours, if they are emergency generator sets, which are used little, it would be advisable to carry out inspections and maintenance every three months. An example of the maintenance could be: General inspection of the state, lubrication system, cooling, fuel, and the electrical part (batteries and speed regulator), coolant levels, oil, check the radiator, pressures, temperatures while it's used.

Sale of small generators

You're thinking about buy a small generator?

Below we detail all the characteristics of this type of groups to have a clearer idea of ​​their final use. Main features: The small electricity groups are intended for users who require a apparatus that gender electricity and that is easy to move. You need this type of device when you are looking for a generator set practical and fully functional. These types of groups are also used in concerts or even fast food street vendors.

When is it necessary to buy a small generator?

It is recommended to buy these versions of groups in the following cases:

  • Frequent transfer from one place to another.
  • When looking for a economic generator
  • When we need a generator group silences

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