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The Motosegadoras are machines for mow grass, weeds and fodder at different heights and of different consistencies, to keep farms, land and plots clean and maintained (without that are full of high weed).

Throwing everything that is cutting to the ground in an orderly way for later collection both to throw it and to take advantage of it since the resulting serves to feed the cattle, such as compost, etc.

How do Motosegadoras work?

The bulldozers do they work in a similar mowers, count on big wheels which move the structure and the mowing bar, they have a handlebar with which the operator directs y accelerates or slow the motor harvester and also consists of a mowing bar, (different between models and uses for their teeth, width of these and width of the total bar), which is vibrating and moving, thereby cutting all the weeds that are ahead, in addition to moving the machine.

There are mowing bars specializing in medium grasses, tall grasses, more complex weeds, some are prepared to be used on stony grounds, others on any terrain, it is important to keep this in mind.

What are the Motosegadoras used for? What are the mowers for?

Motosegadoras are mainly used for clean farms, plots y Land of the herbs, la high weed y convoluted, etc.

Facilitating cleaning and care, reducing the necessary effort to simple passes with the motosegadoras, saving time y effort by operators, individuals and professionals.

What types of mower are there?

We must take into account when choosing the mower, since depending on the type of terrain to be mowed, it will be necessary to select a mower with some features or others.

Therefore, for difficult terrain with pronounced slopes and the like, we will need a more powerful professional motor mower.

It is important to know which bar is the most suitable for the configuration of the land.

Which gasoline mower is the most suitable?

They can be differentiated by qualities, cutting width, power, type of motor that arrives and the cutting bar.

For each terrain we offer a different type since otherwise the mower could not work properly on terrain that is not suitable.

Can motorized mowers be converted into power tillers?

Of course yes. The multifunction mowers They are able to change the purpose of the product so they can become brush cutters or power tillers.

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