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Lifting platform Faraone Elevah

What are Elevara elevating platforms from Faraone?

Faraone Elevah lifting platforms are a state-of-the-art solution. This range of products allows us to carry out work in height in a simple, comfortable and safe way. One of the advantages of this solution over others is its great maneuverability. Compact in size and easy to use, these solutions have won rave reviews for being a revolutionary product. Then we will delve more into the benefits offered by these solutions, advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional solutions and the different ranges that Faraone offers us in its Elevah escalators or lift platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of Elevah platforms versus other solutions

An escalator or elevator platform Elevah is a state-of-the-art solution, designed by Faraone. Faraone is a company specializing in tools for work at heights, European leader in the sector of manufacture of stairs, aluminum scaffolding, stools and electric lifting platforms. The Elevah product range has garnered rave reviews, even its Elevah 40 Move model has won the prestigious IAPA (International Awards for Power Access) product of the year award (2015).

This range of products consist of lifting platforms, the vast majority for a single operator, which offer easy handling. Those of the series Move, that have own traction, have a control that with a single hand allows us the control of the machine in an easy and simple way. Another advantage that this type of solution offers us is the compact size they have. These solutions are capable of working in narrow aisles, thanks in addition to their compact size to the excellent maneuverability they offer.

The range of lifting platforms Elevah Pick have a tray that allows us to load and unload items easily and without overstress. Another option that we have left for the end, but which is the most important, is the excellent level of security offered to the operator. With these solutions the slow and heavy days are over climbing a ladder loaded with weight and acquiring bad postures with the load, the lifting platforms Faraone offers us a fast, comfortable and safe work. As a disadvantage, the only one we can find is that these solutions are not as cheap as a traditional staircase but the investment in an Elevah solution is quickly profitable.

Faraone lifting platforms: Elevah, ZP and PKS ranges. Main features

Faraone Elevah lifting platforms are divided into different ranges depending on the characteristics and features they offer. Elevah elevators are divided into the following ranges.

Lifting platforms Elevah Picking

Elevah Picking elevating platforms are designed for indoor / outdoor use and have a platform or tray to facilitate loading and unloading tasks. Ideal solutions for storage, handling and similar jobs.

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Lifting platforms Elevah Move

Elevah Move lifting platforms have their own traction, reaching a speed of 5 km / hour. These solutions are presented as ideal for tasks at heights such as storage, repairs, reforms and the like. The models that are part of the Picking and Move ranges give excellent results for warehousing tasks and are one of the most popular options. Some of these models are made entirely of aluminum, which gives them excellent resistance while presenting an unusual lightness. To highlight the Elevah 40 Move Picking platform lift, a great solution that also has an affordable price and is ideal for tasks at heights of up to 4 meters.

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Lifting platforms Elevah Manual Traction

In this range are the models that have manual traction, solutions not as comfortable as the Move but that present a more contained price than their analogues in Move.

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Lifting platform Faraone PKS

This series of platforms are solutions for outdoor use. Self-propelled platforms that offer us 12 heights for renovation, assembly and similar works in which solutions prepared for the exterior are required and which are capable of offering great heights and excellent comfort. Guaranteed maximum security, models that allow two simultaneous operators.

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Lifting platform Faraone ZP

Fixed platforms for outdoor use capable of reaching high heights (up to 14 and 16 meters depending on model), for one operator or two depending on the model. Ideal for maintenance tasks, reforms and similar.

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Faraone special lifting platforms

Another option offered by Faraone is the possibility of custom work for special elaborations. Excellent examples of this type of products are the tractor attachment kit for lifting platforms, Elevah Agri. Other solutions that are part of this range are the ATEX Elevah, ATEX certified platforms, or the elevah special wineries, the special elevah for coffin or those made to measure for airplane maintenance, etc. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Special aluminum lifting platforms

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