Garland motorcultores

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Garland motorcultores

The Garland treadmills from the 2018 catalog are now on sale, with a more affordable price-quality ratio than ever before. Well-worked land

Strength for the earth

For more extensive field work, one of our Garland treadmills is needed. Its vigorous motor drives the blades very quickly multiplying the efficiency of the tasks. Its pneumatic traction wheels support the machine minimizing user effort, smoothing rebounds and offering a constant speed of work. The result: a more productive and grateful task.

Unlocking manual traction It facilitates transport from one place to another without the need to start the engine. manual unlocking
Pneumatic wheels Trace and stabilize the machine without effort. pneumatic wheels
Throw regulation Shot system to regulate the depth of work. regulation of the shot
Reverse Transmission with 2 speed, one forward and one backward. reverse
Height adjustment of the lateral fins For a correct shake of the earth.
Steel blades Rotabator with 4 blade groups. height adjustment of the lateral fins
Adjustable height handlebar Adaptation of the height of the handlebar to the user's size, for a more comfortable and healthy task. handlebar adjustable in height