Tools for Orchard - Garden

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Tools for the garden and garden

In our wide range of products for the care of the orchard and garden you will find the tools for pruning shrubs, saws, shovels, planters, rakes and all those manual tools that you will need when maintaining your garden and garden.

What are they and what are they used for?

They are basic tools that are used for small maintenance and cultivation works such as pulling weeds, aerating and removing the soil or transplanting and planting tasks as well as pruning shrubs. Below we will describe what some of the most commonly used garden and garden tools are used for:


It is a small shovel with a concave surface with a pointed end and a short handle. Designed for transplanting the plant to the garden. It is perfect for removing soil, filling pots and planters, or for mixing the substrate.

Hand hoe

It is an essential tool for the orchard and garden. Among many jobs that are done with them is removing the soil and digging small cavities in it or pulling out weeds.

Pruning shears

They are tools that are used to prune the shrubs and lower branches of the trees as well as to eliminate the withered flowers of the ornamental plants. It should be noted that two-handed pruning shears are also used as they allow the user to reach areas that are difficult to access.


It is a gardening tool designed to remove weeds, scratch the ground, cut the plants at the base without pulling the roots.

Tools for Orchard - Garden

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