Branch shredders Anova

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Branch shredders Anova

In search of the perfect garden?

Anova branch shredders will be the best approach to perfection you have ever imagined. A healthy, clean and well-fed garden requires some help from machinery if you want to avoid spending most of your free part in your precious grass. Because it is not the same to make countless trips to dispose of pruning remains, than to compress them quickly and handle them in the most comfortable way. Because the garden shredder turns those dry leaves or pruned branches into healthy natural compost to re-feed your garden. And because with an Anova garden shredder, shredding and dispersing these remains, converted into enriching compost, can be as simple as bringing the entire branches to the hopper and letting them come out completely crushed.

We recommend the Anova BIO65 Branch Crusher for a medium-sized garden, where it will have more than enough capacity to convert those annoying branches and garbage into compost.

If you require more performance, the Anova BIO130 Branch Shredder will double the power of the previous garden shredder and you will not have any problem when dealing with different types of garbage on the lawn.

In case you need something lighter and more ecological, you have at your disposal the Anova Ikra MT3000 Electric Chipper.

If you have any questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you in the chat of our website, in the question and answer tab of the product itself or by email, phone call or message whatsapp here.

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