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A height mower is a garden type tool that is used to prune trees, olive groves, vines and branches as long as they are at a considerable height. The mower is used in places inaccessible to a person of medium height.

What to take into account when buying a high-sheeter?

Type of use for your height mower

This point is essential, because from this we will choose the following points, which will also be relevant to the approach of the machine, because, for example, the power we need depends on it, it will not be the same if we are a casual individual who wants to prune a couple of vines in the heights, as if we are a professional who is going to take care of huge gardens or semi-forests, because we must find the tool that suits us, and at the same time the most profitable we are, to save in the future time and effort

Power and Lightness in your mower.

We must choose an optimal power, it is better to spend at this point something more budget, and go over to do our task without effort, and even have the necessary power to perform a complex task in a timely manner. Choosing a suitable power, a perfect balance is ideal, so as not to fall short and thus perform the task for which it is intended, as to not overcome with the engine and the machine, and have to always hold during use, a motor with excessive weight

Length and materials of your mower.

It will be convenient to find a length that suits us, pulling at high lengths or telescopic models, since since we are in the section of height pruners, the lengths of the bars range between 1,5 m and 3,5 meters. We will also be interested, if our approach is to be more professional, that the materials are more resistant and are more prepared to reduce vibrations, because if our approach is professional, it will get used to long days of intensive pruning, and reducing vibrations is something that is appreciated.


It is highly recommended to purchase a model from a well-known brand, because although perhaps that is why it is slightly more expensive, we will also have quality guarantees, as well as a reputation for quality, a facility to acquire accessories and even spare parts. Also some brands have more models than others for the same approaches, where we will surely find the model we are looking for. The best price is not always the cheapest.

Food and Autonomy.

Gasoline height pruner: They are the most recommended for professionals due to their greater power, they are also somewhat more expensive, more polluting, weigh more and require gasoline. Electric height pruner: They are the cheapest, the least powerful, easy and cheap maintenance, light but they depend on a cable that has to be connected to the electricity. Electric Battery Height Pruner: They are equivalent to a middle ground, as they are powerful as well as cheap, light, they only depend on their battery and its autonomy. Whether we buy a gasoline or battery pruner, it is advisable to take a look at its autonomy, since the most advisable thing is to have the most complex activity that we are going to do, add a plus, and look for that autonomy, as this will get us some tanks and batteries as light as possible, where the most advisable thing is to be able to carry out your work without interruptions, that is, if we are going to work 3 hours in a row, it will be convenient that the tanks are in accordance with consumption in relation to capacity, as well as the batteries. So we can carry out the task without stopping and complete it the same day without having to stop to refuel or recharge the tool.

What types of pole stick clippers are there?

Gasoline height mowers (perfect for professionals)

The height petrol trimmers are the most used in the market thanks to the fact that it provides a power due to its 2 times engine. Are used to continuous and intensive uses because of its fuel. It allows to reach several heights since we can ask that they come equipped with a fixed or extendable bar.

Electric wire height pruners (ideal for simple jobs in small gardens)

The electric height mowers are quite powerful and at the same time light. They provide a manageability on the excellent user. They are ideal tools for small pruning work and to make a more particular use than professional.

Electric battery-powered pruners (ideal for both small and medium-sized jobs with manageability)

The battery-operated trimmers stand out for their ease of use, simplicity, lightness and power. They are perfect for frequent use in private gardens.

Professional height mowers

The height mowers for professionals are equipped with the most advanced features of the market. Made with the best materials to last a long time. We have a wide range, we invite you to visit it.

Height mowers for individuals

The pruners of height for individuals are usually simple but completely functional, usually do not have very high powers, since the particular user does not usually need these. They have extremely affordable and cheap prices, in addition to being very profitable machines.

Multifunction clipper

The multifunction mowers have multiple accessories to meet the requirements of each user. Powerful and versatile Easy to use.

What height mower to choose?

Due to our years of experience, we put at your disposal a series of recommendations so that in your selection process you have more clarity than a high-quality mower.

The electric height mower from Anova will provide a cutting effectiveness thanks to its single-phase power 800w. With this height mower you can benefit from the best stability thanks to its reduced weight compared to the previous version. Only 5kg weighs. With this height mower you will get an adjustable handlebar at an angle and an ultra light bar to perform your work in the best possible conditions.

We already talked about the high-heeled battery-powered trimmers. It is a great option for users who are starting to cut. The Greenworks height mower has a sword of 25 centimeters in length and a power of 82v. In the purchase process you can choose a charger and battery separately so as not to remain half in their work. It has a weight of 4,3 kilograms only. Chain speed of 10,5 meters per second.

The gasoline Champion height mower has an 2 times engine at 7500 rpm. A low weight of 8,3 kg and a displacement of 53,2cc.

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