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Olives collectors

The machines to collect olives from the ground have been a great advance in this sector so that in the collection of olives will facilitate the task. In this section you will find the best deals on olive pickers. Here you will find a wide variety of olives harvesters with different technical variations that will cover all the preferences of our clients.

Olives picker with smooth tray, with perforated tray or articulated rollers, or with multiple rollers. As you can see we always seek to cover the maximum variety of configurations so that our clients find the perfect solution to their work needs. With this manual machine you can collect lots of olives.

What is a soil olive collector?

Olives collectors are devices that have been used for a time for the collection of olives in a less forced than the traditional way. With this machine you will be able to pick up the olive peacefully and effortlessly, much more quickly and efficiently.

How does a manual olive picker (mostly roll olives + bucket) work?

An olive picker consists of a roller which when passed over the olives, they remain embedded in the skewers of the roller. They are then decanted into the collection hopper.

In addition, we have collectors with hoppers and buckets with tiny holes, which makes it easier for the soil they collect to fall and only the olives remain. It is a simple function that will save us a lot of work in the olive harvest, effort and a lot of speed to supply a very expensive need.

Types of olive pickers

There are different types and what is most different is in the size, rollers and buckets. Therefore if you are thinking about acquiring an olive picker we can help you choose the most suitable model.

What olive picker to buy and what prices suit me?

As explained above, there are different types of olive pickers, and since they are cheap, highly efficient tools, which will save us a lot of time and effort over the years and also, thanks to their high durability, can last decades without giving any problem leading to proper use. With this we can conclude that it is convenient to choose a good olive picker for its advantages, since it will last us a long time in perfect condition and a high range means more efficiency during all the years of use. We could differentiate the types of collectors in:

  • Sizes of olives pickers (try to complement both)
    • The width will decide the quantity that can be collected at the same time, a greater width will mean that it can supply a bigger surface.
    • The length will deduct the amount of olives that can be stored, the ideal is an intermediate option, since a small one would have to be released every so often, and a very large one would weigh too much.
    • They exist with double roller, one at the beginning and another at the end of the machine, to review completely and make sure not to leave any olives where we have passed.
  • Types of Bucket and its hoist
    • Shape of the cuvette:
      • Smooth: On clean surfaces where there are only olives, smooth buckets are ideal for harvesting olives, since they would only save the product, less discharges and more purity.
      • Holes: On surfaces with soil, gravel or leaves where you have to collect olives, these are ideal, since they have tiny holes, which do not drop the olives but the earth and leaves, which allows better optimize the cargo space. They are the most common.
    • Upright of the bucket: not all include a steel cable or similar materials, but it is usually useful to empty the olives, lifting by means of a simple draining system rocker the bucket forward, thus avoiding having to turn the entire collector.
  • Weights
    • Some are lighter than others, something interesting to look at since it will require being lifted to empty its contents.
    • There are pickers with wheels to facilitate their movement and minimize the activity.

Having said all this, there are no better or worse pickers in general, since these have to meet the needs that can be presented to each user, which if they are general norms for both professionals and individuals, are medium wide rollers, moderately large in size for efficient, light storage, with perforated buckets and tipping systems.

In this section you will find ...

  • Olive picking machine
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  • Roller to collect olives from the ground
  • Buy olives picking machine from the ground
  • Prices of rollers to pick olives

Spare parts

En Intermaquinas we have spare parts for all our machinery, both original distributors and other dockable brands. We guarantee your immediate shipment for a quick repair.

Spare parts for olive pickers

The spare parts for olive pickers are available on the web for an immediate purchase.

Accessories for olives collector

The accessories are always a complement that facilitates the tasks so from Intermaquinas We recommend buying olive mantles for the collection. Besides olive roasters available for immediate sale and essential to complement the activity of olive harvesting.

These products have been designed to carry out an olive harvest in record time.

olive roasters
olive roasters

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