Concrete Filling machines

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Concrete trowels

A concrete trowel is a machine that is incorporated with propellers, and thanks to its rotary movement allows to polish and smooth different types of surfaces. These trowels use a combustion engine located at the center of gravity on the propellers or blades to give them greater balance and stability.

Risks of using a trowel

The use of a trowel has a series of risks such as:

  • Knocks and contacts from moving parts of the machine.
  • Overexertion and risks in the operator's position.
  • Project soil objects, during their use.
  • Risks caused by noise and vibrations produced by the machine.
  • Possibility of catching fire and exploding the machine.
  • Machine falls when working at different height levels.

Preventive measures when using a trowel

When using a trowel we must take into account a series of measures to avoid accidents.

We must equip the operator with an individual protection equipment:

  • Helmet to avoid any risk of falls or blows to the head.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Gloves to avoid direct contact of any object that can be projected by the propellers.
  • Wear work clothes that can not be trapped by moving parts.
  • Safety footwear with anti-puncture and anti-slip sole.
  • Hearing protectors that will depend on the existing noise level.

In addition to ensuring the protection of the operator with his work equipment, there must be compliance with rules of use and maintenance:

Always refuel with the engine stopped and cold. Do not smoke and avoid any source of heat.

Do not touch any part of the engine while it is running or is hot. The machine must be repaired by qualified and authorized personnel. Avoid the presence of electrical cables in the area.

Clean any oil spill or existing fuel, before starting work.

Any cleaning or maintenance operation carried out must be carried out while the machine is disconnected from the electrical network. Do not leave the equipment while it is in operation. Carry out periodic maintenance of the machine. Store this equipment in covered places and away from the passageways.

Concrete roughing machines prices

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New concrete plasters

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Trowelled concrete

The trowelled concrete is a traditional paving system, in which the mixture is emptied in the place and the work is done there without waiting to premix the first materials.

This type of concrete has a great resistance, thanks to the mechanical troweling process by which it is subjected, which strengthens it, in addition to giving it an anti-slip finish. After making the trowel, a mass coloration of aggregates is made, ranging from quartz, basalt, silica to glass and metallic particles that are premixed, and thanks to this it obtains a well finished pigmentation. The most common colors for trowelled concrete are yellow, gray, red and green.

Where to use the fragrant concrete

Frated concrete is mainly used in industrial paving, although today it is common to use it in homes, garages, stairs, terraces, bridges and for exterior paving. This concrete part is also used to place bricks, ceramics, marble or stone.

How is concrete troweling done?

Fragrant manual

For manual troweling we will use masonry tools such as trowels or fratás when the trowel surfaces are not too long.

First the tool should be moistened with water, and then we should make circular movements to regularize the surface of the concrete. With this we will achieve a smooth finish that will prevent the appearance of screams and cracks when the concrete sets. In addition, thanks to this we will achieve that the concrete has more resistance and there will be fewer areas where the material can disintegrate due to the wear to be more uniform.

Mechanical Fracking

This type of trowelling is carried out when the surfaces to be trowelled are larger. To perform the mechanical trowelling we will use a trowel or helicopter. First, the concrete pavement will have to be moistened with water and then we will add powdered cement to achieve the desired smoothing of the surface.

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