Wood chippers for tractor

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Wood chippers for Tractor

Wood chippers for tractors are chippers or wood splitters that can be connected to tractors.

How does a wood chipper for a tractor work?

Tractor chippers have different attachment points to connect to the tractor and obtain strength when working.

The hydraulic pump of the tractor chippers is usually operated by the force exerted by the tractor on the chipper.

The operation is simple, a huge pressure force is produced, thus breaking the trunks, similar to a guillotine, but in this case with the variable of obtaining the strength of the tractor, they are very appreciated tools in the sector, easily profitable and they keep in a perfect state after the passage of time.

When to buy a wood chipper for a tractor? When it is convenient for me to use a chipper that can be connected to a tractor?

The wood chippers for tractor are ideal when we have land of considerable hectares with trees of medium size, where we can make the most of the force generated by the tractor.

Types of tractor chippers | There are two types:

  • Vertical tractor chippers:

The verticals are less commercialized and newer, they do not have their own pump and that is why they are cheaper.

  • Horizontal tractor chippers

The horizontal ones are more common, standing out because their hydraulic pump is operated with the force exerted by the tractor on the chipper.

We recommend the chippers of the QTD brand, because our customers get accurate recommendations about this brand, it is a quality brand, reliable, highly efficient and with exceptional performances.

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