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What is a column drill?

Un drill de columna is a adaptation seasonal of the drill corrients. For the general this type of drills is used in large part in workshops, thanks to the posibilidad de run in them the most varied works, included de chain, with tools adequate.

Thanks to its focus, It allows hold la piece y so commit la homework de drilling with a great precision, exercising a presión homogeneous during All el course of work.

Su function primordial consists hacer holes and cuts in any type de materialya which this type de drill consist of One of the most powerful.

the differences between type of drills consist of several, ya that are divided by power of the engine and the length full columna. With the columns you get a work More professional.

How does a column drill work?

El operation a drill de columna is  siguiente: The motor drives the spindle by planet a by of running pulleys around of a tape, which is . resistant.

For make this we must follow few steps, what First of all what will we do so that the drill this operating, it will be Introduce la drill in the chuck. We will adjust the table de work our height and we will center it. Other thing that we can hacer es to adapt the angle if desired make tilt holes.

Al turn on of our drillwill start turn la drill about su axis. To time What will we do turn de crafts manual a of the rotating arms of the palanca for boost su advance.

All these indications will help us to time de Get Started a drive of our drill de columnaclearly also must follow all the recommendations that the manufacturer of the drill indicate us in All time and also to Likewise give full tool un use optimal and insurance.

What types of materials can be drilled?

Thanks to  work with which they have, these drills of columna consist of perfect for hold the pieces of crafts stable and that so so much don't move when we are carrying the process de drill a cable. Por this reasonplatforms, outstanding work of these drills of columna is  form All type of holes and cuts in any type de materialBy resistant to be, ya that these drills consist of from what traditional powerful that we are going to find.

How to choose a column drill?

While initially I was reserved to the professionals, the drill de columna es fundamental for drill wood o metal with precision. He drill de columnaday by day accommodated at needs of artisans and affordable for DIY fans, it's available in various formats, p. eg, drills of columna for booth, fixed, radial or magnetic.

Bank column drill:

If you are looking for more space in the workshop, this compact model can be installed on a table and easily used without the need to allocate a large space to the tool. Este type de drill de columna es appropriate for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who have a area de work considerable.

Fixed column drill:

Taladro de columna fixedSimilarly called "soil column", appropriate for workshop professional or amateur and with a location defined. Comes carefully in large spaces. The drill de columna fixed is a tool which is fixed in the soil, of great capacity And Most power.

Radial column drill:

Although its design resembles that of the bench drill, the radial drill differs by its horizontal adjustment, which allows changing the distance between the chuck and the column. The radial drill is convenient for drilling away from the edge.

Magnetic drill:

The magnetic drill offers drilling mobility in a work or metal structure. Fixing the drill with an electromagnetic magnet on a flat metal surface offers drilling or milling flexibility.

The drill stand is an economical solution if a good quality drill is available. However, drilling accuracy is affected. The drill stand is a good option for infrequent uses where the drilling accuracy offered by a portable drill alone is not enough.

Precautions when using the drill

When working with the drilling machines, different precautions must be taken to complete the work with caution, also try to achieve the best performance of the machine and its conservation and to avoid possible accidents.

To begin with, safety must be taken into account as essential when using any machine, and this is no exception, you must protect yourself properly to start working. Safety glasses. You have to make sure that the piece you are working on is securely fastened. On the part of the drill, it is necessary to check that it is well sharpened and also check that it is well placed and secured.

We will put all the attention on what we are doing to perceive the reactions of the drill, whether it is crossing a hard surface or with pores, in that case the progress should be reduced.

To clean the chips left by the machine after drilling with your hands or by blowing, you have to properly remove them with a suitable brush or brush or with a hook.

You have to use wardrobe suitable for power work with the, always we will try carry The sleeves of the t-shirts collected, no ties, no carry gloves etc for avoid to get caught in the drill.

We will take care, before putting the machine in motion, that there is no tool, part or loose part that can be projected and hurt or hurt a fellow who works in the vicinity.

No measurements will ever be taken or checks will be made without first stopping the machine.
During the work we will cool the drill and do the lubrication.

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