Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers

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Enjoy your smart garden with the new range of Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers.

The perfect ally to manage any type of garden every day. From small residential gardens to larger ones.

Simple and ecological

It is silent and ecological, with easy and intuitive management. The Mulching function allows you to maintain a healthy and lush lawn that requires less fertilizer, and there is no need to dispose of the grass.

High performance and maximum precision

Ambrogio handles the toughest slopes with ease, up to 55% for the L85 Elite. The stainless steel blades ensure a precise cut on any type of grassy surface.

Autonomous and efficient

Ambrogio does not need to work through continuous repeated cycles throughout the day and night. The powerful batteries and careful programming allow Ambrogio to rest all night and part of the day (or vice versa, depending on the owner's needs).

Smart and easy to use

Ambrogio can work in any situation and weather condition. The rain sensors, which can be switched off at any time, return the robot to the charging station in the event of rain, helping to preserve the quality of the lawn.


Enjoy your time

Small and complicated gardens


Love your smart garden

Large and moderately complicated gardens

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